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Content marketing is the best way to reach more audiences, engage with them, & encourage them to make purchases. What does it offer? Learn here. Do you have a business and want to boost its sales, revenues, and reputation? Then you have to do something to set you apart; otherwise, you will lose your competitiveness. […]
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  • 23 Sep 2020
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Content marketing strategy: Explained with five examples

Content marketing is the best way to reach more audiences, engage with them, & encourage them to make purchases. What does it offer? Learn here.

Do you have a business and want to boost its sales, revenues, and reputation? Then you have to do something to set you apart; otherwise, you will lose your competitiveness. What can you do? You can invest in content marketing. What is it? 

It is the process of creating, sharing content (blogs, videos, social media posts) through online media. This needs to be something that can answer people’s queries and questions. It must solve a particular problem, or, you will not be successful.

Also, you need to focus on its quality and consistency, to get all the benefits. Poor-quality content will not get engagement from your audience, or create brand awareness, presence, or get sales and revenues.             

Digital marketing services in Kolkata knows the importance of content marketing. If we see current statistics, 55% of marketers create a marketing strategy that involves content marketing. Now, why would you focus on this concept?  

To quote Bill Gates himself, “content is king.” However, there are multiple benefits of using this technique. These are mentioned below:  

  • Retain audience     

If you offer unique content for your audience, they will remain on the website or post. When they see something of value, they will stay for a positive experience. This will also help in creating a brand impression among web visitors.

  • Social media engagement   

You must have checked what’s trending on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, haven’t you? You need to create content that can attract attention from your social media platforms. Do you want to create a strong fanbase for your business, you must choose the content marketing strategy.    

  • Generate trust  

When you create quality content, you will create a relationship with your visitors. For example, if you interact with your audience, answer their questions, you will get their trust and support.

Therefore, your business will be considered as a reliable and credible business. It means you will get higher rankings, thus boosting your brand’s reputation. A brand authority will be created if you do consistent content marketing.  

  • Generate leads      

If a person sees something of interest, they will be interested in purchasing products and services from a business. The small CTA (Call-to-Actions) you have at the end of a website will see more clicks.

  • Better conversions  

If you have unique content, you will get better leads. Some of these leads will be converted successfully. You just have to connect with your audience to drive these conversions. If you offer informative content, people can make better decisions when it comes to purchasing things. 

  • Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results 

What is the main purpose of internet marketing? To rank higher in the search engine results, i.e., to get optimized. Your business will be visible to a wider audience with this market. 

Now, how would you create content that will work for your business? Remember, there is no fixed rule to it; the formula varies depending on the industry type.

You have to set criteria for yourself, and for that, you will need a foundation. If it is a social media post, you should have some followers, at least. If you have a website, you must have sufficient web traffic to be successful in content marketing.

Now, you have to create a business campaign. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can create multiple campaigns for multiple contents. For example, you can create an email marketing campaign for your web visitors. But don’t just stop at that. You need to monitor and evaluate your content’s performance constantly. After you have gone through trials and errors, you are now ready for it. 

You have to keep repeating all these steps if you want to see the results. Now, we will discuss some examples that can serve as an inspiration for you. 

Coca Cola 

Coca Cola is known for creating stunning marketing campaigns, and this is again proved right. You must have seen the tagline “Have a Coke with’. Here, you can add your own name, thus giving the brand a personal touch. 

It appealed to customers and became an instant hit among them. So what can we infer from it? Customization or personalization always wins. 


Buffer used a rigorous content marketing strategy, using multiple techniques. They post high-quality guest articles on websites that have a high visibility score. If you don’t know what Buffer is, you should know it is a tracking application for social media.

You can schedule posts and other social media activities using this application. Also, they have blogs on their website that are highly shared by readers. 

What makes Buffer a fan favorite? Their blogs are honest and transparent and can satisfy one’s curiosity. What can we infer? Transparency is king when it comes to content marketing.


It is considered as the leader of this field and is always used as a reference by upcoming content marketers. Hubspot always has in-depth articles on digital marketing concepts to understand the topic without having any issues. 

They also have e-books filled with information on the topic and other resources as well. Similarly, they have videos on different social media pages like Facebook, Linkedin, etc. What can we learn? Educative resources can help you gain traction.   


It is a social media management tool that is used by millions of people worldwide. Hootsuite used different content marketing strategies to promote their business. 

It has created a viral video and marketed on different social media platforms. HootSuite has become popular through word of mouth and other mechanisms. What to learn? Content marketing must create a buzz among audiences.   

Game of Thrones 

Game of Thrones is a popular TV show, and no one hasn’t heard of it. The company has launched a viral marketing strategy and created a buzz of emotion. It became popular the same way HootSuite has become popular. What can we learn? You must create a strong emotion among people.   

These are the five examples that can be used as a reference. However, there are millions of businesses out there who have successfully applied this strategy.

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