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You have an app for your business, but you do not see enough downloads? How can you improve the situation? Follow this blog to learn more. You discovered that you would need an app for your business to engage with the audience and interact with them. So, you team up with the mobile app development […]
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  • 10 Nov 2020
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How to increase an app’s download rate? A marketer’s guide

You have an app for your business, but you do not see enough downloads? How can you improve the situation? Follow this blog to learn more.

You discovered that you would need an app for your business to engage with the audience and interact with them. So, you team up with the mobile app development experts to get it done. You have approved the design, the navigation, and the features, and it is already out in the app store. However, you do not see enough downloads. You don’t see why it is not clicking with customers at first. Then you realize that you did not employ the best app marketing techniques.

According to the app development experts, there are few tried and tested methods to increase the app’s download rate. Let’s consider these points and check how these procedures work.

1. App Store Optimization (ASO)

Immediately after the app is downloaded, experts would focus on ASO (App Store Optimization). They would focus on the metadata (app’s name, description, related keywords) and other concepts. Working on ASO would make the app visible to many users; thus, it would increase the app’s download rate.

Certain app categories are naturally competitive, and it cannot be easy to rank a company’s app in them. For example, games and similar other applications fall under this section. After measuring some metrics like the number of downloads, ranks, etc. experts would create a reasonable strategy to market the mobile application.

2. App reviews             

After working on the ASO, now, it’s time to consider app reviews. Whenever people want to try out new products or services, they would visit the reviews and rating section. Engage with the customers and ask them to leave a review. If the overall app experience is good, then they would leave a positive comment.

A lot of positive comments would force the app store to recognize the app’s overall worth. So, the app will be pushed towards the top results of a particular keyword. When people see that the app has positive vibes, they are more likely to download it.

3. Performance

This is a significant concept that must be kept in mind by the developers of the top mobile app development company in Kolkata. The app must offer the best experience at all times. It should not crash or shut down completely at the most unexpected times. It will result in people uninstalling the app from their devices.      

4. Referrals         

When a person has the best experience when using an app, he is more likely to refer it to another. With these referrals, more people can download the app on their devices. If this is incentivized, the results will be better. A business can choose to offer free credits or any other services to the app downloaders.     

These are the golden points, but some additional tips should be considered.

It is essential to focus on the app’s content; it must be unique and relevant. These two features will encourage people to find the app on the app store. If anyone wants to attract the consumers’ attention, they must make the content creative (images, infographics, bold texts, videos, etc.). Companies can use social media to promote and share this content. This would create a strong community presence on these platforms.

However, while doing so, it’s essential to focus on user demographics. If a business curates the content accordingly, it will result in better results. How can anyone measure the app’s performance? Keeping track of the total number of shares in social media and the total number of followers of the company’s pages can do wonders. It can be inferred from the above points that social media can be a powerful marketing tool.

Continuing from the above point, influencer marketing is another approach that can be used to increase app downloads. If influencers and celebrities promote an app, more people will be likely to give attention to it. Also, they would trust the app, which will result in brand awareness and recognition. 

These are the steps a business should follow to ensure the app’s download. After applying these methods, it is essential to measure, analyze, and optimize the app’s metrics accordingly. What should anyone check or measure during these steps? The company’s executives should check if people are engaging with the app as expected or not.

Is there any better way to monetize the app and gain more profits and revenues? One should check the app’s entire session on a particular device (varies according to users). Will the app be able to retain customers, or are people uninstalling it more than often?

After analyzing these metrics, marketers will develop strategies to increase the app’s visibility as soon as possible. The more creative the marketing strategy is, the more will be the chances of success. If needed, a company can run seminars, webinars, and other web-based events to increase the awareness of the app. Sometimes, encouraging customers to make in-app purchases or register on the app can provide ultimate results. This is something every business would want. 

Not all app development companies will use these tactics; only the best ones do. Swadesh Softwares falls under the latter category, and it is considered among the top ones in Kolkata. The company is experienced in delivering nothing but the best services to customers. It has a long list of projects to its belt, including school management software, vehicle management software, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, etc..

But these are only a few, and there are several others. If anyone has any specific requirements, they must contact the experts as soon as possible. This company is a reputed one; it has received several reviews and ratings from previous and present clients. This is a crucial step while choosing a service provider for a business.

Swadesh Softwares understands the concept of affordable pricing and helps several small businesses to launch their business during this time. The company has delivered several projects within time and has the reputation of doing so for an infinite time. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the company and schedule a meeting with the experts as soon as possible.                                                            

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