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Apple Store has strict rules and regulations when it comes to iOS app development. So, developers must follow these rules during the app development procedure. Image content: Getting an iOS app published can be challenging.   Mobile App development is bifurcated into two categories, Android and iOS app development. Both these options are right, with iOS […]
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  • 16 Oct 2020
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Follow these golden rules to get an app published on Apple Store

Apple Store has strict rules and regulations when it comes to iOS app development. So, developers must follow these rules during the app development procedure.

Image content: Getting an iOS app published can be challenging.   Mobile App development is bifurcated into two categories, Android and iOS app development. Both these options are right, with iOS being a popular choice among tech-savvy individuals. US-based clients prefer iOS over Android, but this changes from location to location.

It should be noted that this graph is always changing. So, if anyone wants to get an iOS app for their business, they must contact professional iOS app developers. Developing an app is not the hard part; getting it published on the Apple App store is. Apple has a strict set of regulations; that is why most apps get rejected.

What are the reasons for iOS apps getting rejected?

Let’s have a look at these points in detail-

1. Breach of Apple’s guidelines

As mentioned earlier, Apple has a very strict set of guidelines, which every developer must follow. Otherwise, the app will not get published, which will result in a loss of time, effort, and money. Experts would have to make changes to the coding, which can be frustrating for both business owners and developers. If these changes are massive and frequent, they will change the app’s design, performance, and speed. It may lead to something entirely different from the one the client had envisioned earlier. 

This is not good, so it’s best to contact a company that is well aware of Apple’s app development guidelines and the latest changes in it. Swadesh Softwares, the best iOS app development company in Kolkata, is one such company. The experts will know the rules and create an app accordingly. That means there is a lower chance of this app’s rejection.

2. Slow performance  

Consumers don’t have time to stop and pause for slow performing apps to load. So, they would not engage with them or download them on their devices. This means a business would be unable to reach out to customers, interact, and engage with them. Apple knows what iOS users want and asks developers to create mobile applications accordingly. If an app is not fast (loading speed more than 3-5 seconds), easy to use and navigate, and does not perform, Apple will not allow it. Even if an app relies on high-quality graphics, it should not take much time to load. So, the experts of an iOS app development company should create an app that is:

  • Easy  to download, install, and use
  • Fast in navigation
  • Offers the best performance

3. Testing issues  

It’s quite impossible to create an app without any issues at one go. Every day new threats are being discovered, thus making an app vulnerable against them. People will not download and use an unsafe and insecure mobile application, will they? Here’s where the concept of testing comes in. Experts must test the application multiple times before getting it out in the store. 

If they skip this step, that would be a grave mistake. If the store finds any single issue, an app will get rejected. Testing would ensure that the app is free from all security and performance bugs. This is not only true for iOS but Android app development too.

4. Using improper payment systems

Some apps may offer the feature of in-app purchases or collect payment from app users. Apple allows app developers to use the API of some particular payment gateways. These gateways are tested and are reputed; hence they are secure. However, if anyone chooses to use a different API or plug-in, the app might get removed from the Apple Store.

The authority may find the app malicious and think that it is stealing customers’ information without their knowledge. And we all know that Apple takes the privacy of its customers quite seriously. So, to avoid that, experts must use the gateways verified by Apple itself.    

5. Uploading app descriptions

An app description provides a preview of the app’s purpose. App users will go through the description to see if the app is relevant to them or not. However, if the description is not relevant, two things can happen. One, the app will not get noticed enough. Two, even if it does, it may receive negative reviews. If any of these situations arise, the app will be unpublished from the Apple Store.

This is why app development experts must upload a relevant app description while publishing the app. However, it should not make any false claims, explain the app’s function and features clearly, and must be written in a simple and error-free language.

6. Copyright     

Developers must create apps that are unique or original; this is the number one rule of app development. Copying app ideas from others (especially without their permission) will be deemed as a serious offense. It may lead to copyright issues, and the business might end losing its credibility among users. Before proceeding on any project, people must check if there’s an app similar to the idea. They must provide a serious upgrade to that, adding a new feature or function.

These are the points developers should consider before developing an iOS app. It should be noted that new rules are added regularly, and experts should update themselves regularly. If anyone wants to prevent this incident from happening, they must contact a reliable app development company. Swadesh Softwares would be a glorious example of such a company. This company has a team of experienced developers, designers, and testers who would create an app according to Apple’s guidelines. They would schedule a meeting and understand the business requirements of a client to begin with.

The developers would also show previous samples (portfolio) of apps that are already published. So, clients can check if the company can develop a complicated mobile application or not. Then app developers will discuss the entire app development procedure. Here, clients can ask questions and clarify their doubts. Lastly, a project deadline and overall development cost will be set and conveyed to customers. Experts will start working on the project and provide timely updates about the app’s progress.

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