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Do you want to make your website visible through voice searches apart from normal browser searches? Then optimizing it for voice-search optimization is recommended. Gain first-hand knowledge about it in this article. We arepretty familiar with the concept of voice-enabled search, especially with the availability of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Even websites and apps […]
  • 21 Dec 2020
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Everything you should know about voice search optimization: A first-hand guide

Do you want to make your website visible through voice searches apart from normal browser searches? Then optimizing it for voice-search optimization is recommended. Gain first-hand knowledge about it in this article.

We arepretty familiar with the concept of voice-enabled search, especially with the availability of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Even websites and apps are empowered by voice search. It is evident that if a company wants to succeed in the ever-competitive market, it should embrace this technology. But how to increase a website’s or an app’s visibility in voice search? This is an interesting question, and this blog aims to answer that.

VSO(Voice Search Optimization) is one of the latest additions to the digital marketingfield. Now, you may ask, why has this technology become so popular in the last few years? Experts think that the search experience has drastically changed for the better with the advent of smart assistant devices. People can ask questions and get relevant answers quickly, resulting in ultimate comfort.

This means optimum user satisfaction, as voice search offers a new degree of personalization. Users have claimed that they feel they are speaking with a person, rather than a machine. It has a certain degree of appeal to newer generations, with differing buying habits and preferences. If a business wants to succeed in this aspect, it needs to adopt a winning strategy. In this section, we will discuss the aspects of that strategy.

  • Keyword research

Keyword research is an integral component of any SEO strategy, and voice SEO is not an exception to that rule. However, the approach must be a little different in this case. When people search (type) on Google, they usually type in short-tail keywords. Google’s algorithm automatically displays relevant search categories, and people click on one of those suggestions.

After that, they will see the search results and then proceed to the next steps. Voice search does not work that way, as people often use long-tail keywords while searching. So, experts of the best digital marketing company in Kolkata think that it will be unwise to ignore these terms. Normally, people ask questions in this type of search, so using question-based keywords will be the best idea. Lastly, choose filler words to redesign the SEO strategy.

  • Content optimization

Focusing on only keywords will never be enough; a website’s content must be optimized accordingly. The content should be written in the form of answers, as people mostly ask questions in this method. Also, long paragraphs should be avoided, as there is a word limit of voice search.

The tone of the content should be conversational and must take regional words into account. This will optimize the website for voice search, thus resulting in better visibility and ranks. Some digital marketers believe that having a featured content block can also work wonders. Using hashtags, lists and bullet points, and keywords (long-tailed ones) can prove beneficial.

  • Site modifications 

Aside from content, it is essential to look at the website’s structure. Not all websites can fit into the criteria for voice search. So, what are the modifications the website might need? If not available, ask website developers to develop a sitemap for a specific website. After developing the sitemap, it should be submitted to Google Search Console.

These experts must use the style of structured data markup while designing and developing the website. This process works best if the metadata is updated according to search queries of local people. It will make your website appear for different search terms, thus, increasing its visibility.

Aside from that, the loading speed must be increased by compressing the size of the images and other files. Similarly, using a content delivery network (CDN) can produce better results. Of course, mobile devices are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury, so, optimize your business’s website for these devices as well.     

  • Local search

It is essential to understand the target audience and create a winning strategy according to their requirements. Also, the website must be optimized for local searches. Listing the business on Google My Business listings is a must, as it will put the company in front of customers.

These are four essential points that a business should consider before diving into the dynamics of voice search optimization. It should be noted that the website must be modified according to the latest changes in technology.

What are the benefits of voice search optimization for businesses?

1. Voice search is growing exponentially

People are looking for new ways to search for items, and voice search is one of them. According to a study, people prefer this method over typing, as it is faster and better. Also, it is convenient, as people can ask their queries, and perform the task they are doing simultaneously.

2. Can improve local SEO techniques

Many companies focus on local SEO techniques to promote their brand among residents. It can boost a company’s visibility, rankings, and bring more customers to the website. This will result in more sales, profits and revenues.

3. Reach people quickly

This technique will help businesses to reach out to customers (more than usual). This can help a small business gain loyal customers, who would, in turn, maximize returns and profits.

4. Better credibility

If a website comes up in search engines, it means only one thing. Several people trust this website for a particular search. People are more likely to visit a website that is secure and is trusted by many. Hence, a cycle would continue working on behalf of the company. It will help a company establish its fame, reputation and brand awareness.

So, do you own a business and want to benefit from voice search optimization? Then it is imperative to consult a digital marketing company. Experts from this company would decide if a particular website (or app) can be optimized accordingly. Or, if some modifications are needed, then you also can consult app developers as soon as possible.

Then they would create a blueprint specific to the business’s niche. They will consider a few factors too, like:

  • Requirements
  • Timeline
  • Costs
  • Problematic areas     

If you are looking for a company that offers digital marketing services, you must then consider Swadesh Softwares for your requirement.

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