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Before an enterprise builds an app, they must be aware of some facts, and also they must have proper knowledge about app designing. App designing is the main factor in attracting users, and it also encourages them to recommend others. When you create a mobile app, developing that app is not enough. You are required […]
  • 02 Sep 2021
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How Can Users Be Attracted To Your Mobile App, And What Are The Factors Influencing It?

Before an enterprise builds an app, they must be aware of some facts, and also they must have proper knowledge about app designing. App designing is the main factor in attracting users, and it also encourages them to recommend others.

When you create a mobile app, developing that app is not enough. You are required to focus on the UX, UI design of the app in order to attract and retain your customers. You need to focus on some key points while developing an app- well-thought, well-designed and works fine on the device. An integral element of an enjoyable user experience is UX/UI design.

These key points are very crucial that forgetting any of these can make your app less valued. Based on the overall experience of the users, their satisfaction is counted. So it would be a fruitful idea for you to prefer any Website Development Company in Kolkata to make an attractive app.

As we all know, there are tons of mobile apps in the market, so why should users opt for your app? The basic reason behind selecting your app from the users’ perspective is the design of your app.

The users will evaluate the functionality of the app’s design once they are comfortable with it. So you need to focus on the design of your mobile application in order to create the first impression.

Below are some reasons why design matters for any mobile application.

1. Attraction of users:

The first thing you must do to attract your users is to use cool visuals. If you can create a mobile app that includes infographics, great visuals, proper theme colors, then your app is bound to attract the users’ attention at the first visit. When you develop a mobile app, you have to fix your aim that is to make the users stay in your mobile app as long as possible. But it can be a little hard task for you, so it would be better for you if you tie up your business with any Web Design and Development Company in Kolkata. You require a UI/UX design, which resonates with them to entice them to spend more time on your app. Also, another important thing you need to keep in mind is that the design of your app should be on-point so that users not only download it themselves but also recommend it to their friends.

2. Strengthen your brand image:

The mobile app that you will create will represent your brand image. So, to strengthen your brand image, it is certainly an opportunity for you. An app with an average User Interface feature cannot help you to keep up with your rivals. So you are required to create something beyond average in order to build an impactful first impression on the users. In this way, the mobile app that you will design can empower your brand image.

3. Building up a loyal customer base:

The most important reason behind the necessity of app design is building a loyal customer base as it pays off for all businesses. Providing a decent User Interface and hassle-free user experience in your app can easily build you a loyal customer base. Users are always looking for a smooth experience from brands. If you can provide such an offer through your mobile app, then there is nothing like it. A satisfied user will become a loyal customer and will recommend your app to others. This is the very first and easiest step to build a loyal customer base.

Factors that influence the mobile app and make it user-friendly

1. Research thoroughly:

Before building up an app, research thoroughly in the target market in order to know customers’ demands, what the existing apps are already offering, where the gap is lying between the existing offerings and the customers’ needs, etc. This information will help you fulfill the customers’ demand simply by developing an app that has a simple yet attractive UI. Also, you can read the ratings and customers’ reviews on Google Play Store, Apple Store to identify the issues of the customers they are facing with similar apps. It will help you understand the opportunities and create a powerful mobile app.

2. Selection of appropriate platform:

As we all know, two popular app platforms are Android and iOS, but how will you decide which platform you want to target for your app. Consult with the best web design company in Kolkata to make a proper decision as to which platform will be the best.

3. Build a marketing strategy:

An enterprise should not stop after designing an app; it must build up proper strategies to market it. To build a proper marketing strategy, you can do ad campaigns, social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, etc., which promote your mobile application among many users. Different mobile applications have different user bases, so your marketing strategy must be user-focused to promote your mobile application. 

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