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Integrate the use of apps in the medical industry for appointment booking and storing data in one place. Do you have a clinic but lose out on a significant amount of revenue? Do doctors come to your clinic and go back without any appointments? This can greatly affect your clinic’s reputation and prevent future opportunities […]
  • 09 Apr 2022
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Provide Patients The Simplest Way To Arrange Healthcare Appointments

Integrate the use of apps in the medical industry for appointment booking and storing data in one place.

Do you have a clinic but lose out on a significant amount of revenue? Do doctors come to your clinic and go back without any appointments?

This can greatly affect your clinic’s reputation and prevent future opportunities from coming in.

Also, for the patients going to the clinic or hospital and then booking an appointment waiting in a queue is an intimidating task. Sometimes, when the patients cannot go, their family members, especially the working ones, have to take a leave and prearrange everything.

But why should you and your patients bear so much when you can do everything with a few clicks. Don’t worry; there is a modernized approach to solving this problem.

The majority of people have at least one smartphone in their homes which is enough to erase all the above hassles.

In this article, I will discuss how you can develop a Doctor booking app for your patients and never lose out on revenue. For developing such an app, you can contact a mobile app development company Kolkata.

With such an app, your customers can book an appointment with any doctor they want sitting at any location. Whether they want a consultation from a nutritionist or a surgeon, they have to open the app, and with a few clicks, everything will be done.

If you have a hospital, you can provide more convenience to your customers. The app will allow them to visit the doctors at their ease and even get reminders and would also have the option to cancel and reschedule an appointment.

Also, the administrative staff at your clinic or hospital spends hours scheduling appointments. This often causes errors and is inappropriate, ultimately leaving a bad impression on the patients.

In addition, a Doctor booking app also provides the facilities to manage and calculate bills and generate flawless reports. You can get in touch with a mobile app development company Kolkata for further assistance.

If you are still not convinced about developing an app, let’s see some of the

Reasons to develop a doctor booking app

  • Enhance the smooth flow of day-to-day processes.
  • You can schedule your staff better
  • Reduce the probability of no show ups in the appointment
  • Reduce the effort of administrative tasks
  • Avoid overbooking and unnecessary calls by setting a limit for each day
  • Expunge human errors like mistyping names and appointment times
  • Get detailed insights on the number of completed appointments and no-shows, and compare the productivity from the ratings and reviews of the patients.

So, these are the reasons to develop a doctor booking app and streamline your day-to-day business activities.

Now that you have known the reasons, you need to select the options you want on your app. Then, a mobile app development company Kolkata will add the features and make the app easily navigable, so users don’t face any problems.

So, let’s see what features you can ask an app development company in Kolkata to add to your app:

Features you need to add to your Doctor booking app
Check Doctor profiles

The app should give the liberty to the users to access doctor profiles. Under the profiles, there should be information on the certifications, the doctor’s experience, and the languages spoken by the doctors. Another section vital to be added is the ratings and feedback of the doctors from the previous clients and current patients so that users can decide better.

Individual dashboards

The app’s users may be doctors, patients, or assistants, so it should allow them to select among the three.

Search option

There should be a search option for your users to search for their desired healthcare service providers, and they could choose based on their specialty, ratings, locations, and experience.

Book and manage appointments

These options will help the patients book and schedule an appointment at their convenience with a doctor. Also, there should be an option for canceling and rescheduling. You can ask the mobile app development company Kolkata to add all these needed features.

Send Reminders

This will help reduce no-show-ups on appointments as the app will notify the user with a sharp reminder from the app. Also, you have to notify them before the appointment date. But you shouldn’t over notify them and cause them trouble.

Online consultation

Users should also be able to book online consultations, which would be very helpful to them in this pandemic. This will be a great way to provide medical services to users through video or chat without going out to the clinic.

So, these are the vital features that should be there in your app.

You can also check out the app developed by Swadesh Softwares, known as Medicplus, to have a clear picture.

Medicplus is not only a Doctor Booking App but also a useful app for doctors and assistants. A mobile app development company Kolkata developed this app with the latest technologies.

It’s because when your app is built on the latest frameworks, it remains up-to-date and is compatible with the latest devices. So contact us to get yours developed.

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