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A software agency in Kolkata is always ready to support in your business growth. Know the benefits of PWAs for your small business and prosper. Do your consumers complain about getting stuck due to weak network while shopping at your e-commerce store? Or insufficient storage space space annoying them due to incomplete updates resulting in […]
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  • 03 Jul 2020
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Top 11 Benefits Of Progressive Web Apps Over Native Apps

A software agency in Kolkata is always ready to support in your business growth. Know the benefits of PWAs for your small business and prosper.

Do your consumers complain about getting stuck due to weak network while shopping at your e-commerce store? Or insufficient storage space space annoying them due to incomplete updates resulting in app malfunctions? It is time for you to follow the strategies of Uber, Flipkart, MakeMyTrip and Twitter. Are you wondering the reason behind? Ask any software agency in Kolkata. Introduction of Progressive Web Apps to the business is the answer to all such problems your app might be facing. You know all the hire professional mobile app development agency then this article would be an eye opener for your project.

The Progressive Web Apps(PWA), a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is growing in popularity over native mobile apps since the past few years. The JavaScript coded technology allows you to present your website as applications. 

What do Progressive Web Apps Mean?

To simplify, PWA is the type of application that is built and posted on the web but is same as native apps in terms of performances, functionalities and interface. These web apps use HTML, CSS and JavaScript in the building. Updated features like offline accessibility, push notifications, device hardware access and many more are packed in these convenient web apps. 

This article will give you detailed reasoning on why you need to switch to progressive web apps with the help of experienced software development services. 

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps Over Native Apps:

Marketing of Products

Businesses approach custom software development company to get software for business growth, unaware of the benefits of PWAs in marketing. A simple way to help in effortless marketing is to smoothen the procedure. It is indeed annoying at times to download, install and then search necessary items on an app. Lessen the steps to the desired products customers are happy to shop. With progressive web apps, your customers can access a web app in just a few clicks generating more leads through attractive marketing. 

Brand Visibility

PWAs are very much search engine friendly and have a URL based design at its core. On the other hand, as PWAs are SEO optimized webpages, customers can easily find them browsing on search engines. This will automatically bring down your marketing efforts. PWAs are also voice search-friendly, thus enhancing brand visibility to a great extent.  

User Satisfaction

Today the maximum of your consumer community is highly cautious about brands in the market. Satisfying your customers is the prime focus of your business. Several high end features like operating in the low network, automatic updates make PWAs most preferable these days. 

Development Efforts

A native app involves the managing of multiple development teams separately for online store and the app. On the other hand, with PWAs, only an expert team can help you with the extension of the website to work as web apps. PWA requires no regular quality and functional testing through adherence to beta testing and policies is necessary for prominence in the app stores.

Easy and Cost-efficient Development

Approach any software development agency in Kolkata, and the budget to develop a PWA will always be reasonable. When the same technology function across the multiple OS and platforms, the ease of operation is bound to be smooth. The development procedure is easy because it is a single code-based development procedure. Thus the overall cost and time of development is lowered, which is good news for start-ups and small businesses.

Offline Access

One of the strongest benefits of PWAs is offline accessibility. Any information downloaded or accessed when you were last offline can be easily accessed even when you are offline. You can always access information that was previously accessed even when you are without a stable internet connection. Native apps have offline accessibility, but they differ in speed from that of PWAs. 

Lightweight in Nature

The best part of PWA is it is lightweight in nature. The average size of a PWA is 350KB while iOS and Android Apps take space of 11.5MB and 37.9 MB, respectively. PWAs being lightweight compared with native apps operate faster without lengthy download time as well. 

Multi-platform Support

As the name suggests, Progressive Web Applications are built for smooth and flawless operation in the web platform. This will allow both Android and iOS users to access the endless features of PWA. Native apps are dedicated to one or the other platform, which is not a case with the PWA. 

Enhanced Conversion Rates

With the ease of operation, PWAs have scored high in increased conversion rates than that of Native apps. For native apps, users will have to face several annoying steps like rating and reviews before downloading. On the other hand, one can download PWAs easily in just a few clicks from the website itself. Not only this, but the PWAs can also be instantly accessed just after downloading.   

Quicker Loading Time

When compared to PWAs native apps are substantial, which involves lesser downloading and installation time. Since the size of the app determines the loading time, native apps load later than PWAs. PWAs are, however smaller in size and run easily in challenging network conditions as well. Also, the way how the PWA caches and serves every minute technology makes them faster and more preferred. 

Storage Space not Necessary

Most favourable for your consumers is that with PWAs they need not worry or compromise with storage space shortage. A PWA can be directly accessed from web apps and need no downloading. Your consumers can also have the URL saved and add to the browser for any time use. On the other hand, we always feel space crunch with native apps. 


From the above comparative study, you must be confident enough to move to any software agency in Kolkata with a PWA development project for your business rather than planning to launch a native app. The era is of simplicity and fast operation. PWA with all these attributes is a clear winner for small and medium businesses or any start-ups. 

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