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Web Design being a crucial part in website success requires an in-depth study and work on it. Few things that are must for a web design to bring results are listed for your knowledge. Look does matter, but only the look of the website is not enough to take a business further. Along with Quick […]
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  • 09 May 2020
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Web Design Facts That Need Real Consideration For Your Business Success

Web Design being a crucial part in website success requires an in-depth study and work on it. Few things that are must for a web design to bring results are listed for your knowledge.

Look does matter, but only the look of the website is not enough to take a business further. Along with Quick Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Right Web Design Company, there are several other facts about a website design on which the overall success of a website depends, overlooking which might not give you the desired results.

Yes, we all are fans of stunningly good looking sites, but till you understand the most popular web design facts, your website remains incomplete. Good web design has nowadays become dragging and dropping elements, color adjusting to one’s preference, addition of contents, and the like. True, these are standard practices and can even produce results as an excellent looking website, but a critical analysis of the facts is required if you want to take your site beyond and above just looking good to a high performing site. What you need is the best web design company in Kolkata, who are aware of all the facts to the core and behind the scenes and are able to manage all the critical details that work in pushing your site to the top.

Here are certain factors that play a vital role in the performance of your website, and the best web design agency can help you in achieving that. This article will also focus on a few additional factors that can prove valuable in targeting a specific market.


Templates are strictly connected to the design that we see on a website. They are an easy way to create new sites in and out that can help you build a website in just no time. Here you should remember that templates are not magic wands, however useful they are, they come with certain downwards and limitations as well. Through templates, you would get to work with numerous customizations, but they might ultimately land up creating cluttered pages, hampering user experience. Adding to this, the code used behind the template may not be much clean as it is required, which pose to be a significant drawback. This will not allow you to implement functions that are not in the template. Ultimately your website performance on search engine rankings will be hampered, and unpleasant UX will reflect poor brand recognition.  

Good Coding:

Coding is something you cannot see with your eyes, but is of paramount importance for your website’s performance. A badly written code behind your website development would have problems for Google and search engines from finding the information within it, resulting in not displaying them in the search results correctly. Due to this problem, the organic traffic on your website will collapse with visible adverse effects on your business. 

 Catering to Different Browsers:

This point is very much related to the coding part. Your website code is translated differently by various web browsers, and that’s why every website looks outstanding on Chrome, for example, and different on Firefox, Safari, or other browsers. Some of them give you broken designs, or even some functionalities may not work. This is a problem that can only be overcome by expert web designing services. Expert designers will have a vast knowledge of HTML, CSS, and various browser-related issues. The best Web designing company works on multiple browsers testing and fixing your website number of times to bring traffic and retain them. 

Design Matters:

The technicality mentioned above can no way waive off the importance of good design in a website. The visual impact of a website holds a powerful effect on visitors. However, the best web design agency knows how to make your website look extraordinary design-wise which is more a goal-oriented task. The developers should be expert enough to understand your goals to place every element on the page, keeping specific goals in mind. An experienced team of web designers will professionally design, keeping both the visual elements and psychology of visitors in mind.

Speed is a Significant Factor:

47% of users are willing to spend 2 seconds for a page to load while 39% of the visitors leave your page if it takes more than 2 seconds. It is a Universal fact that speed determines the success of your website. Here you should keep in mind that several factors back sites that load fast. Clean code, overcrowded pages with useless elements, images without Search Engine Optimisation done, proper hosting settings, and the like are to be kept in mind. The speed of a website makes a big difference; a professionally skilled website designer knows the code and settings to enhance the speed without crashing the whole website. 

 Responsive Design:

Could you imagine that disappointment when one of your customers try to access your site from the mobile and cannot see the pictures or menu the way they want. We cannot just take it for granted that our website will be searched and served only from a computer or only from mobile. We have to be equally cautious about the feature responsive design. Responsive design ensures that a site is properly visible on any screen size. This complicated process is well-handled by expert website design services provider from any location. For a consistent User experience, your website requires to be 100% responsive. 

 Videos and Images Account:

It is a proven fact that videos and images affect the traffic on your website. A gallery full of well-selected videos and pictures will entertain your audience while containing relevant information images of right size and resolution with fast loading capacity is sure to impress visitors on your page. Moreover, with the introduction of retina screens, properly adjusted images with specific codes are at the most necessary for websites to rank. 

Web Design is way more complicated than what most of us think. With technology updating now and then, numerous things keep going on behind the scenes that require the engagement of proper techniques and the best web design company in Kolkata in the process of creating a top-tier website for your business. 

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