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Health and fitness is an industry that is most likely to be benefited from mobile apps. You, too, can generate enough revenues if you have an app with all the essential facilities. In 2020, health and fitness apps were among the top ones on the popular app category list. This trend will continue in 2021, […]
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  • 08 Jan 2021
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How can a fitness app change the game of your company? An insider report

Health and fitness is an industry that is most likely to be benefited from mobile apps. You, too, can generate enough revenues if you have an app with all the essential facilities.

In 2020, health and fitness apps were among the top ones on the popular app category list. This trend will continue in 2021, too, as more people are inclining towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. A report says that the market for these apps will reach 120 billion US dollars in the next few years. So, it’s evident that it is a profitable market for startups.   

If you own a startup that belongs to this niche, you can gain momentum via a health and fitness app. But, before that, you should have an idea about the categories of these apps.

  • Apps with exercises and workouts 

These apps offer information about different exercise and workout styles to people, depending on their skill level. People often don’t have enough time to hit the gym or join a yoga class, and some consider them expensive.

These apps come as a blessing for those people, which is why most people have one of these in their smartphones. Fitness apps, belonging to this category, offer recommendations after collecting users’ information (health or otherwise). According to the experts of an app development company in Kolkata, these kinds of app have seen millions of downloads within a short time.

  • Fitness tracking apps

Popular apps like Fitness 32, Fitbit, and Daily Yoga, etc., come under this category. These mobile applications are mainly designed to collect data about the daily activities of the user.

The data may include the number of steps taken by the person, calorie intake or calorie-burn rate, etc. Using these apps, people can easily check their progress, their health details, and much more.

  • Nutrition and diet-based apps 

Like the ones discussed in the above point, these apps allow people to keep track of their diet and nutritional content. Here, users can set daily or monthly goals and see how far they have progressed. These apps can also tell people about different diets after getting data about their health, weight, and other dimensions.

This article will discuss some features that must be present within a health and fitness app.

1. Signup and profile creation

This is a preliminary feature that will exist in every app to create profiles and accounts. Here, users have to fill in some details about themselves to use the app effectively. Here, the option of social media should be available so that people can easily create an account.

A crucial point to remember is that never make this process lengthy and cumbersome. People don’t like that, actually, and they might leave and uninstall the app midway. The registration would be complete only if the email id or the phone number is verified.

2. Social media integrations            

Social media integrations are not just useful for account creation; these have other uses as well. People can post their accomplishments, goals, and other content (diet, health tips, and others) directly from the app.

3. Wearable device integration              

Nowadays, wearable devices are popular, and so are the apps that can be integrated with them. Doing this will ensure users can keep track of their exercises and other activities from anywhere and anytime.

4. Push notifications and reminders             

This is another feature that can come in handy for users, as they can set reminders for their upcoming sessions. This way, they will never miss out on exercising due to their busy schedule. They can set reminders for different causes and receive reminders on time.

5. Geolocation      

Geolocation keeps track of the users’ location and allows them to keep an eye on their tracks and workout sessions. The section will also provide push notifications to users based on this data.

6. Customized diet   

This section will provide information about diets, their benefits, and who is eligible for a specific diet. Users can customize these plans according to the data collected from the app. People could select the ingredients, depending upon their price range.

7. Goal tracker

Different people will use the app to accomplish different goals. Some would use it to eat nutritious meals and recipes to ensure better health. Some want to get rid of the extra fat, and water content of their body. Obviously, the steps to achieve these goals will be different.

This feature will enable people to keep track of these goals and how far they have achieved them. Also, they can track their food and water intake for the specific day as well.

8. Video tutorials and consultation

An app may contain video tutorials to educate people on different exercise routines and how to do them perfectly. Experts will help you achieve a perfectly toned body without spending money on a gym or other facilities.

If needed, these experts can provide online consultation to people who need it. The consultation might be regarding workout, diet charts, and overall health.

9. Activity log 

Using this feature, users can log their daily activities on this app and edit them, as required. This section should include a calendar, and people can record what exercise they have practiced on a particular date. It should also include analytics regarding the user’s progress.

The app can be made more entertaining if the concept of a game is added as well. Rewards and badges are a great way of encouraging people to participate in a healthy lifestyle.

If a business wants to provide gym equipment or dietary supplement to its users for a fee, it can add payment options. While doing so, developers must always keep an eye out for security concerns.

Having these features will result in several downloads, and the company will see profits within a short time. However, it can up its monetization game if it decides to include some features for premium users. Not interested in investing in an app in the beginning itself? You can offer the same features on a website too, within a smaller budget. For that, you have to contact the developers of a website development company in Kolkata. Whatever might be your requirement, you need to tell these experts, and see the resultant product. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring millions, get this app for your business.

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