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Understand the cost inducing factors of outsourcing to the best mobile app development company before you start the work. The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about developing an application for your business is that you will either hire a team who will take care of the development part or give it […]
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  • 25 Nov 2022
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Outsource to The Best Mobile App Development Company

Understand the cost inducing factors of outsourcing to the best mobile app development company before you start the work.

The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about developing an application for your business is that you will either hire a team who will take care of the development part or give it to a company that will do it on your behalf. This is what ‘Outsourcing’ means- giving the task to a company or an individual in exchange for a certain amount of money.

So naturally, the best mobile app development company will be the one that will charge you for quality service after a careful understanding of what exactly the project deals with, like the features that would be required in the app and its complexity.

To start with, we would like to make you understand the primary questions that will come to your mind when you have any idea with you-

How should I calculate the cost of outsourcing the app development work?

Once you finish reading this blog, you can have an answer to this question in mind.

Key highlight-

A. Factors affecting the cost of development when outsourced

B. Calculating the Outsourcing cost

C. Collaboration models

The first and foremost thing you should understand is that different apps cost differently because of the complexity and features it entails. So we will first understand the factors responsible for the costs when outsourced.

A. Factors affecting the cost of when outsourced

If you are reading this blog now, it clearly shows that you have yet to find the right company to offer you the correct rate when you outsource it.

The guiding factors that influence the cost of outsourcing are:

1. The location from where you are opting for the service

Different countries have different rates for developing applications; likewise, the company charges, no matter the client’s location. So if you are hiring a company based in the USA or any European country, then the cost would be higher than in any Asian country.

India has grown to be the hub of software development outsourcing because of the affordability of the services. The only constraint you will face if you are an international client is the language barrier. But the top app development companies have specifically kept in mind and focus on a team that can communicate with international clients without fail.

2. The complexity of the app

The second important factor is the app’s complexity, which means that the cost would vary depending on the complexity of the features you want in the app.

For example, suppose you are looking for a simple eCommerce app-that would cost you something around 30,000 to 40,000 INR. But, on the other hand, if you are looking for complicated learning or a Pharmacy application, the cost may go up to 90,000 to 1,10,000 INR.

Therefore, it is important to clearly state the features you want in the application to get the best quote from any company you want your app development task to be handed over.

3. How urgently do you require the application?

Sometimes you may require to launch your business app on a high-priority basis, and the time is very short. You may be quoted a higher price for this that what would have been the charge if you allowed the team to develop the app at their own pace keeping a deadline in mind.

4. Development Framework

The cost would also depend upon the framework you want the application to be developed on. The app’s complexity often decides the framework or if the client is inclined to only a particular framework. So while frameworks like Shopify and Woo Commerce would cost comparatively less, frameworks like Flutter, React Native, Kotlin, and Swift will cost you more. Also, depending on whether you need a native or hybrid application, the cost would vary.

5. Associated APIs that would be required for the app

Different APIs also need to be integrated into the application that needs to be purchased from a third party. The cost would be directly payable to the party from where you are purchasing the API. But the API can be developed by the team you are outsourcing your work and would fit the charge into the quotation they hand you over during the consultation phase. Only professional mobile app developers will be able to work on API development and you need to check for them before signing the deal.

Now that you have understood the factors that determine the cost of outsourcing, you should understand how to calculate and get an estimate yourself.

B. Calculating the Outsourcing cost

You can calculate the estimate of outsourcing by the following-

  • List out the features that you want in the app.
  • Check whether you need it for the iOS or Android platform
  • Finalize if you want a full-fledged app or just the MVP
  • Share references to help the team understand the level of design
  • Fix a timeline for the app launch

C. Collaboration models

Companies that take up the task of developing applications as outsourced partners offer different working models because clients have different requirements. Clarifying with the company before proceeding with the payment is important because you need to clearly state what kind of model you prefer for your work. The most common collaboration models offered by professional companiesare:

1. Fixed Price

Under this model, the budget is pre-agreed depending upon the app development scope of work. When a client goes for this model, he will be aware of the entire cost of the work. This model can be followed for projects that are common in nature and do not have any Complex features to be taken care of.

2. Time and Resources

This model offers flexibility to the client as he will pay only for the time and the resource utilized for the app development work. Ideally, startup owners prefer this model as they may have to undergo different changes while in the development phase of an application. You will be able to find top app developers who offer their services as per the flexibility of the client.

3. Dedicated Team

Suppose you are going for this particular model. In that case, you will be able to get a dedicated team for your project, and you will be paying the monthly salaries of these particular members as long as the project is undergone. It is only ideal to go for this model when you have a clear idea about the project duration that may stretch a little longer if you have minor changes to work on. This model is also favorable for startups and companies who are clear about their development goals and timeline.

When choosing the model for collaboration for outsourcing any project that you have in hand, it is important to have a clear discussion with the company you have approached and understand what model will best suit your project in particular, and likewise proceed.

Finishing off,

As we come to a conclusion we continue emphasizing that the cost of outsourcing any work will entirely depend upon the features required and the timeline within which you need the app to go live. These are the two things that you should state clearly to the development company that you are reaching out to for assistance.

An error at the discussion stage regarding any of these two things will result in an increased cost of development which would not be a good thing for you. With the internet at your disposal you will be readily available to find the top app development companies based in India that can help you out in the most professional manner so that you get value-for-money assistance for your dream app.

If you are looking to hire a professional dedicated team, then you can connect with Swadesh Softwares, the best place to find IT resources of all kinds.

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