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Mobile app Development Company in Kolkata will support you with the best development needs. The prior basic knowledge about on-demand apps are jotted for your first information.  The coronavirus-hit world saw a remarkable rise in the download of On-Demand grocery apps at every corner. According to the reports by statista, in the US, Instacart has […]
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  • 30 Jun 2020
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All About Developing An On-demand Grocery App Like Grofers Or Big Basket

Mobile app Development Company in Kolkata will support you with the best development needs. The prior basic knowledge about on-demand apps are jotted for your first information. 

The coronavirus-hit world saw a remarkable rise in the download of On-Demand grocery apps at every corner. According to the reports by statista, in the US, Instacart has registered a 218% raise, and Wallmart, on the other hand, reached 160%. Even if we keep aside the Pandemic situation and think of the normal times, Grocery apps still hold a unique position in the online market. With the busy and fast lifestyle, online grocery apps are one common thing in every smartphone today. What makes this transition from offline to online so lucrative is the ease to procure essentials just through few taps on your phone at your doorstep.

Top mobile app development company in Kolkata has numerous projects of On-demand grocery apps after this phase. The ease of ordering A-Z essentials right from their home comfort has given the freedom from going out in crowded places more at this time. With on-demand apps people are enjoying the time saved from monthly hassles of the grocery ordering procedure.

How to Make Money From On-demand Grocery Apps

According to different research portals, e-commerce for essential commodities is soaring high at a faster pace and estimated to reach $38 billion in the coming two years. This alarming data is enough to make you feel the prospective market for On-demand apps for your business. We all know how to grow business tenfold with Android Apps and this article will guide on how you could make money from an On-demand grocery app with mobile app development services.


You got your grocery app developed from the best mobile app development agency in your place, now what next? As an aggregator, you are open to find out and start serving for all the relevant stores in the area. You can charge commission and monthly subscription fees and earn huge amounts within a short span.

Delivery Fee:

With the rise in demand for grocery apps and your service in providing a comfortable delivery solution you have made way to delivery fee that a common feature in this market. This amount is both ways beneficial in bringing the delivery to doorsteps to earn a modest profit for you as an aggregator. The fee can also be modified based on the distance and the order amount.

Subscription Fee:

Once your grocery app launches in the market, you can start providing monthly subscription as premium memberships for those who are regular consumers of certain staples from your app.  


Whatever may be your app, advertisements are one of the most convenient ways to earn revenue. You can easily rent out space for brands and stores in your app, looking for popularity among your client base.  

Market Opportunities for On-demand Grocery Apps 

According to reports by Redseer, On-demand grocery apps were predicted to create a bang in the market through the fresh supplies market and were estimated to grow havoc. With the outbreak of Covid-19, situations might have made things difficult for offline stores. But on-demand grocery stores are breaking records in demand handling. With the update in freshness handling technologies, the demand for fresh and cold meat is also rising with tough competition to the offline market. Big Basket holds the highest share of the On-demand grocery market with $443 million net sales and Grofers being the second highest in the race. There lies a little difference between Big Basket and Grofers, where Big Basket caters to all segments of the community with huge product and brand base in the FMCG niche. Grofers is the one that targets only the staples section of daily living.

Types of Grocery Apps

The  mobile app development agency or any app development service provider can support you with an on-demand grocery app. But, you have to understand the various types of apps that are currently ruling the market.

Inventory Model: 

In this type of grocery app, your platform will manage the stock-keeping and delivery of the local and other popular brands, and the stock will be under their roof. This platform may also extend services to a chain of stores across multiple locations. D-Mart is an excellent example of such a platform.


In this model, the platform will collaborate with the local stores as well as supermarkets to collect orders from the customers. Your customers shall place orders for particular stores through your platform, and the order would get diverted to the store. The store’s selected grocery partner will be delivering the order in the due procedure. One best example of such a process is Amazon, and food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy is also entering the vertical.


This is quite similar to the aggregator model, where you have the freedom to add multiple vendors, and customers may not choose any preferred vendor. The model includes numerous fulfillment shops and bears the shipping responsibilities, just like an e-commerce app. Big Basket entered the market with this pattern and slowly shifted to the inventory model now.

Must-have Features for Your App

Before you head for the top mobile app development company, here is a quick list of essential features for your help. These features could make your app stand out in the competition and grab a good customer base for long.

  • Best UI/UX for attractive navigation and looks
  • Superclass navigation from the home page to others and back
  • Easy signup and login process
  • Profiles for the whole range of stakeholders
  • Map and location features with GPS tracking
  • Clear product display and easy search options
  • Voice search and search through filter option
  • Multiple payment gateways


Being another top mobile app development company in Kolkata, Swadesh Softwares Pvt. Ltd. is ready to support businesses with fast and easy development frameworks for various on-demand grocery app models. Reach us via mail or call us directly for a quote.

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