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The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed lifestyle extensively. To survive the market competition going online is the only way out. Here are some easy tips to follow in the process of website development.  No matter if you are a freelance photographer or a proud owner of a hardware store or have a small grocery business, […]
  • 29 Jul 2020
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Top 15 tips to build a great website for your small business

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed lifestyle extensively. To survive the market competition going online is the only way out. Here are some easy tips to follow in the process of website development. 

No matter if you are a freelance photographer or a proud owner of a hardware store or have a small grocery business, your business deserves a great website to succeed in today’s competition. More importantly, in this period of crisis and struggle, many small businesses are closing down their operation, and start-ups are dropping their plans. Instead, think futuristic and revive your business with the introduction of a great website or make your current one more effective. Here are some age-old tips that could make your website development easier with any affordable website development company in Kolkata.

  • Secure a good Domain name: Your domain name is the entry point to your website, usually known as your website address. Make it as easy to spell as possible; keep it short, use proper domain extension, and avoid hyphens and numbers. Full addresses are much more futuristic, keep it memorable as well.  
  • Purchase a secure, scalable web hosting service with standard technical support: A host is the technology that allows a website to go public, and anybody from anywhere can view it. Get proper budget hosting services rather than something very cheap; a dedicated server helps in the website’s most optimum performance. Virtual Private Server is the best of all options. Phone or chat support for your hosting company is a must. Some popular web hosting companies include GoDaddy, DreamHost, Bluehost, InMotion, SiteGround.
  • Display a clear description of your business prominently: The website is the face of your company. It is your opportunity to express your company in detail and clearly. The clearer image your website will depict about your business, the more customers will be attracted.
  • Engage the best Content Management System: Dealing with website development services, you can now understand that ‘Content is the King’. When you have strong Content in hand, managing them properly is the next most important thing. A good CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Jumla, Squarespace, Wix helps and makes the content management easier digitally, and you need not have much technical knowledge to handle it.
  • Create an interesting and engaging UI: The more attractive your User Interface will be, the more positive will be the impression on your visitors, and the positive impression leads to results. Beautifully compressed and optimized graphics, easy to read fonts, researched designs of competitor websites, mobile-friendly user-interface, positive testimonials and social media integration and internal links make the UI successful.
  • Choose a good e-commerce platform: If your business deals with selling goods, a good e-commerce platform is necessary. Moreover, if your business deals with a financial transaction, the right platform is highly crucial. To name, some of the major e-commerce platforms are WooCommerce, Shopify Plus, Business Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy Online Store.
  • Optimize your business for search engines: SEO is the set of practices that you need to apply to your website to make it eligible for Google to index and rank it for the search engine of users. The better your Content is and the better your website design, your website will have a lower ranking in the search engines. SEO is a critical process that needs to be ongoing to compete with your rival in the market.
  • Create and regularly publish quality content: Again, you need to remember that Content is the king. A website development company can help you with the design and code for the website, but your quality content is the most important factor that will work in attracting your clients. Quality content helps you rank higher in the search engine, and external site linking also increases the SEO ranking making your website popular in search results.
  • Install Webmaster tool: Vital data helps analyze traffic and the website performance through the Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools. It helps in tracking information that would help in the business growth in the most effective manner.
  • Implement a website maintenance plan: Just creating a website and letting it grow stale should not be the way to deal with this marketing tool. You need a strong maintenance strategy if you target to rank well in the Search engines without getting hacked.
  • Utilize Call to actions: With Call to Actions on your website, you can easily have a clarified goal set for your visitors and prospective clients. Whatever you want your clients to do, a Call to Action button on your website will be handy for them.  
  • Develop a Page Hierarchy: Almost every website includes a minimum of 3-4 pages. Even if you wish to go with a simple format, Home Page, About Us Page, and Contact Us are three pages that are must. You may also include all your services and products offered on one page or dedicate individual pages to products and services.
  • Stay away from free themes: Free themes are not always advisable because they are not as secure as the ones that are purchased. A good theme will cost much less than the security of your website.
  • Add a face: A photo of the team’s founder goes a mile in creating recognition of the company among the visitors on the web. It is a pervasive element, but it creates a sense of trust among the visitors as they could feel the presence of a person who will be working with them.
  • Set up easy contact and include a contact form: Contact information is a must-have feature for any website big or small. Proper and reachable contact information goes a long way to create trust in the minds of the visitors. Also, a contact form is included on the website; visitors can leave their contact if the number on the contact sheet comes not reachable at times.


Though building a small business website may not seem as easy, these tips, if followed by any affordable website development company in Kolkata, your website development journey can turn smooth.

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