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App is a must nowadays for a business to prosper in the online market. Here are some ways that could make your app development process affordable with assured quality output. Like everything else, the best app also comes with a high price tag. It is also understood and accepted that to get something quality; you […]
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  • 23 May 2020
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Ways To Reduce Your App Development Cost Without Affecting The Quality

App is a must nowadays for a business to prosper in the online market. Here are some ways that could make your app development process affordable with assured quality output.

Like everything else, the best app also comes with a high price tag. It is also understood and accepted that to get something quality; you need to spend some extra bucks. Many companies tend to compromise quality to make little profits in developing apps for them. Remaining quality conscious you can quickly reduce the cost of the app development. Side by side to connecting an affordable android app development company in Kolkata, the below-mentioned points will help you reduce app development cost without hampering the quality at all.


Management teaches careful planning in the first stage. Research in the ground level related to the targeted audience, their likes and dislikes is involved in the planning phase of the app development since the audience is only going to decide on the success of the app. In-depth research of your competitors is highly essential to top the market. You need to provide something distinct to survive and win the competition. If you come up with another similar app in the market, you will only get costs with 0 ROI. Chalk out the USP of your app and then dive into the documentation related to the requirements of the app. Budgeting is utmost necessary that would rule out the useless expenditures. Time estimation for app delivery is also required to be done in an early stage.

Cross-platform Apps

You never know what platform your prospective client is using, moreover developing two different apps for different platforms is also costly. You can reduce the cost by still launching your app in both Android and iOS platforms by hiring an android app development agency who builds cross-platform apps. This is the most updated technology in the industry and most preferred practice among the businesses worldwide now. Though you may be informed that cross-platform apps are costly, the fact is that it is much reasonable than developing two apps for two different platforms. Few cross-platform app development tools are Xamarin, PhoneGap, Flutter, Unity3D or Appcelerator.

Interactive Prototypes

Many a time, an app fails because it fails to meet the expectations of its clients. This also involves a considerable loss on the part of the android app development agency in terms of time and resources involved in the development procedure, even including the time and costs involved in correction and modification. Many app development teams now are following the interactive prototypes method in which they first build an interactive prototype of the app before starting the process of development. These prototypes act as the blueprint for the developer as well as the client in which a reasonably fair idea of the features, UI/UX design and navigation is available. Though this process involves some cost in itself, still it is the best choice to reduce app development costs later. With advanced tools, it is also not much tough to build real-like prototypes, so, this step should not be omitted.

Minimum Viable Product

Imagine if your app fails to survive in the market, the loss you are going to face will be huge in terms of money, time and other resources. Won’t it be a better idea to plan a trial run and design a basic app initially to understand the real market setting without investing loads in developing a complex app? Once you have started receiving responses on your minimum viable product, you can keep adding features in updates. Once your MVP app is launched in the play store, you will start getting in-app feedback from your users which will be helpful to assess your main app development. The MVP will be a live testing tool for your original app.

Pre-built Features

Few bucks can also be saved, keeping the quality intact by building an app which has pre-built templates and needs some little tweaking based on your requirements. Few android app development service providers offer readymade app solutions at a most nominal cost. Here make sure to use third-party plug-ins carefully after proper research. In this, an experienced Android app development agency can help well.


You can easily reach out to many affordable android app development companies in Kolkata, but you need to also keep in mind that efficient and experienced app developers also are well versed with techniques to reduce costs of development. So, to get better android app development services, you can also consider outsourcing your project. There are numerous advantages associated with outsourcing like; no need of hiring new team whenever you have to work on new project, no need of training the existing team when some specialised expertise is necessary, the best way to delegate what may seem difficult to you, allows you time and resources to focus on your core competency areas. Off-shore and outsourced app development is quite a prevalent app development trend since they are cost-effective.

Many experienced professionals admit that the cost of quality is paid by the things coming out wrong. So, along with tips that could bring you closer to the right app development team in the town following a few best practices, can let you do things right and reduce the cost of development yet not compromising on quality.

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