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If you require a website for a school, you must consult experienced designers. Make sure it has all these crucial web design elements and provides optimum performance. A website is something that speaks on behalf of a business or an organization. If the design is powerful, it will demand attention from web visitors, making them […]
  • 27 Apr 2021
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A Guideline On Designing A Website For School

If you require a website for a school, you must consult experienced designers. Make sure it has all these crucial web design elements and provides optimum performance.

A website is something that speaks on behalf of a business or an organization. If the design is powerful, it will demand attention from web visitors, making them stay and engage with it.

How can a website be that powerful? Simple; it must have some unique web design elements that elevate its look, performance, and authenticity. Now, there’s one rulebook that provides guidelines on these elements, and web designers would have to adhere to those guidelines strictly.

It depends on the website’s category; an educational website won’t have the same design elements as an eCommerce website. It also depends on the customer’s requirement and the project’s complexity. Having said that, a website designing company Kolkata may use a template while designing a particular website.

In today’s blog, we will discuss how a school’s website should look like to ensure it creates a positive first impression on users. 

Design Elements :

First up, we will have the homepage:

Homepage :

This is the main page of the website, one where people will land after clicking the link. So, what are the elements this page should have? Let’s have a look:

  • Well-developed images and a logo, and these must be well-placed. These images should be bright and simple, and they should clutter the website.
  • Well-placed and succinct information. The content on the page must convey all the necessary data in a gist. Depending on the homepage, this content can vary, and it’s best to let professionals decide that.
  • The font of the content must be pleasing to the eye, so people can understand what’s written without going through any hassle.
  • The interface should be user-friendly, allowing people to move freely between pages using the navigation bar and the menu.
  • A search box that allows people to find the information they need quickly.
  • In some cases, a school can list news, events, and other announcements if the theme permits it.
  • Social media integrations, contact details, links to other pages, etc. placed at the footer.

About Page :

This page will tell people about the school, it’s history, vision, mission, curriculum, events, and latest news. Here, images should be used; however, the distribution should be sporadic. Other design elements will be the same as the homepage and the rest of the pages.

Other Pages :

These pages can depend on the school and it’s requirements. Some schools may provide a tour of their premises; others may need to announce something different.

Contact Page :

This page is mainly dedicated to generating leads by asking parents or students to contact the school administration via the form present on the page. The main theme of the entire website should be simple, efficient, and easy to use.

These are the main design elements that a web design company Kolkata should take care of. But, it is not over yet; there are still some concepts one needs to know before assigning the task to professionals.

Responsive Design :

If you encounter any web designing specialist, he will tell you a website must be responsive. Now, what is meant by responsive design? It means the website must provide the same user experience, regardless of the device, screen size, browsers, and other configurations.

The website must scale itself according to the screen’s size, so it should not look weird when viewed from a mobile or a tablet. This is a crucial point, and it should not be ignored. Why? According to the latest statistics, 75% of people prefer using mobile devices to view websites.

Now, imagine how many parents would actually view the website from their handheld devices. If they see a clunky website that is difficult to even see, will they engage with it? Will they click on the call-to-action buttons present on it, would you? This is the reason making the website’s design responsive is important.

Streamlined User Experience :

What is the purpose of having a website? To offer an efficient interface for users to interact, right? This means a web designer must ensure users have a streamlined experience while navigating the website. This means structured navigation, so people should not have difficulty visiting a particular section and checking the contents.

Also, they should not have to zoom in and out of the website to check the details it has to offer. The website must comply with the standards and provide optimum satisfaction, even to people with special skills.

The company that is providing web design services must adhere to these rules. Only then, a truly stunning website can be developed and put to use. Swadesh Softwares is one such company, and it has produced several school websites in the past. With a pool of talented web designers at its disposal, the company is ready to serve clients like you with your requirements. So, don’t waste any time, contact the developers right now.

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