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A doctor appointment app can assist both patients and medical facility providers in communicating with parties. How to develop this app? Check out here. These are difficult times, especially for the parties involved in the healthcare sector. Doctors and other health workers are unable to provide their best service, and patients are unable to get […]
  • 07 May 2021
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Doctor Appointment App Development Guide: What You Need To Know?

A doctor appointment app can assist both patients and medical facility providers in communicating with parties. How to develop this app? Check out here.

These are difficult times, especially for the parties involved in the healthcare sector. Doctors and other health workers are unable to provide their best service, and patients are unable to get a booking.

Even if people get a booking, they may face difficulty commuting to the location due to several restrictions. Does that mean that patients should not have access to healthcare facilities? Absolutely not.

A doctor appointment app can solve all these problems, according to a mobile app development company Kolkata.

For Patients :

  • The facility of booking a doctor’s service from any location and at any time.
  • Older people can directly communicate with doctors and get medical assistance for their chronic ailments.
  • Cost is lower during e-consultation.

For Medical Service Providers :

  • Manage appointments with efficiency.
  • Provide reliable management services (offers updates on closed bookings and no availability).
  • Check appointment history and improve proficiency.
  • Maintain errors
  • Save time and costs

A doctor appointment app must have three panels, like any other app. These panels are named as doctor’s panel, patient’s panel, and the admin panel for this app. Contextually, this app should offer an incredible user experience, allowing people to navigate this interface.

These panels must have some crucial features, which are mentioned below:  

Doctor’s panel Patient’s panel Admin panel 
Doctor Profile and log inPatient Profile and log inLogin
Appointment status checkAppointment bookingManage bookings
Editing booking slotIn-app chatManage patients
Accept and reject bookingsIn-app paymentArticles
In-app chatReviewManage doctors
Online prescriptionAsk health questionsManage app
Social media  Select a favorite doctorManage reports
Set AvailabilityUpload documentsService module
Treatment historyTreatment historyCreate sub-admins
View patient details  Schedule house calls Treatment history

Doctor identificationApprove profiles

Doctor directoryManage ads
Family member’s profile
Set search radius
Doctor location

Doctor’s panel :

Doctor Profile And Login :

Doctors can create an account by providing relevant details, which they can edit at any time. Using the login credentials, doctors can easily access the app. This is a crucial feature for any app, say the experts of an app-building company.

Editing Booking Slots :

Doctors can edit these slots according to their convenience to ensure patients don’t face any inconveniences.

Appointment Status Check :

In this section, doctors can check the appointment status of the day and update it, if required.

Accept And Reject Bookings :

This feature allows doctors to decide if they want to accept or reject certain bookings.

In-App Chat :

It allows doctors to chat with patients from the app’s interface directly.

Online Prescription :

Doctors can prescribe (upload) prescriptions and share them with patients. Similarly, they can check prescriptions uploaded by patients as well.

Social Media :

Mainly used to log in to the app quickly and without any problems.

Set Availability :

Doctors can decide and set the availability schedule accordingly.

Treatment History :

Doctors can check the treatment history of their patients.

Check Patient Details :

Doctors can view the details of their patients, including their medical history.

Patient’s App Panel :

Patient Profile And Log In :

This section allows patients to create accounts by providing patient details and log in using data.

Appointment Booking :

Patients can check the availability of doctors and book an appointment accordingly.

In-App Chat :

This is the same as in the doctor’s panel, a way of communication.

In-App Payment :

Allows patients to make payments using the app’s interface.

Review :

Patients can post reviews as per their experience with their doctors.

Ask Health Questions :

Sometimes, patients may need to ask some questions regarding their health. This feature provides that option to these people.

Select A Favorite Doctor :

Patients can mark their favorite doctors so that they can find them easily later.

Upload Documents :

Patients need to upload documents so that doctors can make an accurate diagnosis.

Treatment History :

One needs to upload his treatment history to inform doctors about existing illnesses.

Schedule House Calls :

This is an option that comes in emergencies for patients.

Doctor Identification :

Patients can check the professional credentials and choose one accordingly.

Doctor Directory :

A directory that consists of information regarding doctors, etc.

Family Member’s Profile :

Using the application, a patient can provide information about their family members.

Set Search Radius :

One can set the radius for search, thus diversifying the search.

Doctor Location :

This option is used to check the location of a doctor.

Admin Panel :

  • Login
  • Manage bookings
  • Manage patients- manage patients’ details
  • Articles- provides information on health materials.
  • Manage doctors- same as a patient management app
  • Manage app
  • Manage reports
  • Service module
  • Create sub-admins
  • Treatment history
  • Approve profiles
  • Manage ads -associated with an ad management

Do you want to get a doctor appointment app for your clinical facility? You need to contact Swadesh Softwares, the best mobile app developers, and tell your requirements.

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