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When outsourcing your app development, you must choose between freelancers and dedicated developers wisely. Discover below to make a better decision.
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  • 16 Aug 2022
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What should you choose: Freelancers or Dedicated app developers?

When outsourcing your app development, you must choose between freelancers and dedicated developers wisely. Discover below to make a better decision.

Mobile apps have become a prime source for businesses to promote and acquire better leads. Studies have shown that with mobile apps, there has been a greater percentage of conversions.

Since mobile apps are constantly evolving and getting added with better possibilities, it is high time you get an app for your business. In addition, it will help you build a better relationship with the customers.

But to develop an app, if you are looking to hire the top app developers, you are at the right spot. Now, the fact is you can easily get developers for your project from app development companies.

You can hire them on an hourly basis, and they will work on your project being a part of your company. Now, if you want to have the best developers for your project, you need to research. First, you have to find companies with a good reputation for providing skilled app developers.

It is always advisable to hire skilled developers for such projects, as there is a huge investment involved.

Things to consider when choosing between dedicated developers and freelancers

Many businesses also think of hiring freelancers for app development. But this does not turn out to be profitable every time.

top app developers

Differences in work quality

Yes, for sure, there is a reduction in cost as you are dealing with a sole entity. Unlike app development companies, a freelancer will always charge you less. But the cost cannot be the only matter of concern in an app development project.

When the investment is by default high, you must ensure quality. There will not be much difference in the costs charged by a freelancer and a mobile application development company. But there will be a difference in the quality of the work, especially when it’s about app development.

This is because app development is a multiple steps process in itself, which is executed by a team of top app developers.

Lack of a developer team

Each of the developers is assigned to execute a certain step, which ultimately makes progress in the overall development process.

Now, in the case of freelancers, there are usually one or two developers working on your project. However, if the app development project is small-scale, you can still consider hiring them.

But, with larger and more complex app development projects, it becomes difficult for them to execute them. Further, there would be a deadline by which they have to deliver the project. This will create a hurry in the app development process, due to which small details are overlooked.

Maintenance support

Another thing to consider with freelancers is that you do not get maintenance support. Mobile apps can often show bugs and errors which need to be fixed with updates by the development team. Unlike freelancers, a flutter app development company provides you with 24×7 maintenance support.

Now, if you are wondering where Flutter came from. Well, it is an app development framework. It is widely used by major app development companies and is a cross-platform framework.

It makes the development process faster and simpler with the help of the programming language Dart. If you are looking for an app that will work on both platforms, you can choose Flutter.

There are several app development companies working on this technology, and you can hire one. Also, you can get dedicated Flutter app developers to work on your project.

Availability of diverse technology

When you hire an app development company, you get hold of the best technologies. Also, the experts there would suggest to you the technology that is best for your project. But, undoubtedly, Flutter is the ideal app development technology for your projects.

A mobile app developed with the best technology will cater to your business needs. As a result, you can provide better services to your customers and connect with them better. The top app development companies widely use Flutter for their app development projects.

Custom App Development services

These companies also provide custom app development services. And this is beneficial if you want to add custom features to your mobile app. For example, you can even add a marketing feature to your app that will send notifications on offers to potential buyers.

So, you can ask the companies to get your custom features included in the app and slash those features that do not relate to your business.


In a second, businesses can connect more personally with their audience with an app. So, a mobile app for your company will help you provide a great customer experience.

Hiring a mobile app development company with the top app developers will let you have reliable services. You can get hold of the best services when you hire the best app development company.

In Durgapur, app development companies can provide you with custom app development services. You can even hire top app developers who will dedicatedly work on your project. If you want to hire such a company, you can choose Swadesh Softwares without searching much. The company has experience in developing apps of diverse categories. So get a robust mobile app within an affordable range and grow your business.


How do I know my app idea is unique?

  • If you have an app idea, you can contact such a company or do market research to know if it is unique.

Is it necessary to choose a category for my app?

  • Choosing a category for your app lets you narrow your marketing strategies and focus on your potential target audiences.

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