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You cannot scale your business without customized software. Learn the top 5 software ideas that everyone is raving about. Read here.  Business owners need software to run their business; it’s a well-known fact. However, the demand for software can change over time, and intelligent business owners should tap into that. Due to the current situation, […]
  • 24 Aug 2020
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Top 5 software ideas for small businesses: Insider’s report

You cannot scale your business without customized software. Learn the top 5 software ideas that everyone is raving about. Read here. 

Business owners need software to run their business; it’s a well-known fact. However, the demand for software can change over time, and intelligent business owners should tap into that. Due to the current situation, some software will be more popular than others. If you think that a small business or a start-up cannot or should not invest in software development, think again.    

Today, we will go through a software list that can bring lots of revenues and profits. So, let’s start.

Medical Software

According to a software development company in Durgapur, the demand for medical software is sky-high for obvious reasons. What does the medical software do? 

Identify and store patient records electronically (including demographics, medical history, medications, insurance, etc.). 

  • Maintain clinical notes 
  • Maintain records of medical purchases 
  • Allows patients and clinics to store external clinical documents (test reports, etc.) 
  • Check if all the protocols and guidelines are maintained. 
  • Check the database and choose the best treatment plan for a patient
  • Provide patient-specific instructions to medical experts  
  • Manage orders
  • Maintain a list of medical and patient care service providers (contact information, address, etc.)
  • Check for consent in case of surgery, drug trials, ventilation support, etc.
  • Offer telemedicine  support    

Similarly, you can choose a software that will remind patients of their upcoming medical appointments.  

E-Learning software  

The scope of e-learning was already expanding during the pre-COVID period. Now, this perimeter is incredibly wide, and you can do wonders with this software. What will this software do? 

  • Allow content creators to create online, self-paced courses (even animated ones) 
  • Provide a virtual classroom like environment 
  • Allow teachers to create a course schedule 
  • Allow them to create quizzes, tests, interactive learning sessions, tests 
  • Maintain and monitor test time limits
  • Tracking and reports 
  • API integration 
  • Cloud settings 
  • Payments integration and more   

This software can be used by educational institutions, private coaching centers, or even individuals who want to launch their own courses. 

Contact tracing software for business  

This software is highly recommended if you want to run your business efficiently, without worrying about being infected with COVID-19. What will it do? 

Identify people who are already infected or who are likely to be infected. (based on workplace data collected via interviews, etc.).

  • Check out the local database and find out the risk-prone areas. 
  • Reminds business owners about scheduled workplace sanitizations 
  • Case management facilities to ensure even distribution of workload
  • Risk evaluation (is it safe to open the office, or not?)
  • Employee Health Verification system 

Police scanner software 

In today’s world, crimes are increasingly at an alarming rate. We never know what’s happening in our locality. More specifically, we would not have a clue what crimes are occurring in our areas. This issue can be solved to some extent, with the help of the police scanner software. What will it do?  

  • Contain information about the police’s most wanted criminals, so users will know when they come across one. 
  • Alert button (to notify the police in this situation)
  • GPS location (to send your location to the police) 
  • Push alerts         

Food inventory software 

The fifth and last software we will discuss today is food inventory software. Whether you are running a restaurant, hotel, or online food delivery business, you will need this software.  What are the features that should be included within the app? 

  • Inventory upload and update (food name, quantity, vendor, etc.) 
  • Low-stock inventory alerts
  • Stock refurbishing alerts  
  • Vendors’ information 
  • Reports (Expenditure reports, income reports, etc.)

We will also discuss some of the notable mentions. These are:

  • Restaurant Management Software 
  • Hotel Management Software
  • All-in-one Booking Software 
  • All-in-one social media Software 
  • Invoicing and Accounting Software 
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software 
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software
  • Time Tracking Software 
  • Business Communication Software 
  • Cropping Software 
  • Audio-to-text and image-to-text Software
  • Screen Recording Software
  • Car Parking Software 
  • Disaster-alert Software 
  • Business tips Software      

Of course, you can tell the developers about your project idea. They will tell if the project is feasible or not, or if it needs any changes.

Now you know which software can give the best profits in the current situation. But, you have to choose the best software development company to get the best results? You have to go through the following steps: 

  • Get an idea of your project requirements (preferably a sketch, even a rough one) 
  • Research and even more research (check the company’s portfolio, reputation, range of services, pricing, etc.)
  • Reviews and ratings   
  • Pricing 

Aside from these, you must ask the right questions to these experts. What are those questions? 

  • Ask them about project deadlines (be clear from the very start)
  • What are the steps followed during software development within your company? 
  • How do you manage projects within your company? 
  • How many developers, designers, and testers do you have in your company? 
  • Also, ask who will handle your project and set a meeting with those people.
  • Would you update and maintain the software? 
  • How would you deal with changes in the project requirement? 
  • How diverse is the range of your services? (What is your success story?)
  • What are the technologies to be used while developing software? 
  • How would you communicate during the project duration?
  • What will be the cost of developing software from your company? 
  • Would I have access to the source files?  
  • Why should I choose this company?             

You can ask other questions too if you want. So, that’s it with today’s topic.  If you want a specific name, I would suggest Swadesh Softwares Private Limited. Why? 

This company has years of experience in software development.

  • The development teams include members who are working in the company for quite some years.
  • Experts use only the latest technologies to deliver the projects. 
  • They (experts) can handle projects of any complexity, see the portfolio.
  • Cost-effective and time-efficient solutions
  • Excellent customer services  
  • Stellar reputation (you cannot say that about every company)
  • National and international clients 

Do you have any projects? So, what are you waiting for? Contact the experts and schedule a meeting. Don’t hang back, just because you own a start-up or small business. Get the best software and scale your business to new heights.

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