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Food delivery apps allow businesses (restaurants) to offer their products without being restricted to any geographical barriers. Recent research shows that this app will stay among the top 5 ones.   Suppose you are craving a pizza or a fancy chicken meal. What will you do? You pick up your phone, open any food delivery app, […]
  • 31 Jan 2022
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Food Delivery Apps- Why Are They In So Much Demand?

Food delivery apps allow businesses (restaurants) to offer their products without being restricted to any geographical barriers. Recent research shows that this app will stay among the top 5 ones.  

Suppose you are craving a pizza or a fancy chicken meal. What will you do? You pick up your phone, open any food delivery app, select the restaurant, meal, and payment option, and place the order.

In the past (even 20-25 years ago), you would have to visit a restaurant for the same meal. According to statistics, the food delivery business model is gaining ground among the masses and isn’t likely to go anywhere soon.

Due to COVID, millions of people jumped on this bandwagon and ordered food on apps like Zomato, and Swiggy, among others. As a result, restaurants trying to reach out to more people are working on getting their food delivery app developed by an app development company in Kolkata.    

Whether you own a restaurant chain or are just starting, this can be the ideal choice for you.

A business can choose any of these three app categories:

Order-only model

The order-only model allows consumers to communicate with the restaurant and form a personal relationship with the business’s executives. This is the most common food delivery app available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Order and delivery model

Another quite popular app model works well for both multi-vendor and single-vendor categories. The owner will be responsible for running the whole model. 

Fully-integrated model

This is the best model for single-vendor applications because the app owner will manage all the processes associated with it. If you want to get an app, you must be sure of the category before approaching an app development company in Kolkata.

What will be the essential features of a food delivery app?

The food delivery app consists of four panels:

  • Sign Up

This section enables customers to create an account using their email addresses, phone numbers, or third-party login systems, such as Google and Facebook.

  • Quick search

This search button allows users to quickly search food items and restaurants (in multi-vendor applications). In addition, users will check out the menu for single-vendor applications and decide what they would like to order.

  • Order status

This section will offer an update on the order, mainly through push notifications, such as order accepted, meal preparation, and delivery person en route.    

  • Monitoring

This section shows the location of the delivery person and the time required to deliver a particular order. While working with a mobile app development company Kolkata, always ask experts to incorporate this feature within the app.

  • Payment

Customers can choose their preferred payment methods through this panel, such as cash, credit card, or online mechanisms.

  • Customer support 

The customer support section allows the platform or the restaurant to deal with delivery issues, etc.

  • Deals and promo codes

This option allows customers to choose deals and promo codes available for usage. 

  • Sign up

Restaurants also sign up through this portal and list which products they would order. Apart from that, they must also list information about opening and closing hours, contact information, and such.   

  • Content management

The experts of an app development company in Kolkata will develop an excellent content management system for restaurant managers. Through this system, they can push images, prices, menus, and other details so that customers can go through them.

  • Promotions

Through this system, restaurants can offer promotions and other deals to their esteemed customers.

  • Tracking

Through this system, restaurants can check out the orders placed, or canceled, payment confirmation, and much more. It also offers to track nearest delivery partners and work with them.

  • Communication

This is a communication interface between customers, restaurants, and delivery persons. It will ensure a seamless delivery of services and receive excellent reviews.       

  • Courier 

This section allows the app owner to deal with delivery persons and their management. These will be the features within this panel:

  • Sign up 

Couriers will sign up through this panel and provide all the personal information required for account creation. 

Order management 

The order management panel allows the delivery person to check on the details, location, order size, and customer’s contact information. 

Route and time optimization  

This allows the delivery person to optimize the route and time, thus delivering the orders on time.


This is a mechanism through which the person can communicate with the customer.

What should you expect from an app development company in Kolkata?

Excellent Infrastructure:

The application must be developed using a safe and reliable platform. The platform must have the capacity to deal with a sudden influx of consumers without compromising performance.


The platform must be secure as it would have to deal with sensitive information (payment and card details).

Easy user experience:

The app must be free from any clutter, and people must easily log into it.


This section must be present to allow restaurant managers to understand the performance.

Code review:

Experts must check for bugs and performance issues before making it live.


The business must have access to documentation while their project is being developed.

If you are interested in getting this app, you must contact Swadesh Softwares.

  1. Why get a food delivery app?

Ans: A restaurant can sell its menu items to people (without being restricted to a particular location). This means more profits and revenues within a short time.

  1. Why consult an app development company in Kolkata?

Ans: An app development company will review the requirements and then proceed accordingly. Experts will design, review, develop, test, and, lastly, deploy the application within a short time.   

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