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An online grocery app can help a business reach millions of people worldwide if it has the right features. Learn about these features in this blog. Imagine a situation in which people cannot access food and other essentials due to a nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. They won’t be able to survive it for a long time. […]
  • 03 May 2021
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Get A Grocery App To Run Your Business Smoothly Even During COVID-19

An online grocery app can help a business reach millions of people worldwide if it has the right features. Learn about these features in this blog.

Imagine a situation in which people cannot access food and other essentials due to a nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. They won’t be able to survive it for a long time. Thanks to online grocery delivery apps, we didn’t have to see such an event. These apps are growing in popularity, and market research says that the industry is bound to make huge profits by 2023.

The demand for these apps has been escalated due to this pandemic, and many shops have leveraged mobile technology to leverage it. If you own a grocery shop, you can try having an online grocery app.

You need to speak with an app development company in Kolkata to learn about the app’s features: 

Customer :

Profile Creation :

This app is the one that customers will use for ordering food products. After downloading the app, profile creation is the first step people will encounter. They will have to provide relevant information and customize it accordingly.

Signup And Login :

After making an account, users will have to log in to use the app. If for some reason, a person forgets his password, he can revise it using the forget password link.

Search Groceries And Stores :

Now, the real usage begins; people will search for the required products and check which grocery shops are located nearby.

Add To Cart :

After selecting the items, people will add them to their cart before proceeding to checkout.

Schedule Orders :

This option allows people to control the delivery process and mention when they want the delivery of the ordered products.

Payment Gateways :

The app owner must include this option to facilitate contactless payment, especially during COVID-19. It includes UPI IDs, digital wallets, and such.

Order History :

To help people keep track of their previous orders and decide if they want the same items.

Track Orders In Real-Time :

This feature allows people to track orders and check if they arrive on, before, or after the scheduled time.

Customer Feedback :

People will post either positive or negative feedback based on the experience provided by the app. Also, they can provide insights on how the owner can improve the service or the app in the future.

Notifications :

Customers will get notifications about the latest offers, discounts or offers, and other features while using the app.

Delivery :

Registration And Profile Management :

This is the same feature available in all the panels of an online grocery delivery app.

Order Management :

Order management allows the delivery person to check order requests and their progress. Upon this information, he will decide whether to accept and reject the order.

GPS And Maps :

This feature provides information on the customer’s address and how to reach that location to deliver on time.

Status Update :

It allows the delivery person to update the project’s progress, and customers will receive notification about it.

Digital Wallet :

This option allows delivery people to receive payments contactless.

Checking Delivery History :

The delivery wants to check how many orders are already completed and how he has received payments previously.

Grocery Store :

This panel will have these features, according to a mobile app development company Kolkata.

Inventory Management :

The section allows grocery shop owners to take control of their inventory and restock it whenever necessary.

Order Management :

Using this feature, grocery stores can assign the order to a delivery person after checking their availability. Also, shop owners can use this feature to handle orders and manage them accordingly.

Notifications :

Notifications will inform business owners about the successful completion of orders or not.

Payments :

Payments will facilitate smooth financial transactions between customers and shop owners. You need to visit an app-building company to discuss this option.

Customer Support :

The option of customer support comes in handy when it comes to troubleshooting issues between the two parties.

Feedback :

It provides an outlet for providing feedback on the app’s performance and checks what others are saying.

Admin Panel :

The admin is the CPU of all the panels. It consists of features, like user profile and registration management. The dashboard provides access to all the characteristic features and allows super admin to make the changes.

The content management system allows him to make changes in the app’s content. Similarly, the order management system will help him keep track of the orders. He can also decide which notifications to push and if the app/grocery shop can benefit from introducing loyalty programs. Lastly, analytics and customer feedback will help him understand the app’s strengths and weaknesses.

There are multifold benefits of using this app. Here are they:

  • A business can provide convenience to users by offering an online outlet.
  • It can save time and money for a business, especially if it is a startup.
  • It is the fastest way of making money by creating brand awareness and recognition.

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