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The Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown has taught us to remain at home while App development industry has taught how to live regular lifestyle right from the home’s comfort. It is only Covid stories everywhere. For the past three months, Corona Virus is ruling everyone’s mind. The extraordinarily spreading pandemic started its journey from China, […]
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  • 14 Jul 2020
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Impact Of Covid-19 on Mobile App Industry

The Covid 19 pandemic and lockdown has taught us to remain at home while App development industry has taught how to live regular lifestyle right from the home’s comfort.

It is only Covid stories everywhere. For the past three months, Corona Virus is ruling everyone’s mind. The extraordinarily spreading pandemic started its journey from China, and within just eight months, the whole world is under the deadly grip of this disease. The world is going upside down to control this menace. It would be best if you also kept in mind that every negative thing has a positive lining to it as well. After night again, sunlight brings brightness all over. Though there has been a considerable downfall noticed in the world economy, it has taken moments to give a fightback in its way. The Mobile App industry is one among all that has stood still and is prospering day by day. You would find any affordable android app development company in Kolkata doing well even amid this crisis.

There has been a remarkable surge in the download and use of various mobile applications, which has led to a boom in the app development industry. Android app development services are in high demand. A simple discussion below about the plethora of apps used in the market today will be enough to assure the growing prosperity of the App development industry even amid this crisis.

Social Media and Entertainment Apps

During this pandemic, all were confined to their homes. They were allowed to move out only if required. In such a period of isolation, things started becoming tough, even away from near and dear ones. Social Media apps like Facebook and Instagram helped people stay connected when things were not normal. Entertainment apps also kept minds engaged through funny videos, cooking as well as motivational and inspirational videos. Even in regular times, these are few apps whose popularity and demand never goes down. When people were locked inside their homes, these apps gained the source of motivation to look further.

Ecommerce App

Another most in-demand app that any android app development agency received and is still receiving projects from is the Ecommerce sector. Purchasing your essentials online and getting them delivered at the doorstep is the new normal. Grocery apps, along with Online shopping apps, have registered record downloads since people cannot go out easily amid the social distancing and lockdown norms.

Healthcare App

The Healthcare industry is one that has been affected the most side by side to the travel industry. Due to the fear of transmitting the highly contagious Covid-19, people are reluctant to visit hospitals and dispensaries in case of small or even big medical issues. Yet it is important to not neglect health issues. In these conditions, doctors also depend on Healthcare apps to connect with their patients and be by them when they require medical support. Doctor apps to Pharmacy apps have seen a hike in demand during this period as well.

Travel and Booking Apps

This app section is very rarely used for amusement during the pandemic outbreak since human mobility is restricted massively. Going on vacation almost reached zero for many families. Still travel, and booking apps recorded a decent rise supporting the cause of not moving out for booking tickets for emergency travel. People would require travelling to their hometown or to their job location for which reservations were made hassle-free through these travel apps sitting back from home.

Educational App

A standard yet affordable Android App development company will tell you how the development of education apps has increased in terms of order amid this pandemic situation. Schools, colleges, and universities are all closed to upkeep social distancing norms. Even in such a challenging situation, the process of learning cannot be stopped. Education kept flowing and will remain in full form through most updated high-tech Educational apps. Not only are classes conducted fluently through various educational apps, but exams and periodic assessments are also taking place just with the help of a smart device and a stable internet connection.

On-demand Food Delivery App

The number of new and already existing on-demand food delivery apps ranks quite high, even during a crisis. Hotels and restaurants are closed everywhere, even if few have started opening up only order takeaways are allowed. Food apps are seeing a rise in downloads since people want their favorite dishes delivered right to their home from the same range of menu available in the restaurant. Even the restaurants are highly dependent on food delivery apps to keep their business running. Now during the Unlock situation, online table booking apps are also seen rising in use. People are booking a table well ahead of their visit through these apps to avoid booking queues and upkeep social distancing even when dining out.

Video Streaming App

Not to our surprise, another very on-demand app category that got most likes and downloads during this period is the Video Streaming Apps. Another cool way to pass the time when confined within the four walls of your house is watching movies, and more installation and use of video apps like Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube, and the like has kept people amused even during the most tensed hours.


There is no end to the boon of Technology, and IT has always proved to be a friend in need of humans. With smart devices becoming the gadget of the era, the demand for apps are destined to rise, whatever the situation may be. To remain in trend, visit any affordable android app development company to get a new app for your business (small or big) developed today.

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