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We can classify sports apps into several sections, eSports, fantasy apps, etc. We have compiled some of the best app development trends for you to gain some insights. So, have a look. For the longest time in history, the sports industry did not have a dedicated mobile app. Viewers would have to watch matches and […]
  • 10 Jul 2021
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Sports App Development Trends You Should Know Of: A 2021 Case Study

We can classify sports apps into several sections, eSports, fantasy apps, etc. We have compiled some of the best app development trends for you to gain some insights. So, have a look.

For the longest time in history, the sports industry did not have a dedicated mobile app. Viewers would have to watch matches and show on television, either in real-time or the match highlights.

But with time, we came across plenty of sports apps, and the trend caught on. Each year, we saw some major advancements in these apps due to the rapid technological advancements. The best mobile app developers use advanced technologies to create sports apps that are mega-hits among consumers.

People’s behavior or the way of consuming sports changed, which led to the ushering in new sports app categories. These are: 

We will explore these points in detail:

eSports :

An eSports app is the best choice for people who prefer watching sports online. Using this app, a sports organizer can arrange live streaming of different sports and matches. Some apps come with additional features, like push notifications, highlights, and discussion groups.

Ticket Booking App :

The ticket booking app offers people the opportunity to watch their favorite match from the stadium. All they have to do is pay for the seat, and the rest is sorted.

Fantasy Sports App :

Fantasy apps are something that is already popular among consumers. In these apps, people can form virtual teams and invest in them to earn money. Dream11 is the perfect example of this case.

Sports News App :

For a sports facility, creating a sports news app can be the best idea. This app can provide updated news on different matches and their highlights. In addition, this app can showcase information on the following: scores, match schedules, results, etc. Using this app, people can also learn about the latest events, sports awards, etc.

Live Streaming App :

It is clear from the name that this app is used to live stream the matches of different sports. The app allows viewers to view them live, irrespective of their location. Why is this app so popular? People don’t have to worry about missing out on any update using this app.

Sports Facilities Booking App :

This app is developed to help organizers and owners of sports franchises. They would need a suitable location to organize these matches. This can eliminate the need for a middleman, thus facilitating a better relationship between franchise and facilities owners.

A sports facilities owner can ask an app building company to reach out to franchisees and help them with booking the facility.

Team Management App :

This app is ideal for people responsible for team management (coaches, trainers, etc.). The app will help them keep track of the performance of team members, their vitals, training time, among other details. The app can also act as a communication medium between coaches and team members. 

Sports app development is a massive field, and each year multiple trends become a massive hit. This year these are the ones to watch out for:

AR/ VR (Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality) :

We have already seen the application of these technologies in the gaming sector. So, app developers can effectively use them to develop ultra-modern sports apps. The advantage of using them is that the visuals will be better, and the experience will be a real-life one.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) :

AI can redefine the concept of sports app development. According to the experts of an app development company in Kolkata, AI can offer customized content to viewers and get brand loyalty.

Social Media :

Integrating social media channels can help franchises and app owners directly engage with audiences. For example, they can organize giveaways on these platforms and allow viewers to communicate with their favorite players directly.

Wearables :

Wearable apps are another step in providing ultimate convenience to users. The hardware is already popular among fitness fans, and if they can watch a match while running on a treadmill, what more can they ask for.

Rewards & Gamification :

This is done to up the excitement level around the app. In addition, it will offer an opportunity to have fun while using the application. The concept is mainly used in fantasy sports apps to maintain user engagement.

Creative Advertisements :

This is the last one on our list, but certainly not the least. Using creative advertisements, a sports facility can attract many customers, especially the young ones. Mainly, these advertisements are used on social media platforms for better results.

Are you interested in any of these sports app categories? Do you have an idea to develop a business upon? We, at Swadesh Softwares, are ready to listen, and get to work.

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