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Choosing the right app development framework can be a daunting task. Learn about the reasons why Flutter is ideal as per top app development companies.
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  • 15 Jul 2022
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6 reasons why app development companies prefer Flutter

Choosing the right app development framework can be a daunting task. Learn about the reasons why Flutter is ideal as per top app development companies.

The field of mobile application development continues to evolve every day. With the advent of the latest technologies, mobile app developers have accessibility to more advanced tools.

Moreover, mobile apps have already taken control of all business sectors. There are apps for education, entertainment, news, ecommerce, and more. So, in this high time, top app development companies are looking for that one technology they can rely on.

There is a huge demand for mobile apps, and companies need to match up with that. Now, if you are a business owner, you will probably be looking for the best app developers. But the catch is that there are tons of app developers out there who are skilled in certain technologies.

So, you have to know the best technology in order to choose the best developers. You can also contact one of the top app development companies and hire developers from them. There are companies providing developers for companies to work on their projects dedicatedly.

But now, let’s talk about the technology that would be suitable for your app development. First, there is a framework called Flutter, which is the most popular and in-demand app development framework. Whether your app is of high complexity or low, this framework can adapt to your requirements.

Top app developers in companies worldwide choose this framework for the best results. So, today, we will see why these companies always prefer Flutter over app development frameworks.

We will look at,

Six reasons to choose Flutter over other frameworks

top app developers

#1 Single Codebase

This feature sets Flutter apart from other app development frameworks. With a single codebase, the module Flutter helps developers make sure that they have more convenience while developing apps. They need not write different codes for separate platforms, and this makes the process far less complicated.

There are two platforms for which a company will require apps. These are- Android and iOS, and businesses need both audience bases. So, Flutter comes here for them like a boon where they need to invest in developing only one app. The single codebase architecture makes Flutter a cross-platform/hybrid app development framework.

Hence, a single app developed on Flutter will work perfectly on both platforms.

#2 Brilliant Code and App Testing

Flutter lets the developers use the single codebase feature, which makes the development process faster. It’s because when they have to write the same piece of code multiple times, they can use the feature ‘code reusability.’ They can also use an existing code with different plugins, which adds to the platform’s flexibility.

Flutter apps need not go through multiple testing phases. One phase is enough for the quality assurance of a flutter app and for verifying its features and functions during the test process. Therefore, mobile app developers worldwide use Flutter for their app development projects.

#3 Hot reload

These features also contribute to the immense popularity of the app. Particularly there are two features called ‘Hot Reload’ and ‘Hot Restart.’ With the help of these features, it becomes easy for the developers to make changes to an existing UI or the source code. It almost reflects on the app instantly without losing the current state of the app.

#4 Suitable for MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

With Flutter, you need not build prototypes and tests, as the development process is faster. So, companies need to follow the old-school ways of creating a prototype showing it to the clients, and then after finalizing it, starting the actual development process. They can easily develop and show them an MVP even without any backend, as Flutter is compatible with firebase.

#5 Availability of widgets

With the diverse widgets available in Flutter, developers can make unique UIs. Also, they can customize those widgets according to the clients’ requirements if they want. This is why Flutter widgets are considered to be the most flexible widgets. So, it helps the developers to create a smooth user experience for greater engagement.

#6 Easy Programming language

The programming language of Flutter is Dart. It is a single-source programming language that is used for general purposes. There is no need for the developers to be hardcore programmers. And developers with the knowledge of this language can also develop web, desktop, and server applications.

So, these are the reasons for the top app development companies to choose Flutter. This is because the language has been in the market for several years. And, because it is developed and deployed by Google, there are no credibility issues.

The framework also helps companies save time, money, and resources. In such a scenario where there is demand for mobile applications, Flutter is the ideal choice for companies.

Companies prefer this as the top app developers in their team are compatible with developing on Flutter. If you plan to develop an app on Flutter, you can contact one of the top app development companies, Swadesh Softwares.


  • Is Flutter app development costly?

– Flutter app development is costly, but it saves the cost of developing two applications for separate platforms.

  • How can I hire dedicated Flutter developers for my project?

– You can hire dedicated developers from the top app development companies like Swadesh Softwares.

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