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Android app development services are at highest demand following the shift of businesses towards the On-Demand market trend. Upgrade your business with these easy guidelines and tips.   The time when this article is being written, the total affected number of Coronavirus cases around the world is 7.69 million, with 4,28,000 deaths. This period has […]
Android app development services
  • 22 Jun 2020
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How To Get Ready For The On-Demand Industry That Is Aiding Fight Against Coronavirus

Android app development services are at highest demand following the shift of businesses towards the On-Demand market trend. Upgrade your business with these easy guidelines and tips.  

The time when this article is being written, the total affected number of Coronavirus cases around the world is 7.69 million, with 4,28,000 deaths. This period has taught us the value of one ubiquitous phrase, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” The pandemic has shown its potential to become the most talked about disease of any time. This has created such fear among all that we are thinking one another as super-spreaders and maintaining possible social distance. 

Another thing that this pandemic has instilled deep in human minds is ‘Stay at Home.’ In this situation, there has flourished one industry that is fighting Coronavirus from ground level. The On-Demand sector has given a real fight back to the Pandemic in all ways. You all are aware of the benefits of custom mobile app development For Your Business adding to that, the On-Demand Apps developed by any affordable android app development company in Kolkata has shown greater success. In this article, we will discuss the reasons behind the success of On-demand apps in today’s situation. Also, we will know about the various on-demand apps that are helping in this situation. Lastly, a guide to help you adopt the trend and prosper in your business will be chalked out. 

The User Bases are Those who Prefer Social Distancing:

The on-Demand industry’s scope is purely based on keeping humans within the confines of their homes. You would take up android app development services for your business to suit the On-Demand economy because you aim to make your target customers stay at home. From the On-Demand food delivery to grocery, from beauty to fuel-services, from laundry to video delivery, every service is meant to deliver at your doorstep just with a tap on your mobile. 

Availability of Shop Like Choices Without Stepping out of Homes:

The best part of all On-Demand apps and the industry as a whole is that there is no lack of options. No matter which app you select or which service provider your customers pick, they will get shop like choices and resources as the vendors they have partnered are numerous from several business options. 

The Expansive Offering Set Keeps all Different Needs in Mind:

With the massive success of Uber, the world is becoming inclined to the On-Demand industry’s most successful business trend. In reality, it is one of the very few sectors that are continually expanding its umbrella. Any offline business that is running well is compelled by the coronavirus outbreak to enter the world of On-Demand delivery. The only idea of switching to the On-Demand trend is not letting people step out of their homes even when things turn normal outside. The whole industry operates on the ease of delivery, everything that the customers need within a few clicks from the very comfort of their homes. 

On-Demand Food Delivery Apps:

With the help of numerous On-demand food delivery apps, food lovers are never away from their favorite cuisines. In this time of crisis, even people have not taken aback from ordering their best dishes from online food apps and enjoying them sitting at their home’s comfort. The food of their choice is just a few clicks away. Confinement has always been the reason why food delivery apps have gained such popularity across the globe. 

On-Demand Grocery Apps:

The next number of on-demand apps is conquered by Grocery apps. Every other Android App development agency has a track record of developing On-demand Grocery apps for clients across the globe. The ease of getting groceries and other home essentials has made Grocery apps rank at number 2 in the On-Demand market. More in this situation of social distancing and staying safe at home, more and more people are avoiding stepping outside while businesses in the same line are taking this opportunity to grow by delivering essentials to the doorstep just through few clicks. 

Doctor On-Demand:

Till the time we are breathing, we cannot be completely ailments free. When you are ill, connecting a doctor without stepping out from home has been made possible through a few taps on the phone. All your routine checkups, to getting in touch with a doctor right from your home space to solving a medical query to availing the doctor’s help at times of emergency has been improved with the introduction of On-Demand Doctor apps. 

On-Demand Laundry Apps:

The Pandemic has also extended a check on the use of water, preferably in the huge misuse of it. This lifestyle has introduced another segment of the On-Demand industry, which is the on-demand laundry app. These apps are aiming towards the picking of dirty clothes from your doorsteps and delivering cleaned and pressed clothes back to your doors.

Pharmacy On-Demand:

The Pharmacy industry has been using this feature for quite a long time now. With the disease been mishit, people are avoiding their visit to medical shops and hospitals more than before. This has increased the use of dedicated Pharmacy apps with options for pathological tests and samples and reports collected from and delivered at home respectively. 

Video On-Demand:

For many, this lockdown period was worth remaining at home because of the number of On-Demand video apps like Netflix, Disney, Hulu, etc. This is the reason why all new releases are first increasing the list in these apps. 

How to adapt to the changes?

Two situations that is prevailing now:

  • You don’t have an on-demand app yet
  • You wish to expand the on-demand service already set for your business.

You need to keep in mind a few things before you head towards any affordable android app development company in Kolkata to work for your On-demand app:

  • Your motive should be to help those who are isolating themselves.
  • Keep in mind that your users are not as busy as before and can uninstall your app if it doesn’t help.
  • Keep your stakeholders into consideration.

In all ways, only an experienced Android app development agency can help you reshape your business based on the current situation needs. On top of everything, you should remember to have an empathizing approach for all of your associates and targets.

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