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Fantasy sports apps are quite popular, especially among youths. Also, they can bring a lot of revenues and profits to businesses. Do you want one?      Fantasy sports apps are becoming widely popular throughout the world. In the Indian subcontinent, apps like Dream11 have created a strong fanbase. This is the reason many businesses […]
  • 14 Sep 2020
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Get A Fantasy Sports App and Bring in Millions: A Developer’s Guide

Fantasy sports apps are quite popular, especially among youths. Also, they can bring a lot of revenues and profits to businesses. Do you want one?     

Fantasy sports apps are becoming widely popular throughout the world. In the Indian subcontinent, apps like Dream11 have created a strong fanbase. This is the reason many businesses want to create such an app for their business. Players can choose any sports aside from cricket and participate in these tournaments if they want.     

The main reason behind the popularity of these apps is that players can earn some money as well. But why should you create an app like that? Let’s take a look at the demographics. 

  • 80% of people use fantasy sports apps 
  • User engagement has drastically increased over the years 2016 to 2018. 
  • People love to use these apps either on mobiles or tablets. 
  • Mostly young citizens are registered on these apps. 
  • The popularity of Dream11 clone apps is skyrocketing, and you may want to encash that. 
  • Millions of revenues can be earned through these apps.      

An Android app development company in Durgapur can create a fantasy sports app for you. It should be noted that creating an app only will not do the job. It should offer an amazing user experience; hence it must have some awesome features. 

Like any other app, this one will also have different sections, user and admin. What are the features you must have in your app? 

A. User

  • User-friendly interface 
  • Options for adding and withdrawing money (one-click)  
  • Key player forecast  
  • Quizzes 
  • Point system 
  • Score, match, and champion prediction  
  • Information about matches 
  • Player info 
  • Live performance stats 
  • Chat 
  • Ability to change players
  • Refer and earn 
  • Updates 
  • Transaction history
  • Limit the number of teams 
  • Multiple filters     
  • Emails and notification
  • App tour management  

B. Admin 

  • User and user-level management
  • Contest, matches, players, categories, and quiz management
  • Approval for withdrawal and deposits 
  • Approval for contest joining (time management) 
  • Reward management
  • Offers and discount management
  • GST management  
  • Easy-to-operate dashboard  
  • Real-time analytics  

Let’s have a deeper look at the features. 

1. User Registration

Allow your users to create an account and log into the app. The registration section may ask for: 

  • Personal details (name, contact number, email ID)
  • Users have to create a username and password and use it to play these games 
  • A forgot password option must be available    

2. Landing screen   

Android app development experts must create an awesome home screen. The home screen will be the same where users will land in when they launch the app. 

This screen will show some details like upcoming matches, dates of the tournament, and the type of matches. Users can filter the information and see the preferred results. Once they click on the tournament, they will be redirected to the concerned contest page.         

3. Contest page 

In this page, people can again filter contest details by factors: 

  • Entry Fee Range 
  • Winning amount and range  
  • Winners count
  • Contest type and size   

After seeing these details, people can choose whether to enter a contest or not.  

4. Join contest 

As the name suggests, here, a candidate will be given approval to join a contest. They may have to pay a certain fee to do that. You can also ask a mobile app development company to add some more conditions of contest entry.  

5. Profile settings   

Customization is the key to draw more users to your app. Allow your players to customize their profile and update their personal details whenever they feel like it. Apart from that, here they can check: 

  • Points, bonus, and rewards gained 
  • Details their account 
  • Transaction history
  • Referral history  

Or they can: 

  • Add cash to the account 
  • Refer 
  • Delete or deactivate 
  • Logout       

6. Live scores

People can check live scores of the matches they are playing. Also, they will see match highlights, predictions, etc. in real-time. 

7. Email and push notifications 

They will receive push notifications of important upcoming events. The same concept can be applied to email notifications. People can learn when a particular game is starting or ending. You can play with the features or ask an iOS app development expert (if you want an app for the Apple Store).   

Now, let’s speak about the admin panel features: 

1. Admin Login

Admins will have a separate account where they can log into using their username and password. A forgot password option must be available.   

2. Interactive dashboard  

Here, admins can check app statistics, like the number of matches played and contestants participating in those games. Also, an admin can verify the total earnings of those players. 

3. User account manager       

Admins can approve or disapprove an account, or anyone to join a customer. If they find someone breaking community rules, they can delete or deactivate an account (either permanently or temporarily).   

4. Manage games and contests 

Here, app owners can create, coordinate, and manage games and contests. If needed, they can change game rules or deactivate games.    

Of course, creating an Android app will be the best decision for your business. However, you can try hybrid app development if you want to get the app published in both stores.

Whatever your requirement is, you can talk to Swadesh Softwares. We are ready to help you out. Our fantasy sports app will have all the necessary features and some more. If you want to add some customized features, we can do it too. 

Our team of experts have the following members: 

  • Project managers 
  • Developers 
  • Designers 
  • Testers      

The project manager will listen to your idea, and convey it to the team. You can ask him questions to clear your doubts. The team has experience in creating such apps so they would know the best. 

The cost of developing such an application will vary on different factors, like timeline, technologies used, etc. However, we will offer affordable solutions to businesses with a low budget. We will deliver the task within the scheduled time without any delay. 

You will remain in constant touch with the team and will know about the progress. After project completion, we will also offer regular updates and technical maintenance support. We will help you launch your business and scale new heights. Earn millions in revenues establish your company in the market with a fantasy sports app.

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