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The blog mentions the myriad of ways an android development company in Kolkata can help the small businesses in their growth and expansion. Day by day, there is a rise in the number of people using smartphones in a highly populated city like Kolkata. With the increased use of smartphones, comes the need for various […]
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  • 27 Mar 2020
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How Can An Android App Development Company Affect Businesses In Kolkata?

The blog mentions the myriad of ways an android development company in Kolkata can help the small businesses in their growth and expansion.

Day by day, there is a rise in the number of people using smartphones in a highly populated city like Kolkata. With the increased use of smartphones, comes the need for various softwares and programs that are used in it. This includes an app as well as websites with responsive designs. For their phones, a majority of individuals prefer android as their operating system.  These circumstances prompted the rapid growth of android app development company. From healthcare, e-commerce to education, apps are being developed for business all over the sectors. The reason for that might be the immense benefits android apps offer businesses. Some of them include –

Helps Reach out to Larger Demographics, Especially Younger People

A considerable portion of the population uses the internet through their smartphones, especially the demographic of teenagers and young adults.  An android app development company in Kolkata can help you reach out to the younger part of the generation, which can amount to more than a million users daily. Furthermore, it is easier for people to get a smartphone than to afford an entire PC.  For small businesses, this provides them a level field with more giant corporations, as people care more about the uniqueness of brands than the famous name.

Increases the Visibility of the Company to Potential Customers

Nowadays, most of the individuals spend a minimum of two hours on their smartphone daily, if not more. This plays a massive role in increasing the visibility of most brands through their apps. Users tend to browse their phones whenever they are bored, such as during their travels. The sheer amount of people in a big city like Kolkata ensures that thousands of users look for apps all day round. A business can utilize this aspect to draw on potential customers. An attractive and user-friendly app is bound to get famous either through active searching and through word of mouth.

Helps to Stand out Against Competitors

It is a known fact that there is no scarcity of apps in any industry niche. Whenever a potential customer searches for an app, there are dozens of apps available with the same features. Thus, to attract users, it is crucial that the app is unique and offers new features. This is the place where the app development company can assist a business in developing such an eye-catching app. To get a loyal and increased customer base, small companies can effectively design apps that stand out from the rest of its competitors.

Increases Customer Engagement

The growth businesses depend on their customer engagement. A lousy interaction from the company drives a customer quickly and decreases the brand reputation. The more a business interacts with its customers, the higher their loyalty becomes. An app is a surefire way to do that. An app offers avenues for the customers to write their complaints and grievances and receive a fast response. Whether it’s through manual assistance or AI, an app increases the quality of customer service offered by the company. An app also provides other interactive features like one-click buy, share with others, personalized feed, and push notifications.

Online and Offline Access Anywhere Anytime

A significant disadvantage of brick and mortar stores or even websites are the limited access they offer. For a physical; store, the customer has to make time and travel. For a website, a stable data connection and a PC is needed. This weakness is filled up when a business develops custom apps for their brand. An app allows customers to access the app anytime from anywhere. An app can be designed in a way that it can operate offline as well as with limited internet connectivity. So, the users can avail it as soon as they think pf any product or services. The instant access results in a massive increase in the number of sales for all businesses.

Helps Company Access Direct and Geo-Targeted Marketing

Any business owner knows that marketing and communication are two vital pillars of the company’s success and growth. Developing an app provides the company with two distinct marketing tools, direct communication, and geo-targeting. An app offers a business a fast and effective way to inform its customers about its latest product launches, new services, discounts, offers, and updates via push notifications. Geo-targeted marketing enables the business to understand its customer location, demographic, and shopping behavior better. All these factors significantly boost the sales and profit of the company.

Improves Brand Recognition in the Case of Small Businesses

In the current times, having a website and an app is an indicator of the authenticity and the reliability of the brand. The unique identity of a brand can be amplified using an app. An app is like an online billboard designed to show off the uniqueness of the company. From the color palette to the layout to its associated features, an app provides your customers the vision you want to promote for your brand. Having a brand goes a long way in making the business successful. With proper advertising, a small business can make itself associate with certain products and thus increase sales and profits.

The ways mentioned earlier are not the only methods an android development company can help various small businesses in a city like Kolkata. Perhaps the most crucial aspect it offers is that of leveling the playing field for all companies no matter what its size or resources. With an app, a business gains a large number of loyal customers and can provide them with value.

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