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A software development project becomes successful based on a number of factors. One of them is the development methodology. A fair knowledge on the most important methodologiescould help development in a professional manner. The software development industry is endless. The technology that has made life easy operable just with a tap or a click rests […]
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  • 19 May 2020
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The 4 Important Software Development Methodologies For Structured Projects

A software development project becomes successful based on a number of factors. One of them is the development methodology. A fair knowledge on the most important methodologiescould help development in a professional manner.

The software development industry is endless. The technology that has made life easy operable just with a tap or a click rests on a network of technologies updating every now & then. Behind the scene of every project, there is an enormous contribution to the software development methodology. The best software development company would take extra diligence in choosing the development methodology best suitable for the project. All software development methodologies have their advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses and have come into effect due to different reasons.

Side by side to know the mistakes to avoid in hiring your software development partner, understanding some of the most prominent methodologies will help you shape futuristic software for your business.

Agile Development Methodology:

Most software development agency across the globe use Agile Development methodology because it works in minimizing risks of bugs, changing requirements and cost overruns when new functionalities are being added. In this method, the team of developers work in iterations comprised of mini increments of the new functionality. The different forms of Agile methodology are scrum, crystal, extreme programming (XP), and feature-driven development (FDD). 


The main advantage of Agile methodology for Software development is the capacity of it to release the software in iterations which allow the team of developers to find defects and fix them at an early stage. Also, the users can realize the benefits of the software much earlier with frequent incremental improvements.


This development method works on real-time communication for which the new users lack the required documentation to reach up to the speed. A huge time commitment from users is needed where the developers are required to complete each feature fully with iteration specifically for user approval. 

You also need to note here that the Agile development method is similar to rapid application development and can prove inefficient for larger organizations. 

DevOps Deployment Methodology:

Not only a development methodology but DevOps is also a set of practices that practically supports the culture of an organization. The deployment methodology by DevOps is based on the organizational change that improves collaboration between the departments that are responsible for the development of different parts of the development life cycle. 


The DevOps deployment methodology is mainly focused on the improvement of time to the market, shortening the lead time between fixes, decreasing the new release failure rates and minimizing of disruption through maximizing reliability. To reach this level, the DevOps organizations target to automate continuous deployment to ensure everything runs smooth and reliably. 


Drawbacks of DevOps are listed here:

  • Some customers don’t like regular updates for their systems. 
  • Many industries have rigorous testing phases before the project can reach its operations phase.
  • Undetected issues may slip into the production phase if different environments are involved for different departments.
  • Human interaction in some of the quality attributes slow down the delivery process. 

Waterfall Development Methodology:

The Waterfall development method is considered as one of the most traditional methods for software development services. Comprised of sequential phases like design, requirements, implementation, maintenance, verification, the Waterfall methodology is mainly focused on distinct goals. The next stage can start only when the last step is 100% complete. In this method of software development, there is no process of going back to modify the direction or project. 


The super linear nature of the development of this methodology makes the entire procedure easy to understand and manage for the developer team. The waterfall method of development is best suitable for projects that have clear objectives and requirements are stable. The less experienced firms and firms with frequently changing compositions are likely to get benefitted from this methodology.


Due to the rigid structure and tight controls, a software development agency usually charges high and delivers late working on this methodology. Due to this drawback the best software development company in Kolkata work on other methods than Waterfall.

Rapid Application Development:

The most condensed and effective development methodology that is responsible for producing quality software that too at low investment is the Rapid Application Development. Expert professionals from across the globe highly prefer this process because it allows the developers to fast adjust to the shifting requirements in a fast-moving and constantly changing technology industry. This process of software development comprises of four phases: requirements planning, user design, construction and cutover. The best part of this process is that the user design and the construction phase can be repeated until the client confirms the meeting of all requirements. 


Businesses that have well-defined business objectives and a clear set of the user group are only eligible to use the Rapid Application development most perfectly—only small to medium projects that are time-sensitive specifically to get benefitted by this process.


The Rapid Application Development methodology is a critical process that requires a stable team of highly skilled developers who have in-depth knowledge about the application areas. A condensed development timeline like this methodology requires approval after each construction phase which calls for in-depth expertise in the domain. A software development agency that does not meet these requirements could not be benefitted by this method.  

The most pervasive methodologies in the software industry are mentioned above. Now, each one has its own set of strengths and weaknesses and capacities to work in different situations. While choosing the development team for you, an in-depth consideration of this factor will help you complete your project securely and efficiently. 

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