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In recent times, the market for Mobile App development has grown rapidly. Read on to know more about the need for a mobile app for your startup. If you think that mobile applications are solely for big brand names, then you are wrong. The use of mobile apps by small and medium-sized businesses is growing […]
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  • 20 Feb 2020
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6 Reasons You Must Build A Mobile App For Your Startup

In recent times, the market for Mobile App development has grown rapidly. Read on to know more about the need for a mobile app for your startup.

If you think that mobile applications are solely for big brand names, then you are wrong. The use of mobile apps by small and medium-sized businesses is growing and the future is bright for those start-ups in terms of developing mobile app technology. More and more small and midsize businesses are now following the mobile trend, understanding that an effective mobile application is more helpful and important than a website. So, to cure your fear and help you take this important digital step, this post will give you six compelling reasons why your start-up should be able to give a “yes” as an answer to the most popular question “Is there an app for that?”

1. Your Business in Everyone’s Pocket

Statistics show that on an average a person spends on his mobile device is more than two and a half hours a day. Therefore, there is no doubt that customers spend considerably more time using mobile media than they use desktops. If your company is away from the mobile scene, more chances of connecting with your clients will be missed out. Get help from the best mobile app development company in Kolkata to develop your app.

Smartphone users love to install applications on their phones for almost every service so that they do not have to keep on switching between apps and web browsers. Now imagine how many times in a day a user unlocks his / her smartphone and checks it. Every time they unlock their phones your application icon will be in front of them. That just is not the case with a website. Not to mention, browsers are not the most favorite things for users to use on their phones. As you know, mobile apps let customers get all the needed information at their fingertips, so develop your app from the best mobile app development services. Whatever business you have, a mobile app will help you get and keep clients, so you will meet your potential customers anytime, anywhere.

2. Promoting New Products & Services

You can easily provide users with some useful information about your new product or service, discount offers, or any other updates by using a mobile application to lure them and boost your sales. The app can also link your inventory system to let consumers sign up for your services or buy your product online.

Whatever the reason is, it all comes down to the beneficial nature of the mobile app which combines all the information you’d like to provide to your customer. For example, you are getting more closer to direct interaction with the help of push notifications, and can quickly inform consumers of your products and services whenever it makes sense. The best app development company can guide you on which app will suit your business needs. 

3. To Avoid Inconsistency

No matter how much you optimize your website for mobile devices, the experience can still not get as smooth and consistent as the experience of using an application. Here, you have to look for the best mobile app development company that can develop for iOS, Android and Windows platforms without compromising on quality and consistency. Now, even if it is a responsive design, your website will look different on every device. Your application allows your users to have a consistent experience regardless of which device or operating platform they are on.

4. Brand Recognition Booster

Your brand image is key to your startup success. When making an app for your company and services available to customers, the user experience improves. It, in effect, gives a great experience to your customers, and thus creates a better overall brand identity.

People are always on their mobile screens, swiping and scrolling and always seeing the logos or slogans of different brands. Using your logo for the app that will be on the customer’s mobile device would make your brand much more likely to be noticed and remembered.

5. Open New Revenue Channels

As mentioned above, people spend many hours on their phones every day, streaming music, scrolling through news feeds or playing video games every single day. Although it may seem time-consuming to many, it presents an important opportunity for a startup to have a mobile application. See your mobile app as another marketing channel for your company and you can expect it to be a strong source of revenue after you have it launched as well. Get the best and most affordable android app development services to develop the app for your new or existing business. 

While most of the revenue comes from the app’s sales itself and from customer engagement with your company that can take place anytime and anywhere through the app, it is also important not to forget that in-app purchases and advertisements within the app are becoming an increasingly important part of the market. Geo-targeting in digital media, for example, allows for more sophisticated measurement and personalization than with traditional media.

6. Prepare Now For the Future!

Apart from smartphones and mobile apps, the mobile era has given way to innovations like the smartwatch. Things are only going forward from here. Having a mobile app from the best app development firm would prepare you for the future enhancements that are going to be built on this platform.

There are plenty of other advantages, business benefits and reasons why you should start planning your mobile strategy and app structure immediately. One of the best decisions you will make for your start-up can be investing in a mobile app.

If you think it is time for your business to have its app, look for the right development firm who can meet your needs.


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