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A travel and tourism app can help a business offer customized solutions to customers. The app will reduce the amount of paperwork and increase profits and revenues. In the past, planning a trip was a troublesome activity due to lack of technology. People can now check different locations, book hotels, and pay for flights and […]
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  • 11 Jan 2021
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How should a travel and tourism app be designed? An insider’s report

A travel and tourism app can help a business offer customized solutions to customers. The app will reduce the amount of paperwork and increase profits and revenues.

In the past, planning a trip was a troublesome activity due to lack of technology. People can now check different locations, book hotels, and pay for flights and hotels via websites or apps. Also, it has helped travel and tourism companies to boost their profitability and business reputation.

If you own a travel and tourism company, you must have an app to make yourself stand out from the rest. The benefits of having this mobile app will offer the following benefits:

  1. The app can act as an effective marketing tool and can boost its performance.
  2. The app allows companies to offer excellent services to customers.
  3. A travel and tourism app to effectively manage a business or make it more organized.  
  4. It can reduce the degree of paperwork and increase the efficiency of these processes.
  5. These apps can bring profits and revenues.  

A successful travel app must have these three sections (admin, user panel, and agency panel), each consisting of numerous features. What are these features? Experts of an Android app development company in Kolkata mentioned these.

Let’s discuss three sections one by one.

  • Admin panel
  • Bookings

Using this section, the admin can check the number of bookings (for hotels, flights, tickets, etc.) a particular company has received. It allows them to control and monitor them.

  • Users   

Here, the admin can go through the profiles of registered users, their payment history, bookings, and other details.

  • Agency 

Like the feature mentioned above, this section allows admins to go through the details of the agencies registered on the app.

  • Billings, invoices, and payments

This section is used to create invoices against all the payments received from both users and agency owners. Also, the admin can keep track of these payments without making any errors.

  • Promotion and advertisements

Using this feature, the admin can figure out which promotion method will be the perfect one for a company. Also, he can plan out the strategy to effectively reach out to millions of customers.

  • Report and analytics    

This analytical tool will help the admin check how the app is performing and go through the reports.

  • Users panel
  • Plan trips and tours

Here, users can plan their trips and tours using this section, and they can customize the plan according to their choices. They can keep track of these plans via this feature.      

  • Comparison of prices and quotes

The app will show users different prices and quotations from different agencies. People can check which one is the best, in terms of convenience and cost, and select the best one.  

  • Booking tickets and reservations

Here, users can book tickets, accommodation, and tickets for modes of transport from this app. They can check the price, availability, discounts, and coupons and click on the appropriate one.

  • Travel guide

Sometimes, people might be unable to decide where to go and the tourist attractions around it. For those people, this section is a blessing. People can learn about different locations and decide if they want to visit these places.

  • Payment

This app allows people to make online payments directly from the interface. Developers should always take care of security when it comes to monetary transactions. The same point should be kept in mind while focusing on website development or while a developing a travel and tourism website.

  • Rating and reviews

This feature allows people to provide ratings and reviews after visiting a location or staying at an accommodation. 

  • Customer care

This section must be available on the app for the following reasons:

  • Travelers can get into trouble in new locations, and they might need help in those situations. Contacting a customer care executive can provide them some relief.
  • These people should have access to numbers and physical locations of different institutions (like nearby hospitals, police stations, etc.).
  • People should contact customer care if a particular travel agency or hotel is misbehaving with them. The admin should take appropriate measures to ensure that this does not happen in the future.
  • Check cancellation

Flights and other mediums of transportation can get canceled for numerous reasons. People will always appreciate it if they are alerted about it in advance, rather than finding out at the last minute.

The app will provide the perfect outlet for that. It will provide the relevant information way before the actual date of travel.

  • Agency panel     
  • Handling booking requests

Agencies can get notifications when they receive booking requests from customers. Also, they can accept and reject these bookings, according to their convenience.   

  • Reservation and bookings

From this section, agencies can manage reservations and bookings using an advanced system. The agency can check all the details about the information related to bookings.   

  • Listing of destinations

Agencies can provide details of the locations where the company will offer its services. They can also add some locations or delete them accordingly.   

  • Tour packages and itineraries

Agencies can provide information about tour packages and itineraries, and people can learn about them.

  • Package price

This section allows companies to add or edit prices accordingly so that they can serve their customers efficiently.

  • Campaign

Using this section, agencies can run campaigns, promote deals, offer discounts and other packages.

  • Report and analysis

This section allows agencies to understand the performance of the apps by studying reports and analyzing the performance.  

  • Support 

This is the area where the agency can get 24/7 support from its customers to solve issues.

These are the features a travel app must have, and Swadesh Softwares can create similar apps. The company has an in-house team of developers, designers, and testers, who will create customized apps according to their requirements.

These experts have years of experience in this field, and they can find solutions that are way advanced than their counterparts. The app will be faster and efficient due to the use of state-of-the-art services. This company has a reputation that cannot be matched by anyone else.  The pricing is quite affordable, and small businesses can enlist the help of this company. This is why Swadesh Softwares is the best choice when it comes to app development.

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