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If you are still thinking to make your business futuristic, get in touch with one affordable website development company in Durgapur and enter the online business world even with limited resources. The crisis created out of the Coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented havoc situation across all corners of the globe. People, economies, and livelihood have […]
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  • 18 Jun 2020
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8 Simple Steps To Take Your Small Business Online

If you are still thinking to make your business futuristic, get in touch with one affordable website development company in Durgapur and enter the online business world even with limited resources.

The crisis created out of the Coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented havoc situation across all corners of the globe. People, economies, and livelihood have faced huge losses through lockdown in different phases. The 40-day Lockdown has helped lots in combating the spread, but has created immense damage for businesses and disrupted them like anything. Mostly small offline stores and shops have faced the loss or even shutdown. Even after the lockdown was lifted and things started going back to the normal routine, people still are scared to move out of their homes in fear of contamination.

In a situation where every person is assuming the other to be contagious online stores for all types of essentials are gaining popularity day by day. Many of the small businesses with the help of affordable website development company in Durgapur are taking their business online. This step has not only helped them to survive the crunch, but they are also able to upgrade their business and make it future proof.

Even after the Pandemic days are over, the customer behavior is seeing a shift from offline to online, and all businesses need to be on ecommerce mobile apps and platforms. This article is going to guide you in steps on how to take advantage of the most updated website development services to upgrade your business platform.

Understand and Find Out The Primary Purpose of Your Website:

A website is mainly developed to provide information about the company and promote the products and services the business is expanding. May your website be a plain informative or a direct ecommerce site your first and foremost work will be brief about what your company does right in the home page so that your visitors come to know about your offerings when they enter. Try to provide the best user experience just from the very beginning of your customer interaction.

Decide on Your Domain Name:

In the next step comes the domain name. The domain name is one of the most important thing for a business because, through it, your website is going to be distinguished in the market. This is the URL that you will share with your potential and current customers or publish in social media to bring traffic to your site. So that your business is widely remembered, you can follow few things while deciding your domain name. Keep it short and easy to remember, with no abbreviations or numbers and acronyms. The main idea is to avoid customer confusion. Once you have finalized your domain name, you have to look for availability and then complete the purchase through any domain registrar like GoDaddy, Squarespace and others.

Choose a Host For Your Website:

Web host is the server where all the website data is stored for the public to access at any time. Some businesses think of hosting their services, but that is a costly affair, and it is advisable to go with an external host. Depending on the budget, you can select from two types of hosting services. A shared web host will help you lower the costing as you will be sharing a server with other websites, while dedicated hosting will cost you more since it will be dedicated to your web pages only, and you will not have to compete with other sites to get better speed.

Develop Your Webpages:

Here comes the role of the right website development agency. A good website is much more advanced than a static home page where there will be a number of pages dedicated to different offerings and faces of your business. A right web page should contain all the targeted clients looking for and could bank on you. The primary focus of your website will be to reserve aspects of your business like products and services catalog, blogs, contacts page, About Page, and, most importantly, your logo. While developing pages, remember to be clear and straight about what your business does, Place strategic calls to action buttons, automatic speed improvements, and avoiding stock photos.

Set Up Your Payment System:

The next step deals with the setting up of the payment system if your kind of business demands for the same. Not all businesses require a payment system, but an affordable website development companyhas the expertise to offer the option of online payment by integrating through electronic payment systems on their websites. They know all the tricks to do it most easily through third-party payment processes or ecommerce software.

Test Your Website and Publish:

Before you market your website and let it go public, you should test your site if it works properly on all the major browsers like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. The testing might take some time, but it should be thorough and in-depth with clicks on every page to ensure the best user experience and lower bounce back rates.

Announce Your Website in Market Through Social Media:

Social media has become a great platform to exchange information. When you are ready to launch your website, announcing it on your social media pages will help you reach out to specified targets at minimum time and cost. Major social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, must be included in your launch notification. Also, remember to link your social media pages on your website.

Maintain Your Website for the Long Run:

Your online presence should be a continuous process and not something temporary. Staying relevant is the keyword of this industry, which calls for frequent updating of your website related to blogs, products, services, offers, and deals and it is recommended that at least once in a month the site should be checked that the software and all the add-ons are performing well and the security is okay.

There are many reasonable website development services in the market, and developing a website for your business is a low-cost investment if you get to connect with an experienced website development agency in the town. Thus you will never have to worry about being ‘non-existing’ to your valuable customers across any situation. A look into the website development challenges to hit both developers and clients can also proof beneficial in conducting seamless development procedure.

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