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The consumer’s trust is the key to success in any business, be it online or offline. To be specific, online businesses have to work harder to earn that trust. But how will you earn this trust? Below are points which you must consider to gain the consumer’s trust. With the change in generation, online businesses […]
  • 09 Sep 2021
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How To Gain Consumer’s Trust In The Online Ecommerce Business Sector?

The consumer’s trust is the key to success in any business, be it online or offline. To be specific, online businesses have to work harder to earn that trust. But how will you earn this trust? Below are points which you must consider to gain the consumer’s trust.

With the change in generation, online businesses are booming as eCommerce website development has gotten easier and increased the demand for online business. But you might be confused about how to build your eCommerce website. Don’t worry; consult an eCommerce website Development Company; they will provide you with a different solution. You are required to consider several important things before you start building up your eCommerce website and make it customer-centric.

Responsive design:

The usage of mobile devices is increasing day by day in order to access websites that are continually growing, and eCommerce sales are a large portion of this traffic. For the success of an eCommerce site, implementing Responsive Design is important to make a website accessible and usable on every device. The CMS is an especially powerful tool for building eCommerce sites. The CMS implemented in eCommerce is designed to implement responsive design automatically. But whatever platform you apply on your site, you are required to be assured that you will keep mobile users in mind for every aspect of the site, from basic navigation to checkout and payment.

Support Guest Checkouts:

A Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata developing eCommerce sites may require users to create an account to purchase. This purchase allows for follow-up communication, encouraging future sales, and tracking customers’ demographic information to analyze sales. However, you need to remember that everybody is not willing to go through creating an account by providing their details to buy a product. Those who are constant customers, they may want to register and achieve the benefits of having an account, like saving their information into the cart for future purchases and receiving notifications and pop-up messages about upcoming sales. However, it is still a good idea to provide an option for people willing to make a one-time order.

Site search is important:

From research and previous data statistics, it is known that 30% of visitors to eCommerce sites use the search option to find the products they are looking for, so you must be assured that the search functionality is available and easy to use. To help users find popular products or items related to their searches, it’s a good idea to utilize features like autocomplete. Another important way to help users find products is faceted search. This functionality of eCommerce websites allows the users to narrow their search in various ways, consisting of department, size, price range, manufacturer, etc. Providing this functionality through your eCommerce site will give your users more power to find what they require, letting the users limit their searches to exactly what they are looking for.

Security is essential:

All eCommerce sites should support Secure Socket Layout (SSL) to encrypt information which is required to remain secure. This option is essential in an eCommerce website where card details and payment information are stored. Not only that, any customer information like address, phone number, email, etc., is stored on your website. When customers put their information, they expect that their personal information will remain secure even when they purchase online, so it is your responsibility to ensure that SSL is implemented. SSL certificate is essential in your online business for ensuring your customers’ trust so as to assure them that their information will remain secure. In addition, for any business, security is required to meet PCI compliance that accepts credit card payments.

Optimize site performance:

You’re likely to lose customers if your site is slow. According to a statistical report, it is known that 40% of users will abandon a website which takes more than 3 seconds to load. This statistics is especially applicable for mobile users, who are often multitasking because if a site is too slow, they are more likely to move on to some other site.

If you are in tension thinking about how to stop losing customers due to slow load times, you must hire an eCommerce website Development Company in Durgapur. Here are some points which may help your site run more smoothly:

  • By merging up a site’s JavaScript or CSS resource files into single files you can speed up their interaction with the site because users are required to download only one JavaScript file or style sheet rather than five or ten.
  • Compress attractive images that allow your users to provide the best visuals at the smallest possible size, reducing their download time.
  • Use caching to reduce the time spent while sending data between the web server and the database server.

Consult the best eCommerce company, Swadesh Softwares to create a successful eCommerce website for your business.

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