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Every day thousands of apps are launched on app stores. But not all of them ultimately succeed. So, what are the factors that are responsible for an app’s success?      We all know the importance of having a business-centric mobile app. Also, we know that a business can significantly benefit from these apps. However, […]
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  • 25 Nov 2020
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Top 6 factors responsible for an app’s success: A reader’s digest

Every day thousands of apps are launched on app stores. But not all of them ultimately succeed. So, what are the factors that are responsible for an app’s success?     

We all know the importance of having a business-centric mobile app. Also, we know that a business can significantly benefit from these apps. However, an app must be widely popular and successful for that to happen. Now, what makes an app successful? This article will discuss those points.

From this hexagonal diagram, you can see that numerous factors come into play to decide an app’s success.

1. Research 

The first element on this list will be research, or more specifically, market research. Consumers’ demand will depend on the nature of the industry, and it is essential to perform market research about that. While deliberating on an app idea, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Demographics (gender, age, relevant businesses, prospective customers, etc.)
  • The opinion of the audience (this can be collected from online surveys, and forms, etc.)

2. App idea and platform

This is the next step, i,e., coming up with an app idea. From the data collected from the survey, business owners can decide on a particular topic (which one in particular). It is essential to check the competition of a particular idea and how these ideas are faring in the market. It is a no brainer that an idea with the stiff competition may not ultimately succeed in the market.

After the app idea is finalized, then the developers will work on deciding the platform. Depending on the platform (Android, iOS, or hybrid), competition can vary. This is a crucial question, and the app development approach will depend on it.     

3. App development approach  

In this stage, developers will team up to decide on the app development approach. Here, several questions will be formulated and answered simultaneously. Then a strategy will be devised in which the following concepts are discussed: 

  • What will be the launch platform? Android, iOS, or both?    
  • How will developers work on the idea? 
  • What will be the timeframe and project’s cost? 
  • Are there any factors that should be considered?   

4. UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience)        

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are two design elements of an app. Developers will work on these concepts to ensure that the app has the best reputation in the market. Developers will make sure that the app offers the best experience and navigation and in terms of performance.

It is essential to focus on the app icon, description, size, user’s reviews and feedback, etc. The icon is the first thing that the consumers of a particular business will notice. If the image is crystal clear, it will prompt people to download a specific app in their devices. So, this should not be ignored at any cost. 

Apart from that, developers must also take a look at the app’s description. If it is incomprehensible, no one will pay attention to it. Also, it will result in the lower ranking of a particular app in the Google Play Store’s page. This is why app developers have some specific criteria when it comes to developing a particular app. It is essential to create a detailed description and to the point. What will happen if this rule is followed? It will result in more app downloads, and your business will gain a competitive edge over others.

The app’s size also matters as it can affect the app’s performance. An exceptionally large app may considerably slow down a device. On the other hand, an incredibly small app may not offer the best experience. If all these concepts are taken care of, an app will receive stellar reviews and feedback, which would help in the app’s marketing strategy. 

5. Testing and security 

Would you download an unsafe and insecure app? No, you would not, as it would compromise your security. It may result in data loss and theft of personal information. A business owner should keep this thing in mind, always launch a secure app in the market. 

Ask the experts of software development company to employ maximum security and encryption to protect the device’s data. The app should recognize spyware, malware, and other harmful software that considerably may hamper a user’s security. If the app is dealing with sensitive information, proper techniques must be employed to keep it safe from hackers. During these days, users are not particularly fond of providing access to every single feature of their device. This is generally considered as a red flag, nowadays. 

Also, the app must be updated regularly, along with its security protocol. This would allow the app to recognize the latest threats and malicious software. How to ensure the security level and the performance of a specific app? By scheduling regular testing of the said application. If the app encounters an issue during these successive tests, Android app developers should work on those problems.

6. Maintenance (or monitoring)      

This step comes after an app is already published on the respective app stores. The developers of the top mobile app development company in Kolkata would constantly work on fixing minor bug issues, technicalities and other concepts to increase the app’s performance.  

They will also keep an eye on the analytics to have a better understanding of these problems. So, these are the concepts that should come together to make an app truly successful in the market. The developers of Swadesh Softwares are already aware of these concepts and their overall importance. They will perform thorough market research to validate a specific idea. After the evaluation, developers would work on creating the perfect app logo so that it can catch the users’ attention.

They would also come up with the perfect app description to meet the app store’s requirements. The app will have the perfect UI and UX, to say the least. The end product will go through several stages of testing to make sure that it is free from bugs, etc. Lastly, the experts would perform regular maintenance and update them regularly to ensure that it is working properly.

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