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Companies have to deal with thousands of vehicles to fulfill customers’ orders regularly. How do they do that? By using a customized vehicle management software. The purpose of vehicle management software is to help companies keep track of their vehicles and maintain them effectively. It will help experts evaluate and automate a company’s work processes, […]
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  • 21 Oct 2020
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How can vehicle management software help in fleet management? Explained

Companies have to deal with thousands of vehicles to fulfill customers’ orders regularly. How do they do that? By using a customized vehicle management software.

The purpose of vehicle management software is to help companies keep track of their vehicles and maintain them effectively. It will help experts evaluate and automate a company’s work processes, thus making them error-free and encouraging them to make the right decision. Aside from that, this tool can help executives improve these vehicles’ performance to a significant extent. If any business wants to get this software, its executives must contact a software development company in Kolkata. Swadesh Softwares is a company that is experienced in developing customized software solutions for clients. The features of the software may vary according to a business’s requirements, but these are the essential ones:

1. Procurement

This software can help company experts to choose the right suppliers and buy the right vehicle from them. It would also remove issues related to paperwork and improve the efficiency of a business organization.

2. Task management 

This feature of vehicle management software plays an essential role in establishing a communication channel between a company and its clients. It can also be used to manage tasks, like sending emails and messages, generating reports, etc.

3. Tracking of vehicles

Using vehicle management software, a company can keep track of its vehicles. Technologies like GPS and cellular triangulation will be used for this purpose.

4. Driver management  

A company must check one’s driving license (to see if it is valid) before hiring him or her as the driver. Doing this manually, can be troublesome, and this is why vehicle management software should be used. But the application of this tool does not end with that. A businessman can use this software to assign tasks to drivers, collect reports about the driver’s behavior, history of accidents and fines, etc. ERP software can be used in addition to vehicle management software for this purpose.

5. License management

This is a continuation from the above point, and this feature solely focuses on the license section. This software will send updates whenever a license expires so that the business can renew it without any delay. This tool can quicken the pace of license checking, thus saving time on behalf of the company’s executives.

6. Maintenance       

Vehicles of a company will need regular maintenance to run smoothly without any troubles. Vehicle management software helps companies maintain records of vehicle maintenance, and repair, and service rates. Using it, a company can hire contractual and non-contractual repair services to maintain and repair damaged vehicles.

7. Fuel management    

Fuel management is a crucial part of vehicle management, and this process can be automated with the help of vehicle management software. Companies would maintain records (fuel cards, logs of transaction history, and monitor fuel consumption rate, etc.).

8. Fine Management

Companies must keep track of the fines incurred by drivers (for breaking traffic rules or parking rules). This is made easy with this software’s help, thus offering a sense of authority and control to the company’s members.

Now, why would a company choose to use this software? Let’s take a look at the pictorial chart below:

 Let’s discuss these points in detail. 

1. Improved task management

This software’s sole purpose is to manage and track the company’s vehicles by collecting vehicle-related data (fuel consumption, maintenance, productivity, etc.). Using this tool, executives can manage and assign tasks without any issues.

2. Increase in productivity  

Automating repetitive tasks can enhance a company’s work efficiency and productivity to a significant extent. Using this tool, managers can plan out a designated route, prevent maintenance issues, and manage other tasks. This would significantly increase the skill level and reach more customers than competitors. Apart from that, it would help executives to make the right decision regarding the company’s operations.

3. Increased safety        

The vehicle management software can help organizations follow the rules and regulations levied by governing authorities. It would help managers ensure the safety of the vehicles and their drivers and avoid accidents and emergencies. Regulations may vary, and the software makes sure to include these changes and notify people accordingly.

4. Reduction in costs (and time)      

Efficient managers can effectively reduce the operational costs of a company using the right tool. This software can help them manage related costs from procurement to dejection and utilize the best resources for a specific task. However, this would not result in just a reduction in costs, but time as well.

5. Increased customer satisfaction    

As mentioned earlier, this tool allows companies to offer the best service to their clients. And this would increase customer satisfaction as well as the reviews and ratings.

These are all the benefits of using this software for the management of company vehicles. So, if anyone is looking for this tool, what factors should they consider?  Well, this software must have four subsections; customer, company, supplier, and the driver. There would be a database combining all these sections.

The customer portal would allow customers to make orders, ask for invoices, make payments, and check the transaction history. This would result in faster delivery of services, personalized for everyone. The second portal is dedicated to drivers. Drivers can check orders and the easiest route to reach the location. Also, they can upload their details and documents in this section. If needed, drivers can ask for emergency assistance during roadside accidents, breakdowns, and other similar situations.

The company portal would receive orders from customers and convey them to the designated drivers. This would help executives keep an eye on the entire procedure and manage the processes effectively (including disbursement of salaries and other perks, etc.). Also, the company can make some changes to the rules and regulations associated with vehicle management.

The last portal would consist of suppliers, who will provide repair and maintenance services. These people would provide the service after receiving requests from drivers or the company itself. These are the things one should know before getting this software for managing fleets.

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