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On demand, home services apps are the best to complete your household tasks when you are not available. An inevitable aspect of our daily life is household tasks. Your house will only look clean and organized when every household chore is completed on time and with perfection. You must have watched the cartoon show ‘Richie […]
  • 20 Apr 2022
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Home Services App- A One-Time Solution For Sewing Up Household Chores

On demand, home services apps are the best to complete your household tasks when you are not available.

An inevitable aspect of our daily life is household tasks. Your house will only look clean and organized when every household chore is completed on time and with perfection.

You must have watched the cartoon show ‘Richie Rich,’ where he had a robot called ‘Irona,’ who used to accomplish all their household tasks. And now, when we are grown-ups, we all fantasize about having an ‘Irona’ at our homes who would take care of every task.

Well, in reality, we are at least a century away from having that technology in our homes. However, you can have an alternative of the same, which is almost the same as ‘Irona.’ These are on demand home services app that shares the capabilities of having such benefits. A mobile app development company Kolkata has the necessary resources to build such an app, and you can enjoy its benefits.

Everything can be at your hand with such an app, starting from home deep cleaning, geyser repair, electrician, washing machine, carpentry, and Plumber.

So let’s now discuss what these apps are and how they can erase your daily life hassles.

On-demand home services apps are a platform from which you can hire professionals to carry out your household chores. These apps have all the functionality required by people and services providers.

Like earlier, you don’t need to go out and call a plumber when you have a pipe leakage. Or, if you have issues with your AC, you can open the app and call the experts from your locality.

However, reports say that most people don’t like the services like the above nearby their houses. If they live in a less developed area or at the town end, the mechanics there are not so proficient in their skills.

As a result, they had to travel a considerable amount of distance to hire a professional. But with such an app developed by a mobile app development company Kolkata, you can hire professionals from distant places.

They will come to your doorstep and fix the problems within a few minutes. Also, they will give you reliable services, as there will be no inefficient professionals in such apps. After maintaining certain criteria only, they can list their services in the app.

Further, for your convenience, every service will have ratings and reviews over them. After reading those reviews, you can choose better and never regret hiring for a particular service.

So, using an on demand home services app will immensely benefit you on a daily basis, saving your time, and getting your home organized throughout.

Now let’s look at the benefits that such an app developed by an app development company in Kolkata can provide you.

#1 Security and authentication

In such an app where you hire professionals, you will have the payment option. Now, if the app is well secured, you don’t have to worry about your payment details. These apps use a secured payment gateway, where you enter your online payment details. The mobile app development company Kolkata building these apps takes utter care of your security so that you can keep enjoying their services without any hassles.

#2 Notifications for offers

These apps have the feature of sending you notifications about great offers and discounts. Unlike other apps, this on demand home services app provides you with daily offers. Moreover, occasional offers are always there.

#3 Live tracking

This feature allows you to get connected with the professional you are hiring. It will help you track them in real-time and let you be assured of their showing up. Also, if you are too busy to keep the map open, the app will keep you updated on the position of the professionals with push notifications.

#4 Diverse payment options

When making payments, you will always want your preferred payment method available as a customer. A mobile app development company Kolkata, will provide you with diverse payment options like basic credit and debit cards, net banking, and a wide range of e-wallets. You can even earn cashback when you make a transaction from those virtual wallets.

#5 User-friendly interface

When you have a user-friendly interface using the app will be more enjoyable. The on demand home services app takes care of your convenience so that you don’t struggle to find an option or book a service. You can easily add or remove a service from your list or find a service using the search option. There are also options to filter services so that you can choose services as per your location, rate, and time.

You can also have a look at the latest app on-demand home services app developed by a mobile app development company Kolkata.

Quality Service Delivery is the app developed, which serves flawlessly to its customers, and you can have an app like that too.

To download this app you can click on the link below:

So, these were the features of an on demand home services app. Such an app will help you manage your time efficiently and keep your home shining. You can contact a company like Swadesh Softwares for more info about such apps.


Is it reliable to book services on a Home services app?

Ans: Yes, as these apps are certified by the Google Play Store, they can’t do any fraud with you.

Are the services affordable in a Home delivery app?

Ans: The services in such an app are affordable, and further, you have options to filter services as per your rate.

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