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SEO of a website depends on several factors, including crawlability & indexability. Both these factors allow a search engine to find and index a particular website against a term. Digital marketing strategies increase a website’s online visibility and ranking. One such strategy is specifically known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). To make a website SEO-friendly, […]
  • 28 Jan 2021
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How to make a website crawlable and indexable for SEO? An insider’s report

SEO of a website depends on several factors, including crawlability & indexability. Both these factors allow a search engine to find and index a particular website against a term.

Digital marketing strategies increase a website’s online visibility and ranking. One such strategy is specifically known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). To make a website SEO-friendly, experts will always focus on making the website indexable and crawlable.

Now, what are these terms? Let’s take a look. When search engines can easily find a website and scan through its content, this process is known as crawlability. On the other hand, indexability is the process by which a search engine analyzes a website and adds it to its index. If these two factors are not taken care of, it can hamper a website’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings, says the experts of a digital marketing company in Durgapur. In this blog, we will discuss which factors can affect these two processes.

A. Website’s structure 

A website’s structure plays a crucial role in increasing a website’s potential. The main page should be accessible from every page, especially after clicking on the website’s logo. Apart from that, the website must have easy navigation and user experience. This will allow experts to link the website to relevant sources.

B. Internal links         

When browsing through a blog page, you must have seen these links. These links take people back to the main service page of the website. Experts say this is necessary, as it would redirect people to the website’s relevant content. An excellent web structure will increase a web page’s visibility and ranking.

C. Updated technologies 

A website must use the right technology to operate effectively. If it uses any old technology, most web browsers will not identify it. It means the website will not be indexable or crawlable. The right technology will make the site look aesthetically-pleasing, fully-functional, and crawlable by bots. While getting a website developed, talk to the website development experts about it.

D. Redirects

A website may work inappropriately, if it encounters server errors. It can lead to the problem of broken redirects. When this happens, the internal links will not work. Also, the website will take ages to load and function properly. This will result in two things; one, it will have a maximum bounce rate. Two, even the crawlers will not crawl it, so ask web developers to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Apart from these, a site may encounter other issues. For example, a website may unknowingly block the crawlers from doing their job. It may not have robots.txt files, and even if it does, these files are not set properly. It means we crawlers don’t know how to work on the website. So developers should make the necessary changes to the code to provide access to these crawlers.

You may ask, how experts make a website indexable and crawlable? We will discuss that in this section. Experts will do the following steps to improve the website’s indexability and crawlability.

1. Submitting a sitemap                   

Most people think that adding a sitemap is an unnecessary task; however, it is not true. A sitemap will contain links to every page of a particular website.

Designers focus on creating the best sitemap for a website. They will focus on creating a well-structured sitemap, as it will make the process easier. It will improve the website’s visibility when people are searching for a particular term.

2. Update content                  

A website’s content is an essential component for its success. If it is updated regularly, people are more likely to visit the website. The content will include images, videos, slides, and audio files.

If the content is up to the mark, it will make the website more crawlable and indexable. However, one should be aware of the duplicitous content, resulting in a downfall of the website’s rankings.    

3. Improve internal and external links

Links are required to make a website work efficiently, and these links redirect people to pages with relevant content. Search engines require these links to discover these pages and redirect people accordingly. Also, these links will make the navigation process easier.

It can create an indexable and crawlable website, and it will improve the SEO results when people find interlinked content on specific pages.

4. Increase page’s speed    

We all know that a slow-loading website is a complete no-no for SEO, be it site speed or page speed. If a particular page is not showing its content within a few seconds, it can deter a person. He might not explore the website, thus, increasing its bounce rate.

When experts focus on page speed, they will create a better website. The structure will be improved, and all the unnecessary files will be compressed and optimized.

Apart from that, the website should have minimum redirects to improve its speed and performance. The content should be placed appropriately, and it must have an ideal length. Lastly, experts should create a website caching policy. Doing this will reduce the site’s bounce rate, loading speed, etc., and search engines will love it for this reason.

Experts use the latest technologies to create such a website. Some of these tools may include log file analyzer, site audit, and Google tools. Logo File Analyzer can be used to determine how bots will crawl the website or if there are any issues with it. If issues are found, experts can focus on fixing those issues. Most of the tasks will be done by the tool itself, which is a big plus. Other tools also offer benefits, and each of them has a different application context.

As mentioned earlier, SEO depends on these concepts, so these should not be taken lightly. While working on a website, developers must focus on them so that people can obtain ideal results. One should note that SEO is a lengthy process, and experts should take appropriate measures to ensure its effectiveness. The digital marketing experts can determine the right procedures to achieve the desired results and how to execute them. A detailed conversation with these experts is necessary if you want to understand the proceedings effectively.

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