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We are already familiar with the popularity of the app- Uber. Do you want to create an app like it? Then you should go through this blog to have a better idea. In a cosmopolitan area, it was quite hard for people to hail or ride a cab. That was until the introduction of apps […]
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  • 19 Jan 2021
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How can developers create an app like Uber? The basic guide

We are already familiar with the popularity of the app- Uber. Do you want to create an app like it? Then you should go through this blog to have a better idea.

In a cosmopolitan area, it was quite hard for people to hail or ride a cab. That was until the introduction of apps like Uber and other cab-sharing apps. Uber is available in more than 80 countries and is offering its services 24/7. Uber generated a revenue of $18 billion in 2020, which means there’s a huge market for these apps.

A business owner can get a cab-booking app like Uber for itself and publish it on the iOS platform. But before doing that, he should know which features are a must in this application.

Like any app, this application will also have three different sections, such as:

  • Passenger’s app
  • Driver’s app
  • Admin’s app   

These are the following features that must be included within the passenger app:

  • Registration/login

People can create an account via email, phone number, and social media. These accounts will be activated once they are verified.

  • Booking

Using this interface, passengers can select the destination, pickup address, car type, etc., while booking a cab. Developers can also add additional features like ride cancellation, booking for others, advance booking, payment sharing.

For this, developers of the best iOS app development company in Kolkata may include the Corelocation and Mapkit framework, beacons, and Wi-Fi.     

  • Messaging

This option allows passengers to communicate with the driver directly and know his whereabouts.

  • Tracking 

The tracking feature allows passengers to track the location of the vehicle and its driver. People can also check if there’s any driver near their location and choose one accordingly.

  • Price and fare calculator 

This tool can calculate the price depending on the distance and other features. People can check the price even before booking a cab, which is a must-have system within this app.

  • Payment    

The app must incorporate different payment options like cards, wallets, and UPI options. Some popular options would be Paypal, Apple Pay, Stripe, etc. Developers can use the API (SDK) to ensure they are incorporated within the app and working properly.    

  • Reviews

This option allows passengers to rate their experience and tell if they have anything to add to their feedback.

  • Driver’s ratings and reviews    

People can check the reviews a driver has received from his previous passengers and decide if they want to travel in the same car.

  • Booking ride history

Using this feature, people can check their booking history and travel history with a single tap.

  • Push notifications

People will receive these notifications when a booking is accepted, canceled (rejected), and when the ride is near the pickup location. Using Apple Push Notification Service will be a great choice here. Even if any business wants to focus on website development, he must choose this option.   

  • Support

This option will allow passengers to communicate with the company in case anything goes wrong. Here, adding a high-emergency panic button can also be added.

Now, we will discuss the features of the driver’s app.

  • Driver profile and status

This option allows a driver to create an account, and the process of verification will be done (license, vehicle’s insurance, etc.). The status of the verification process will be disclosed to the driver.

  • Trip alert     

Drivers will receive an alert as soon as a passenger books a ride, and they can choose to accept or deny. The driver can learn about the passenger’s location, route, and travel history.

  • Messaging    

The driver can contact the passenger if there’s an emergency.

  • Driver reports

The driver can check this section to learn about daily earnings, and extra tips for an entire month. 

  • Estimation of rides  

Using this feature, drivers can estimate the approximate time required for a ride and other details.

  • Route and navigation optimization

Drivers can check the best route on Google Maps so that they can commute to the destination without spending much time.

  • Support

Allows drivers to communicate with the company in emergencies.

Here, developers should include push notification, allowing the driver to receive it whenever an action occurs. Aside from that, the app may include a feature that allows drivers to choose a preferred destination or confirm a ride during the duration of the current ride.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the admin panel:

  • Driver and user management

The admin can check the accounts of both drivers and passengers and can delete an account if needed. He can also manage the features that are available to these people, including payments, history, etc.

  • Booking management 

This tool allows the admin to control and manage the booking process, along with its acceptance and rejection.

  • Vehicle management  

This section allows the admin to check details about the vehicles owned by the company and their maintenance.

  • Reviews   

This option allows the admin to check the reviews and ratings given by the passengers.

  • Notification management

Using this tool, the admin can decide which notifications to send to users and drivers and their content.

  • Promotions and discounts management

The admin can also release the notification regarding promo offers and other discounts. He can also decide the discount rates, and other rates, for a particular offer.

  • Support     

Using this tool, the admin can offer support to both passengers and drivers. He can take appropriate measures, depending on the gravity of the situation.

  • Google Analytics

The app must be integrated with Google Analytics, so that the admin can check the app’s performance metrics. After going through the analytics, the admin can decide if the app needs any modification or not.

While developing the app, developers must focus on the app’s UI (User Interface) or UX (User Experience). Otherwise, the app is bound to fail in the iOS market. The mobile application must load fast, and its performance should not lack in any department. Apart from that, developers should also maintain its security, since it’s a big issue with Apple users. Pulling off an app like Uber can be tough, so it’s best to consult iOS app developers. If you want to consult, the developers of Swadesh Softwares are ready to help you out.

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