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Website development has become a must affair for every small or big business. If you could overcome some challenges in the process, your business is sure to touch heights within short span. The impact of a nicely developed and designed website on business is very much evident in today’s digital world. This is not just […]
Website development
  • 30 May 2020
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Website Development Challenges To Hit Both Developers And Clients

Website development has become a must affair for every small or big business. If you could overcome some challenges in the process, your business is sure to touch heights within short span.

The impact of a nicely developed and designed website on business is very much evident in today’s digital world. This is not just because the customers get the ease of shopping or plenty of information from the site, but also because of the navigation smoothness and simplicity extended by the websites. In the most competitive era businesses need to have the latest marketing strategies to survive and succeed in the market. All efforts will not bring results until you have a professionally designed and developed website. Not only the best website development company but a qualified team of developers can guide you in this aspect.

The process of Website development is not that easy for any website development agency. At times many clients are very clear about their requirements and explain nicely about the entire process to the team. Those are clients who have sound technical knowledge, but this is not the same with all clients. Many are not sure Why Should Companies Hire Professional Web Developers & Designers and have a rough business idea and no business plan. Here the agencies take the responsibility of guiding them on the Website Development Services and not selling anything and everything to gather profit. Best Website Development Company in Kolkata will make its clients understand how tricky and complicated the entire process is. A professional Website Development Agency very well maintains patience and time to time communication on the project proceedings. Still, there remains scope of challenges for both the developer and the client in the course of website development.

  • The most common challenge faced during a website development project is the shift in expectations. This challenge may come from both the types of clients discussed above. Clients feel and expect to change and alter the development plans or project idea even after complete plan discussion or prize finalization. This kind of approach ultimately affects the quality of the outcome. You may solve this problem by working together and frequently communicating from time to time.
  • At the starting of a Web development project, the developers are required to choose a browser by own or get it picked by the client to make their website working. Making the site working for multiple browsers and not for a single browser is a challenge commonly faced by developers. To overcome this problem, the developers need to take proper care of the HTML/CSS needs of the website for all types of browsers available. It is also a part of excellent Website development services to make sure that the code works well to all the available versions of Windows.
  • Whether a Website development project needs the implementation of JavaScript is decided by the developer only. If the client has slight knowledge in JavaScript, he will discuss with the team on this for sure. An expert website development agency that is knowledgeable will never use JavaScript nor let his client rely on it. A well-experienced developer will always prefer to develop website adding AJAX, avoiding JavaScript to make things easy going for visitors on your website.
  • Sharing of monthly and weekly progress reports is a part of valued business policies by a professional development firm. These are traits of a long-lasting business relationship. Reports highlighting project advancements and achievements until now will allow the clients to get a detailed insight into the progress along with the performance of the website. A detail of the amount of uptime and downtime experienced by a website, transaction workflow completions and average page load times is reported for the benefit of both the client and developer. This will also help developers manage a significant breakdown that might not be known by the client.
  • Providing a proper navigational structure to the website is one of the biggest challenges in Website development. This is the most critical element that is going to keep a visitor glued to your website, and this is required to be cautiously handled by both the developers and designers. This will increase the access and visitor footfall as well.
  • Content in the website plays a dual role by impressing the visitors with adequate information and also contributing to the promotion of the website. The readability factor of the contents is the responsibility of the designers by placing in a way that would promote reading. Keeping the business theme in mind while selecting the colour and font is a challenge for the development team at times.
  • Another challenge for the entire development team is to make the website stand out in the crowd. Even if you are a freelance developer or a team or a client, it is required to keep in mind that an excellent website always carries a special value in grabbing the market. Not just completion of the website design is where the task ends; it has to be easily accessible and perfectly functional to create a boom in the competitive market.
  • The developer’s and designer’s work does not finish just after the submission of the project is launched. There remain several issues that a client may face in the live version. They will keep coming back again and again for different issues. This needs to be taken care and in the account separately by the team of developers.

These are some challenges pointed even by the affordable website development company in Kolkata, which if given proper attention, may help both the client and development team to achieve effective results in the long term.

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