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Every administrative head wants to manage a business (large, medium or small) without making any errors. And this can simply be achieved by using an HRM (Human Resource Management) software. HR (Human Resource) is a department that can make or break an organization. Proper planning and management of HR processes will help a company stay […]
HRM Software
  • 14 Dec 2020
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How can an HRM software boost a company’s competence?

Every administrative head wants to manage a business (large, medium or small) without making any errors. And this can simply be achieved by using an HRM (Human Resource Management) software.

HR (Human Resource) is a department that can make or break an organization. Proper planning and management of HR processes will help a company stay afloat amidst market competition. On the contrary, a simple or insignificant mistake can cause a disaster. However, managing these processes is a matter of no joke.

An HR personnel has to take care of the following tasks:

  • Posting job alerts, tracking and sorting candidates organizing interviews, and selecting or rejecting a particular candidate
  • Managing attendance and leave records, salary records, etc.
  • Evaluate the performance of the employees, and provide reports to the administration
  • Take care of important events, and communicate with various departments regarding notices and circulars.        

A person may make mistakes while managing the entire firm. So, how can an HR personnel take care of all these processes without making any errors? By using an HRM (Human Resource Management) software.

If you consult a software development company in Kolkata and tell them about your requirement, they will create an HRM Software accordingly.

The software basically contains the following features: 

1. Performance evaluation tool

Using the previously determined performance metrics, an HR can analyze whether employees are performing or not. If an employee is offering consistent performance, thethe  HR can put him or her on improvement programs.

On the other hand, HR can ask the administration to promote the performing employees, so that the overall efficiency is not affected. Also, it would help a company retain its best employees and maintain an environment of harmony within the workplace. The entire process will be automated and made faster, and there will be no scope of mistakes.

Under this section, specific features can be added, such as:

  • Employee database

This database will contain all the details regarding the employees of an organization (including the documents provided). This will be a centralized database, with access given only to specific people.

  • Appraisal management tool  

This platform allows the HR to review the performance of employees and send feedback to the administration regarding appraisals and promotions.

2. Recruitment

Recruitment is a serious process for any company, whether it is a large corporate or a small business. The manager is responsible for posting vacancies, evaluating prospective profiles, and tracking these people.

The software can be used to do all these tasks without any hassle. In some cases, the manager may need to send automated responses to candidates. This will be possible using the HRM tool, and much more (such as recruiting from social media platforms). After going through the data collected by this software, the administration can decide which candidate will be the best to be brought onboard.

If needed, these features can also be added:

  • Tests (behavioural, psychometry, personality, and competence)
  • Feedback and reviews
  • Talent management (organizing training sessions and such) 

3. Attendance evaluation   

Absenteeism should be avoided at all costs and situations, as it can negatively affect an organization’s productivity. The manager should check the attendance records of all the employees of an organization. Using this tool, the employer can check:

  • Which employees are taking approved and unapproved leaves? And how many leaves are being taken in a month?
  • Total number of paid, sick and casual leaves, and how many of these are utilized by employees
  • Which employees should be marked for absenteeism?
  • Which employees are late, and how often?   

After evaluating the data, the manager can make the right decision, thus boosting the overall productivity and efficiency of the company.   

4. Payroll   

This is another huge responsibility of the HR manager, taking care of the salaries. The manager has to calculate the amount of salary, taking all the leaves into account. If needed, the manager can use separate payroll software for this purpose. Or, using one HR management software will be sufficient.       

5. Communication

A company’s top management publishes circulars and notices regularly. The HR is responsible for passing these notices to all the departments involved. In short, this person will ensure that there are open and clear communication between the top, middle and lower management levels. Using this tool, managers can send email alerts discussing the decision of the management.

The top officials of an organization hold several events. The calendar for this purpose is maintained using this HRM software. Also, managers can set reminders so that they don’t miss these events and send daily emails.  

6. Reporting and analytics        

This is the last but most essential feature of this tool. This section will help people to analyze the performance of the organization as a whole and make appropriate decisions.

Now, let’s check out the benefits of this platform.

  • First of all, the overall productivity of the organization will be improved (including the HR department). The morale will be high, thus making the workplace a better and productive area.
  • When employees have the best experience, they will decide to keep working for the company. This will lead to employee retention, thus further boosting the organization’s productivity.
  • Using this platform, managers will be able to make better decisions that will propel the company in the right direction. There are instances where this tool has helped people to make decisions that are profitable for the company in the long run.  
  • The tool will ensure that there will be no mistakes while managing the entire processes. It will reduce the amount of paper load, thus making these tasks faster and more efficient.
  • Managers can ensure that the company is complying with all the rules and regulations of the government agencies. 
  • Lastly, it will help an organization prevent unnecessary wastage of time and save substantial money in the process.

So, these are the benefits of using this tool. The HRM software is a complete tool that provides all the necessary features required to do this job efficiently.  Of course, some of these features may vary, according to the requirements’. If you are looking for a software development company that offers customized solutions, Swadesh Softwares will be the ideal choice. Here, one can tell what they want, and the developers will create it accordingly. Apart from that, the team will also provide exceptional after-sales and technical support.

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