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An app is the most happening tool that a business can have in 2020. Know the framework that would best suit your needs and give your app the maximum popularity among target group.  With the outbreak of the Pandemic, people are facing restricted movements. This has enhanced the use of smartphones throughout the globe. This […]
  • 25 Jul 2020
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Top 12 reasons why Flutter is the best for app development in 2020

An app is the most happening tool that a business can have in 2020. Know the framework that would best suit your needs and give your app the maximum popularity among target group. 

With the outbreak of the Pandemic, people are facing restricted movements. This has enhanced the use of smartphones throughout the globe. This trend has revolutionized the app market to a great extent. Today, you must have a mobile application to serve your clients.  To survive, you have to do two things. First, stand out of the crowd and second reach out to your clients when they need you the most. The best way to achieve both these steps is by mobile app development. You can hire the top mobile app development company in Kolkata for your requirement, but the essential thing that matters is the framework. The most updated framework for best app development in the industry is Flutter. In this article, you would know how Flutter is the best app development for businesses to flourish in 2020.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is every app developer’s friend today—the greatest cross-platform used to build the most updated applications for mobile, web platforms, and desktop. Released by Google officially in 2018, in just one year Flutter has gained more popularity than React Native in both Stack Overflow and GitHub. Flutter is an Open-source platform that brings the complete SDK that includes tools required for cross-platform Mobile app development. Any mobile app development company will always prefer Flutter since it works on the OOPs concept helping in an easy compilation of written code into native code without any extra bridge.

Key Features of the Platform:

  • This platform helps developers design and develop applications for different platforms like iOS and Android with just a single codebase.
  • The hot reload feature of Flutter helps the developers function in a dynamic interface through numerous widget options.
  • The command named Flutter doctor helps discover bugs and other issues in the written code and makes it easier for the developers to troubleshoot ASAP.
  • The Widget Library makes it very useful for the developers to build the app.
  • The RAM code feature makes Flutter the best choice for most tech firms.
  • Flutter is the only platform that enables GPU rendering UI for Graphic Designs Furnished mobile applications.

Top reasons why Flutter is the best platform for 2020

  • 1. Single Codebase: Single codebase means one single version will be applicable for both Android and iOS platforms. It becomes easier for the designers and developers to only concentrate on the creation of the codebase that would be singly applicable for both the platforms.

  • 2. Dart as programming Language: An updated mobile app development agency uses Flutter because of the object-oriented Dart programming language. The essential features of Dart programming language like Garbage collection, strong typing, rich library, generics, and async-await is what developers need today.

  • 3. Use of Customizable Widgets: The App developers like Flutter the most because of the customizable widgets. With this feature, they can develop widgets based on the need of the app. The developers design the widgets and club them to make the UI. Additionally, the layout helps in defining the state, size, and position of the widgets.

  • 4. Stateful Hot Reload: Developers achieved heights of success with the introduction of the strategic hot-reload function of Flutter. With this, a developer easily frames hot bugs and UIs. The changes are fast and thus cut reload time and extra time on the emulators, simulators, and hardware for Android and iOS platforms.

  • 5. A variety of IDEs supported: The Flutter platform also supports a few IDEs like VS code, Android Studio, etc. The best part of Flutter apps is that they require no extension between the programming languages and the UI components. The apps made in Flutter are compiled directly to the native code.

  • 6. Can create apps for Mobile, Desktop and web: App development companies are increasingly fascinated with Flutter as it helps the developers to create web apps, mobile apps as well as desktop applications in the easiest possible way within the least time.

  • 7. Powerful design experience: With Flutter, various types of themes are made available for iOS and Android applications. Not only the color but the styles and size also vary with every theme. It also comprises of various domains like education, entertainment, utility, e-commerce, social, health, and fitness. It also has best-trusted platforms for the most impressive UIs.

  • 8. Easier animations: Through Flutter the application development journey is a really exciting experience with the implications of Third Party incorporations, local codes, and Platform APIs.  

  • 9. Native themes for iOS/Android: The flexibility of API for building attractive animations are also available with Flutter. You would be astonished to find even the smallest code adding expressive and simple animations.

  • 10. Innumerable packages and Tech Community: Flutter also has many open-source packages that help in the fast creation of apps. Flutter is known to be an extensively growing tech community.

  • 11. High App responsiveness: Without any modification to the Dart code, Flutter apps can be used across all platforms. Flutter apps have crossed all boundaries of responsiveness and can be used in Web, Desktop, and mobile.

  • 12. Requires less testing: Since Flutter works with a single code base, developers are required to test the apps just once. These factors help in the reduction of testing and marketing time for the application in reality.


Flutter has evolved as a complete game-changer in the app world. In 2020, it will revolutionize the economy; and every big or small company is going to depend mostly on apps to revive their businesses.

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