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Companies are ensuring that they give high-quality eCommerce sites to their clients. This article is all about the elements vital in driving sales. Online shopping is mainstream. Everyone does this, and instead of recent credit card security issues in the store, it is often seen as more secure than going to a retail store or […]
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  • 07 Feb 2020
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eCommerce Website: Essential Elements That Help Increase Online Sales

Companies are ensuring that they give high-quality eCommerce sites to their clients. This article is all about the elements vital in driving sales.

Online shopping is mainstream. Everyone does this, and instead of recent credit card security issues in the store, it is often seen as more secure than going to a retail store or giving your credit card details on the phone to a random customer service agent.

Trust in online shopping is not an issue anymore. The issue is getting your visitors to shop on your website over a competitor’s. To attract your audience and make the sales, the e-commerce website needs to be up-to-date and have several very important elements to incorporate.

What is an Ecommerce Website?

Online businesses like that of eCommerce websites allow visitors to pick and buy products or services directly from the site. Some online business owners might not be aware of the need to update eCommerce sites regularly to maximize profits. Few business owners will accept that their existing sales are acceptable and that changes are not warranted. Maybe you think it is not worth the time or effort. But what if even a single improvement can boost a few percentage points in monthly sales? Maybe even exponentially. Is it worth it then? Contact an eCommerce website development company and they can guide you even better!!

What is the Website’s Most Important Aspect?

It is the combination of strategies and initiatives that draw customers looking for your goods and services; the simplicity with which they can find what they came for, a content that persuades them to purchase, and a point of the sale process that they can trust to complete the financial transaction safely and securely. Potential and existing customers can reach you from anywhere, anytime, through an eCommerce platform. But if your eCommerce site is not set up properly, it would not attract visitors, or, more importantly, engage those visitors enough to increase brand recognition and keep them coming back.

Here are seven things to consider when developing or restructuring your e-commerce website:


The eCommerce website development ensure your store is easy to navigate so that you have a greater chance of making a sale from the start. The homepage should be welcoming and encouraging users to click on the products or categories they are looking to buy. Categories should be self-explanatory and separated into subcategories to allow visitors to easily find what they are looking for. The search bar should be easy to find and list all relevant items that are currently available for sale once the user types in their query quickly.

Shopping Cart and Checkout Process

It should be easy to add items to the shopping cart. It should also be easy to view and choose color choices or style preferences. Customers want to see what they have got in their cart when shopping, so make sure you got the design and features that make it easy.

Do not get users confused during checkout. Leave the basic things, and respect the patience of your client. On your website, the shopper will feel confident about shopping.

Mobile Compatibility

Eighty percent of all adults online have a smartphone. Mobile visits, which outrank desktop usage in many cases nowadays. Your e-commerce site needs to be designed and built by an eCommerce website development company for all devices, not just a personal computer or laptops.

Calls to Action (CTA)

Make sure your customers are driven through your platform with action calls that are unique to what you want them to be doing. For example, if you have a sale, your CTA button might be “Click Here to Save 20%”. There are also a lot of people out there who do not spend much time on the internet. The eCommerce website development company in Kolkata adds that extra help which builds confidence in your business and shows that you care about your customers which ultimately helps to make things less frustrating. Always avoid making your customers feel stupid because they are not. If they are going to your website they must be smart enough to buy from the best company out there.

Images and Descriptions

If people are looking to buy a product they will want to know all the details about it before they make their purchase. Shopping online can have its drawbacks because one cannot physically see or touch the items they are looking at. Because of this, it is important to have professional quality images of your products and when applicable images from multiple angles, views, and even context. It is also important to give detailed descriptions of the products. Cover all aspects, including texture, size, uses, benefits, colors available and so on. You want your potential clients to feel confident they know enough about your product to purchase it, rather than elsewhere.

Customer Support

In case of any issues or queries, some kind of customer support needs to be available. There are various types of customer support including 800 numbers, email service, and online chat. The best eCommerce website development services helps you decide which is the best choice for your budget and type of business. Keep in mind to always be friendly and respond on time to resolve any issues to keep your customers happy.

Security and Privacy

Last but not least is security. Make sure you have an SSL certificate configured to encrypt data that comes and goes to the browser. Every website nowadays should have one, be it e-commerce or not. Always, have a straightforward privacy policy that informs your customers how your website and your company uses their information.

An e-commerce site needs to not only be pleasing to the eye but a stress-free shopping experience should also be ensured. You will retain your customers and grow your business by acquiring new ones by developing an online store that is easy to navigate along with a smooth checkout process on any device.


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