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Business management is not an easy job, but the right software can simplify it. What are the software that should be used by a business? After a certain time, people find it difficult to maintain the business operations of their companies manually. This is true for a business that is expanding rapidly. With business expansion, […]
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  • 25 Sep 2020
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Top 5 essential business software you need to know about

Business management is not an easy job, but the right software can simplify it. What are the software that should be used by a business?

After a certain time, people find it difficult to maintain the business operations of their companies manually. This is true for a business that is expanding rapidly. With business expansion, new procedures will be added, making the entire procedure a lot more complicated. 

This is where automation can help business owners. People can automate their business by using software applications to manage daily operations. These tools can be used to meet the specific requirements of a particular business. Now, what should business managers look for in a software?  

  • They should choose a tool that can help business owners deal with the pressure of running a massive company.
  • The software should be customizable; it must meet the requirements of a business. With the expansion of business, new features should be added.  
  • Software security should be taken into consideration.
  • The software should have the option of data portability.
  • Business owners should have complete access to the software. This will help them reach out to customers and react to their inquiries and complaints.

There are thousands of software that can be used to run a business successfully. Only the experts from the software company in Kolkata will know what’s best for a particular business. But the tools mentioned below are some of the crucial ones. So, let’s get on with it, shall we? 

1. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

This software manages several processes, such as accounting, inventory, analytics, customer service, management of orders, and shipping. It can be used to automate these processes and increase the overall productivity of a company.

With this software, business owners can plan and ensure better collaboration between different teams and their members. ERP can significantly reduce the risk of human errors and automate the redundant processes of a company. It will help people to manage business data efficiently and make informed decisions. As a manager, if you want an ERP software for your business, you should contact the experts from Swadesh Softwares Private Limited. 

2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 

CRM software is designed to eliminate communication issues between customers and the company and establish an efficient relationship between the two parties. If any business wants to increase customer satisfaction to the next level, it must invest in CRM software.

How can CRM help managers out? 

  • CRM can be used to increase sales of a company ( managers can identify potential leads and follow up on them) 
  • With CRM, people can manage resources and cater customer-centric services.  
  • It can enhance the efficiency of a company’s business process.
  • While running a business, business owners have to make several decisions. CRM helps them to make informed decisions by analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of a company.
  • CRM allows businesses to remain compliant with industry standards and keep all business-related data secure. 
  • CRM synced with mobile devices can help people access business data irrespective of their location 
  • Last but not the least, CRM helps in better management of information and enhanced customer satisfaction      

Swadesh Softwares has developed several CRM software in the past.  People should tell what they need to experts. 

3. SCM (Supply Chain Management) software

Supply chains are the lifeline of a business, and these need adequate monitoring. SCM software can simplify the process of managing these supply chains by automating it. This software can be used in:

  • Management of product lifecycle 
  • Logistics and inventory management  
  • Material procurement 
  • Supply and demand management 
  • Pricing and sales management

Using this software, business managers can take control of the entire supply and demand procedures and reduce risks significantly. This will result in enhanced customer satisfaction, thus resulting in increased sales, revenues, and reputation.

4. Human Resource Management (HRM)

Human Resource is an integral part of a company and its journey towards its success. If it is not managed properly, everything will be in utter chaos. This is a vast and complex subject, and people may be unable to manually manage all the procedures.

Using a Human Resource Management software (along with payroll software) can help HR managers out. They can use this tool to reduce the amount of paperwork required in HR processes. Reduction in paperwork will automatically increase these managers’ speed, thus helping them be effective and time-efficient at the same time.

HR managers can keep an eye on the employees’ performance and keep a daily record of it. This will help them identify people who are working the best or vice versa. Managers can also keep track of the payroll, attendance, leaves, and other data and monitor the changes. In short, it can be used to monitor the performance of these employees. 

5. Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM software is used for the overall improvement of an organization. It can be used to take control of the business’s operations and monitor them closely. If something is amiss, the concerned authority can make the necessary changes and save the company from upcoming losses. 

In this competitive world, businesses have to be agile, which can be made possible with BPM software. Companies need to adapt to the changing market trends and focus their services around that. This will be quite easy with the help of this tool. 

It can improve productivity, communication, and collaboration within different departments or between clients and businesses. If people can use it efficiently, it can significantly reduce corporate risks, thus saving a lot of time and money. Companies use at least one BPM software to manage these processes.    

These are the top 5 software that should be used by a company. However, as mentioned earlier, the list is endless. Only experts can help business managers choose the right software for their business. So, it is essential to schedule a consultation and discuss the requirements, budget, deadline, and technology to create the final product. 

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