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Do you have a great product line but are not satisfied with the offline sales? Get a feature-rich a platform to sell your products online. In the current scenario, the majority of businesses have shifted online and simultaneously run their offline stores. Shifting online has given them increased sales and incoming leads. Having a website […]
Uplift Your Business Revenue With An E-commerce Website
  • 05 Dec 2022
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Importance of an eCommerce website for your business

Do you have a great product line but are not satisfied with the offline sales? Get a feature-rich a platform to sell your products online.

In the current scenario, the majority of businesses have shifted online and simultaneously run their offline stores. Shifting online has given them increased sales and incoming leads.

Having a website for selling your products can totally change the way you have done business till now. Especially an eCommerce website can serve as an online store for your business, where you can showcase your products with proper descriptions, images, and reviews.

An eCommerce website development company can help you develop a website with enticing features for your audience.

One of the prime factors in having a successful website is user engagement. And with an eCommerce website, you can have numerous options to keep your audience engaged.

You can add several features and reward systems to keep your audience engaged and encourage them to return. Further, the eCommerce website you will have will be no less than an app.

You have probably seen websites like Amazon and Flipkart. These websites feel like using an app because of their diverse features and high performance.

This is because these are web app versions of the websites we are using, and this is something similar to Facebook. So, if you are willing to build great eCommerce websites, you will need support from a web application development company.

Such a company will handle every aspect of the project with utmost care. They will develop your website from scratch and incorporate all the standard features of an eCommerce website.

Now, here, if you want some additional features, you have to document and convey your needs to them.

Usually, if these companies get a project on ecommerce website development, and the client has not set any requirements, they include the standard features.

But, if you are a technical person or like to research any idea, you can ask an eCommerce website development company to include your additional requirements.

These can be anything, starting from the features to the login procedure, reward systems, and the design of the website.

The design of your eCommerce website also plays an important role, and it indirectly determines its prosperity. Any user visiting your site should not feel confused and must be properly able to navigate the site.

How does website design help in making conversions?

A good website design always stands out and proves to be an essential trigger for purchase. You may hire a web development agency and get a website with eye-catchy design.

But it is already clear that having a website is not enough. So the first challenge is to bring visitors to your site with different online marketing tools.

And this is even a challenge for most of the newcomers as there are big names already in the first place. But, it is certainly possible with the right marketing strategies and implementations, you can rank your website.

But, when the visitors come to your site, the real task begins from there. Your website should be designed to guide the users from the product page to the purchase page.

The best way is to look closely and notice the minute elements included in the famous eCommerce websites. You will find several elements that promote user engagement and encourage users to make a purchase.

You must emphasize the copy, color combinations, and overall user experience of your website. These things will guide the visitors through the sales funnel and make a conversion.

Hence, the look and feel of your website play an important role in making a conversion. You can contact a good website design and development company and convey to them your design requirements.

Also, they have some pre-developed designs, from which you can get an idea of their work.

Now, there is another important element that you should emphasize. This is the search functionality, where users will search for their products.

Include a great search feature

What good is having a wide product range if people cannot find them properly? We all have done online shopping and know what it is like to shop from there. The first thing we do is search for the product on the search bar.

Now, if we cannot find results that are relevant to our search, there is no sense in surfing that website anymore. Therefore, any eCommerce website should have a great search feature that allows the users to get to the product they are looking for.

Elements to include in your search feature

Elements to include in your search feature

Include the:

Magnifying glass symbol-

The human mind responds faster to the graphics. So, when you include this symbol, they can immediately recognize where the search feature is.

Keyword Linking-

There are users who don’t know the proper name of a product. So, when searching, they search with relevant words and phrases.

These are called keywords, and you have to make sure that these keywords are linked to the product page of that product. So, when a user searches with such keywords, the product shows up in the results of your eCommerce website.

A product is known by several names in different parts of the world. So, if you are targeting an international audience, make sure that you have added those keywords.

Spelling feedback-

There are numerous users who will search for a product by incorrect spellings. In this case, you have to make your search bar responsive so that it suggests the correct spelling.

Search predictions-

You have probably seen how responsive Google’s search bar is, in predicting searches. This is a feature expected by every user as they do not have to type in the full name of the product. This makes them one step ahead in the conversion process.

Sample text in search bars-

There are a lot of users still who are not used to eCommerce websites. So, they might not know how to enter relevant words or the product name and search for a product.

For them, you have to make it easier by including this feature. In addition, there will be a sample text which will guide the users to enter the search keyword in a specified manner.

This, in turn, will also act as an advantage for the developers, as they would not have to deal with random searches.

A search bar will move with the user-

The search bar on your website should not stick to the homepage. Instead, it should be present on every page of your website.

This happens a lot of times when a user is checking a particular product but then decides to check the same of another brand. Make sure that they do not have to move back to the home page in order to get the search bar.

So, these were the key elements that the search bar on your website must contain. The company you will be hiring for your business website design will be responsible for adding the above features.

Essential features your eCommerce website needs

The online shopping industry has shown significant growth, which has encouraged individuals to jump into this. But, to stand out in this market, you should have a website with great features.

Let’s see the most vital features that are a must for your website. These are:

Accessible Design

Before the development part, the website development company will create a wireframe of your website. This is the part where it will decide which parts of the website will showcase which information.

And based on this wireframe, the website’s final design will be made. So, you must ensure the design is clean and easily navigable.

There are several options to add a lot of elements, but this will lead to further complications.

Mobile Optimization

The majority of your users will open the site on their mobile phones. And a lot of websites are still not optimized for mobile phones, which results in a bad user experience.

So, make sure that your website is responsive to all screen sizes.

Different payment options

Buyers on your website will have different payment methods, and if they do not find their preferred payment methods, they won’t make a purchase. When you integrate different payment methods, you can also avoid cart abandonment.

So, it is crucial for any eCommerce business to include different payment methods on its website. These are debit and credit cards, net banking, PayPal, COD, UPI, etc.

Product description and shipping information

Your website should contain a proper description of the products so that the user has no confusion. Also, when they add a product to the cart, they should have the shipping information on the billing page.

All the charges, including shipping, tax, and delivery, should be mentioned clearly. This makes your website look trustworthy in the eyes of the customers.

So, these are some of the essential features you must include in your eCommerce website.

Final Thoughts

The eCommerce market will continue to rise in the coming years, and more offline businesses will join. So, the competition will be more intense in the coming years. There is no time to waste if you want to establish a successful eCommerce business. Contact Swadesh Softwares to get your website built by the best eCommerce website development company and start your journey to today.


How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce website?

  • The cost of designing an eCommerce website with standard features will cost something around 40,000-80,000 rupees.

What are the advantages of an eCommerce website?

  • With a website, you can reach your audience faster and pitch them in a modern way to buy your products. You will also get to know more about your customers and their shopping behavior.

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