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Custom software is the answer to trendiest software development. Some mistakes can ruin the whole show. Know the do’s and don’ts on time and crack a fruitful deal. To survive in the market competition, differentiating your product from your competitor has become a must. Businesses have become smart enough today to recognize the implication of […]
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  • 07 May 2020
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Do’s & Dont’s To Save You From A Bad Deal While Hiring Custom Developers

Custom software is the answer to trendiest software development. Some mistakes can ruin the whole show. Know the do’s and don’ts on time and crack a fruitful deal.

To survive in the market competition, differentiating your product from your competitor has become a must. Businesses have become smart enough today to recognize the implication of software customization in their growth. They are also well aware that differentiation and customization are linked, and custom software development lies in the core of this customization to survive the market competition. Despite custom made software, many businesses have recorded massive failures in their most innovative ventures even. This is an indication that the development process was not executed in the right manner. With several years of experience in both remote and physical software development, we have come up with some serious do’s, and don’ts for every business to follow if they aim to rise high in business.

What is Custom Software?

Today the best software development company is extending its services for remote development for companies across the globe. Most of us know what custom software means. For those who are yet to discover the importance of software development services for your business, custom software is to fulfil all types of business-specific requirements which vary from company to company and are unique for each. The strongest point of having custom software is that you can work with your USP and leverage the best of your capacity for cutting edge results in completion. Apart from this few more benefits of hiring a custom software development agency can be jotted for a quick review.

Need Mapped Solutions:

Since the custom software is developed, keeping your specific needs in mind, the ultimate solution will address all the requirements effectively. This leads to simplification of the whole business process and saves quite a considerable amount of time and cost.

Zero or minimal training: When the software is customized and tailor-made for each department, it becomes very easy to get working and use the software. This customization also involves optimization for every department made based on the skill sets and needs of the employees. Eventually, this leads to less training involvement.

Goes Well With Your Business Model:

Custom software is mainly built surrounding the business model. It automatically comprises the interoperability functions and user roles that is necessary for the smooth functioning of a department.

Unique Code and Enhanced Security:

When the developed code is specific to your business and unique through custom software, security becomes stronger with minimum external threats as well as unauthorized external access.

Benefits in The Long Run:

Not only these but custom software also save considerably on the workforce as it automates several manual proceedings, also saves a significant amount on the licensing costs coming with off-the-shelf solutions.

Developing a custom software solution requires a lot of creativity and experience. Here are some of the time-tested mistakes and solutions that you need to take care of while hiring any software development services for your company.


In the software industry, client impatience is a huge issue that needs to be handled from time to time. Many a time, clients look for quick software solutions which lead them to hire developers who enter into a deal on unreasonable deadlines and costs. Such a hurry leads to skipping the research and planning step calling for recurring effects in the advanced stages. On-time preparedness on necessary materials lands the company to elevated costs and pushed back deadlines.

To Do:

The planning phase is of utmost importance for a business because it allows a thorough SWOT check of the idea. Many companies have made this stage effective by designing sketches and outlines of the features and functionalities of the software. This has not only allowed the project to proceed on time and budget but also gathered all necessary information handy at the very earlier stage.

Make Sure of The Customization

In the software industry, generally, the below standard development agencies suffer from a problem named False Consensus Effect. In such a condition, they would feel that what is beautiful to their eyes is sure to be attractive to others. This mostly happens in the designing of the web and app. In this case, it becomes easy for them to put their ideas into design and start expecting that others, too, would like the same. This effect is fatal to custom software.

To Do:

Have clear communication with the software development agency on what the regular user may appreciate and develop the software accordingly. Here is why the planning stage is necessary. The developers must be directed to follow what requirements were designed in the planning stage strictly.

Technical Feasibility of Proceedings

Misunderstanding and miscommunication about the development requirements is the deadliest thing that can happen in the development process. Miscommunication about the format and the platform can be gateways to significant issues in the development process.

To Do:

Regular and active communication with the software development services provider is highly necessary. Side by side to active communication, a timeline, and prototype building is also highly needed. It is a must to keep the communication regular with the management and have feedback on regular intervals.

Development & Design

The maximum of the time in the entire software development process is taken in design and development. If the key requirement is ignored, the developers are likely to land up coding a bad-end product. This would lead to missed deadlines and loss of funds.

To Do:

Proper understanding of the software development requirements is very much necessary for obtaining clarity in the work process. The software would require numerous changes in the process. While these changes are in process, the development team and the management needs to be on the same page. Stick to the decisions once made.

Testing & Q&A

Being negligent in the testing phase is like calling for long term difficulties. Post-development problems like bugs, security licenses, form functionalities are phases that cannot be ignored. Negligence in this phase is sure to push back the delivery of the software or post-delivery errors.

To Do:

Software testing is a tedious phase yet the most important stage. The custom software development team must be capable of analyzing the compatibility, security, performance.

Custom software ensures flexibility in business that too, in the long run. When these few points are taken into consideration, you can get your project developed by the best software development company in Kolkata remotely even.

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