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During the pandemic, eCommerce sales have increased exponentially by 80%. Amazon, Flipkart, eBay have seen massive traffic on their website and a surge in product sales in all categories.   What is the reason behind the popularity of eCommerce websites? According to a top eCommerce company in Kolkata, these are the top reasons: Convenient eCommerce websites […]
eCommerce Websites: The Perfect Way of Launching a Business
  • 11 Nov 2021
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eCommerce websites- A necessity for today’s businesses

During the pandemic, eCommerce sales have increased exponentially by 80%. Amazon, Flipkart, eBay have seen massive traffic on their website and a surge in product sales in all categories.  

What is the reason behind the popularity of eCommerce websites?

According to a top eCommerce company in Kolkata, these are the top reasons:

  • Convenient

eCommerce websites offer convenience to both sellers and buyers. For example, buyers don’t have to visit any physical store and spend time behind queues and stuff.

People can sell anything they are passionate about without confining to any physical, geographical or time constraints.

  • Availability         

An eCommerce website will always be available, even when physical shops won’t. So if a customer is busy and wants to check out a product only during nights, what’s stopping him?

The second subpoint of this topic is the availability of high-end products. Again, a buyer can check out the product descriptions, ingredients (if applicable), prices, and ratings before deciding.

As eCommerce is a huge platform, there are an unending plethora of products available there.

  • Promotional capacity           

Businesses that don’t have a budget to spend on traditional advertising can opt for eCommerce websites. As per an eCommerce company in Kolkata, promoting the website will not require a huge budget, and the reach will be significantly higher.

  • Faster selling

eCommerce guarantees faster selling, especially if the right design is selected for developing eCommerce websites. Even if someone is trying the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach, he can use tools like Shopify and Squarespace for the same purpose. 

  • Capture the niche markets   

If the product you are selling belongs to a particular niche, you can benefit from eCommerce websites. However, if you are looking for online buyers, then you need to invest in this website.   

Even if you are not Amazon, you can leverage this concept to your business’s benefit. But the website needs to incorporate some crucial features, which are as follows:

  • Dedicated search bar

While browsing through the product categories, people will not go through the entire list of products that they don’t need. Instead, they might want to quickly type in the product name and click on Search to get the desired results.

And this will be only possible if the site has a dedicated search bar option.

  • Product images, description and price

This is the main purpose of creating an eCommerce website- to sell products and services.

So if you are not clarifying the details to your customers, why should they buy those products or services?

Therefore, you must provide stellar product descriptions with real product images (if possible) and the pricing. It will be equally helpful if a business can provide product reviews and ratings.

  • Payment methods  

How many payment methods should be present within the website?

One, two, or even more! 

The experts from the top web development company in Kolkata say that it depends on the website and its customer base.

But having diverse payment systems can allow a business to tap into the market and provide customers options regarding payment processing.

  • Best user experience

People want to have a stress-free user experience while navigating the website. So it’s in the rulebook of every software development company to create such an application. The navigation will be smooth, and all the attributes will be placed in justified places.

This will ensure that the visitors don’t experience any trouble while navigating the website. And it will play a crucial role in increasing the sales and revenues of a company. 

  • Aesthetics         

Customers often judge a company based on the first impression it creates on their minds. So, the website’s design needs to be perfect and attractive. Therefore, it’s necessary to invest in an eCommerce company in Kolkata with the technical know-how to deliver this requirement.

  • Simple checkout procedures

The website needs to be simplistic in layout, and so should the checkout options as well. There should not be multiple steps (as that can be confusing to customers), and above all, time-consuming.

  • An effective return policy

A business must have a clear return/exchange/ refund policy, which should be mentioned on the eCommerce website. It will remove any chances of ambiguity, anguish, and other concerns.

  • Secure

This should not be ignored; security is always the main concern here. As these websites deal with sensitive information, the website needs to be SSL-certified.

What eCommerce development services do we provide?

Being one of the best eCommerce development companies in Kolkata, Swadesh Softwares offers a diverse range of services that are:

  • Tech-driven websites

 As the company has expertise in the latest technologies and trends, it is highly regarded and respected. The main goal is to offer technologically-advanced websites that offer a competitive edge over others.

  • Mobile commerce 

Swadesh Softwares understands the necessity of mobile apps and their role in eCommerce. It has a team of well-versed developers and designers that can develop m-Commerce solutions.

  • Backend services

The team will always be ready to offer continuous technical support even after project delivery.

If you need a top-notch Ecommerce Company in Kolkata, contact Swadesh Softwares.


  1. What are the services provided by an eCommerce development company in Kolkata?

The services will include web designing, development, m-Commerce development, testing, backend support, and SEO services.    

  1. What types of eCommerce websites are out there?

There are mainly three categories of eCommerce websites, B2B (Business-Business), B2C (Business-Consumer), C2C (Consumer-Consumer).     

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