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A responsive web design can do wonders to your business goals. Bring home a plethora of benefits for your website with a responsive design that would work across devices. With the introduction of Smart phones and its growing demand, businesses are also aiming to extend their online presence across various platforms, of which Mobile and […]
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  • 16 Apr 2020
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Responsive Website Designing; An Answer To Online Business’s Success

A responsive web design can do wonders to your business goals. Bring home a plethora of benefits for your website with a responsive design that would work across devices.

With the introduction of Smart phones and its growing demand, businesses are also aiming to extend their online presence across various platforms, of which Mobile and Web are the most common and necessary ones. This shift in culture has increased the necessity of responsive web design as a best practice when it comes to designing a website. Nowadays, not only the best web design company in Kolkata but all big and small developers even suggest creating a responsive website which has become a must-have requirement for online businesses. Before going deep into the tips for designing a responsive design, is a little discussion on the basics of responsive design that would help in proper decision making.

What is Responsive Web Design?

A website design that automatically detects the device from which the user is browsing by adjusting the layout is called Responsive Website Design. This kind of designing conforms to the specifications of the particular device and result in enhanced user experience. The aim behind this kind of web design is to extend a steady user experience across any device. The responsive web allows panning, minimizing, zooming and scrolling as well with the switching of devices between, web, mobile and tablets. The best things about responsive design are seamless navigation and enjoyable user experience.

How is Responsive Designing a Critical Need For Businesses Today?

In today’s super-competitive market one cannot afford to be non-responsive in terms of an online presence. Mobile responsive websites have always been a part of better user experience leading to business growth and success. With an increase in mobile phone users worldwide counting to large traffic, creating a user-friendly experience of browsing from anywhere is the basic necessity of a business to prosper.

Websites that are not responsive result in a cluttered view when viewed from smaller screens like mobiles and tablets. It is the work of the responsive designs to restructure the layout for the users to navigate through the website from varied screen sizes easily. To be very practical and logical, bringing a webpage to rank in the search is highly expensive these days and no one can afford to lose this by having a non-responsive design which would drive away potential customers from browsing a website from tablets and mobiles.

Here are some points mentioned below that would confirm your idea of getting the best web designing services to create a responsive website for your business.

Increasing Reach Across Different Devices:

With the rise in use of internet and Wi-Fi accessibility at wide locations the propagation of web apps in handy devices like tabs and mobiles have been the main force behind this positive switch. Previously, users would log in to a site from a dedicated device, but the introduction of responsive designs have made browsing far easier and mobile across devices thus leading to an increase in the reach for the business. Optimization of online content through responsive design has resulted in an astounding hike in business sales. It is also noted that the traffic of many Byte9 sites has increased by 40% from mobiles and tablets.

Conversion Rates and Sales Increased:

In responsive web design the use of Standardised Style Sheets across devices and the most Unified Design Approach creates a highly consistent look and feel which gives a powerful site experience waiving off the need for re-direction. It has always been observed that a consistent look and feel of the web pages have acted positively in conversion. Even businesses having multiple sites can be given a consistent look and feel from functional and performance perspectives when they are using responsive design for their websites.

Consolidated Analytics & Reporting:

When a business engages a responsive web design they bring with it a whole lot of advantages one of which is the ease to track traffic journeys, funnels, conversion paths, redirections between sites and others. Google analytics now have numerous handy techniques to manage responsive reporting across multiple devices. Through this, the analytics and tracking will continue functioning along with providing a condensed report for effortless as well as perfect analysis and monitoring. Any web design agency will be able to handle this aspect with immense expertise.  

Enhanced Visibility in Search Engines:

The maintenance of the site is also impacted positively with the implementation of a single set of hypertext links through responsive designs. This allows a deep focus on SEO strategies driving link outreach. All of the advantages of SEO campaigns can be attained just through creating a responsive design on a single site across vivid devices. Content is one most important aspects of SEO, also not compromised when a responsive design is used. The content can be used to a single site increasing the search engine reach.

Time & Cost-effective on Mobile Development:

The traditional approach was to create a stand-alone mobile site for every business which can be now easily waived through the introduction of responsive web design for your business. Less time and cost is involved by designing a single website across devices. Other developments, support and maintenance overheads from testing of pages across devices are also lowered with such a device friendly design.

Enhanced Offline Browsing Experience as Well:

An experienced Web design agency will always make a responsive design for a business which would be compatible to HTML5 enabled tablets and mobiles allowing offline browsing of sites ‘on the go’. All types of Email newsletters and contents that are contained in HTML5 web apps can be consumed anytime on the move without any internet connectivity even.

Along with all these benefits, responsive design helps you stay ahead in the competition curve. The best Web design company can give you the necessary guidance and expert support in understanding the various device features and design a webpage accordingly.

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