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Having a customized mobile app for your business acts as a new channel to increase the company’s profits. Cab booking apps promote faster service and better convenience for customers. It was a story of the past when people used to go in search of a cab out on the streets. Sometimes people also called in […]
  • 11 Mar 2022
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Get A Customized Cab Booking App To Boost Your Cab Business

Having a customized mobile app for your business acts as a new channel to increase the company’s profits. Cab booking apps promote faster service and better convenience for customers.

It was a story of the past when people used to go in search of a cab out on the streets. Sometimes people also called in a service provider to book a cab. But, in the fast-moving world, there is hardly any time for people to invest time by going out in the streets and looking for a taxi or a cab.

A cab booking app helps to commute easier and faster so that you and your customers can save time and cut short the extra time while traveling. While some businesses are using their old-school phone call booking methods, their competitors are using great business strategies to run their cab booking businesses.

Close-fitting competition from the on-demand taxi booking apps like Ola and Uber has created serious challenges for the taxi businesses. Thanks to the cab booking apps, which have made traveling easier. A smartphone with the best cab booking software makes it easy for customers to adhere to the latest business technology. The cab booking apps are now just a tap away.

Come out of old-school techniques

If you are one of those old-school businesses still stuck with the traditional business ethics, buckle your shoes, it is time to get innovative with business ideas. If you do not step forward to accept the latest trend, you will not survive in the present world of competition for long.

An expert can get an immediate solution

Suppose you ask an expert about any immediate solution to get rid of this situation of losing customers only because you do not have any cab booking or taxi booking app. In that case, they will straight away suggest you talk to any top-notch mobile app development company Kolkata.

The app developers at the mobile app development companies are masters in their daily trade. Therefore, they will explain the benefits and the consequences of having a customized app for your taxi booking services.

Once you know how a cab booking app works, it will become easy for you to invest in a cab booking app. Cab booking apps encourage interaction between the drivers and the passengers through a digital platform like smartphones. Therefore, it decreases your liabilities and thus improves your cab business as a whole.

Benefits of a cab booking app:
  1. Book from the comfort of your place
  2. Ease of payment modes
  3. GPS mapping
  4. Uncomplicated services
  5. Discounts and Offers

Embracing the latest technologies means you have chosen to stay updated. It is mandatory for any business to touch the peak of success and fly high, leaving behind its competitors. The best thing about a cab booking or a car dispatch application is that it connects you in real-time with your folks.

If you want to flaunt your business among your competitors, look for an app development company in Kolkata. They comprehend and analyze a business better than any ordinary person. On this point, always make sure to talk to an ISO-certified company only. They are reliable and offer high-quality IT services with unique and on-time service delivery.

Swadesh Softwares, an ISO certified app development company, has the experience of developing numerous on-demand apps, but here we are talking about a cab booking app.

Let us check out some glimpses here:

About the App: Pocket cab is an online cab booking app developed in Firebase. It is available in the Google Play Store and iOS app store.

Features of the Pocket Cab app are here as follows:
  1. Register as a Rider
  2. Manage all your ride history
  3. Book cheap & comfortable ride
  4. Check for price for respective vehicle type
  5. Process the booking after that
  6. Track the real-time location of your ride

Now let us talk about why you need to invest in a cab booking app? The reasons are-


If you have an app for your business, it gives broad visibility to your business. An app development company in Kolkata can help you get that visibility among your customers and save your business from losing many customers.

High-Profit Rates:

Having a cab booking app would boost your business. You will earn more profits than working with the popular aggregator apps, where businesses have to bear unnecessary heavy commissions.

Reduces Cost:

The cab booking app helps connect the drivers in real-time through a driver app so that the client’s business can grow smartly in autopilot mode.

Allow your customer to save their precious time, and in turn, your business grows bigger and more reliable. If you are in Kolkata or the surrounding, talk to a mobile app development company Kolkata to get instant and concrete solutions for your business needs.

Why wait? Go for it

If you got any project in your mind, you can write to us or talk to our expert app developers from reliable mobile app development company Kolkata. You can get the best ways to manage the fleet of the cabs and track its roadmap. If you are searching for a company to connect with, why not connect with Swadesh Softwares with your project idea?

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How can an app development company help in generating revenue?

Ans1. In mobile apps, advertisements are displayed and monetized in multiple ways. Apps can generate revenues. Swadesh Softwares is an app development company in Kolkata that can help businesses turn their ideas into reality and create apps tailored to suit their needs.

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