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Upon studying the recent global sales statistics, it can be seen that eCommerce sales have reached $3.46 trillion in the last year. The graph has increased from $2.95 trillion in 2018. This shows that the eCommerce industry is going stronger than ever. This is why businesses are focused on developing their eCommerce websites.  If a […]
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  • 02 Apr 2020
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How Can An eCommerce Website Help A Business Organization?

Upon studying the recent global sales statistics, it can be seen that eCommerce sales have reached $3.46 trillion in the last year. The graph has increased from $2.95 trillion in 2018. This shows that the eCommerce industry is going stronger than ever. This is why businesses are focused on developing their eCommerce websites. 

If a company has their website, they will be able to sell their products and services directly to consumers. It will eliminate the middlemen, thus promoting the model of DTC (Direct to Consumer).

What are The Benefits of This Model?

First, a company can reach out to customers and promote its services and products to them. Also, it can play a crucial role in establishing a fruitful relationship with these people. Accurate customer data can be collected using this model.

This data can be used to offer personalized customer experience (products, deals, and coupons, etc.) to strengthen the relationship. Apart from that, it can be used to gain profits from the sales.    

With the latest developments in science and technology, eCommerce websites have been modernized. These sites are made mobile-friendly, as most of the eCommerce activities are made on small handheld devices. According to an expert from an eCommerce website development company in Kolkata, having a responsive website will not cut it.

Recent statistics show that people will leave the site, which takes more than 5 seconds to load. In this situation, PWA (progressive web application) eCommerce can be considered. It is a cost-effective solution to native apps. PWAs are instantly downloaded on the consumer’s device, irrespective of whether he is online or not.

To gain even more audience, a company can choose to use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) with PWA. AMP can offer multiple benefits like it can increase the speed of mobile pages. Also, it can increase the SEO rankings of a website to a great extent. Lastly, both of these features can increase the conversion rate of these sites.

Nowadays, automation is everywhere. It is a well-known fact that automating operations can enhance the productivity of an organization. Can eCommerce be automized too? The answer is yes. Automation can be applied to an eCommerce website. For example, the upcoming sale or flash sale can be automated.

Also, new products can be automatically updated on multiple channels. Customer segmentation and targeting based on demographics can also be done with the help of automation. Apart from that, it can be used to track orders, including those that are at the risk of cancellation.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to promote an eCommerce website. The machine intelligence can be used to collect a lot of information related to customers. The risk of making errors will be significantly lesser too. This is a stark comparison to human intelligence.

Another technological advancement that can be used in an eCommerce website is voice recognition. According to the latest research, voice recognition can drastically change the way companies do business. Other statistics show that nearly 30% of people have used voice search feature while purchasing things during the last year.

According to web developers of a reputed website development company, using the latest technologies while developing an eCommerce site can help a company in a lot of ways. It can help businesses to perform data-driven targeting of the customers.

Also, it can help companies to track and measure the metrics of the annual sales. Apart from that, it can help them to retarget these audiences and engage with them regularly. It will increase the company’s sales, profitability, and productivity.

So, what are the essentials of an eCommerce website that can improve sales? Let’s take a look at the features:

  • Mobile-friendly and responsive web design
  • An easy-to-navigate and attractive design of the store
  • A website that loads at a faster rate
  • The site should contain detailed information about the products and services
  • The site should contain features like search and filter. These two features allow customers to choose a product according to their requirements
  • A popular eCommerce website should have product videos, promotions, and deals
  • It must contain a robust shopping cart and social media integrations
  • Simplified checkout process and better return/exchange info
  • Secure payment option and different payment integrations
  • Contact info

If you are looking for advanced options, you can also add the option of voice search. Are you looking for a website development agency in Kolkata? Swadesh Softwares Private Limited can be your destination. We can develop an eCommerce website according to your requirements.

We can help you clarify your doubts regarding some of the features of this site. We will develop the site within time. If you have any queries, you can reach out to us via our website or visit our premises. Hire the experts and take your business to the next level.       

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