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Healthcare apps are always popular; you cannot go wrong with investing in them. But you should have detailed knowledge about these apps before delving further. Do you know how many healthcare apps are there in the world? Almost 40,000, if not more. This number will continue to rise due to the current pandemic situation. According […]
  • 21 Sep 2020
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What should you know about healthcare app development? Explained

Healthcare apps are always popular; you cannot go wrong with investing in them. But you should have detailed knowledge about these apps before delving further.

Do you know how many healthcare apps are there in the world? Almost 40,000, if not more. This number will continue to rise due to the current pandemic situation. According to the Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata, two types of apps are popular, patient care and doctor apps.

Within patient care apps, you will find:

Urgent care 

If people are in an emergency, they may need information about the nearest hospitals, nursing homes, and how to reach there fast.


People don’t always have emergencies, but they have to consult doctors and medical professionals regularly. On these apps, specialists can diagnose, provide medical advice, prescribe, and write down some tests.

Reminder apps 

These apps can help patients remember when to take medicines by sending push notifications. You can also receive messages about refilling medicines.

Symptom checker

Are you having some medical troubles, and you know nothing about it? You can check the symptoms on a symptom checker and see the possible conditions. However, the diagnosis may not be accurate, and medical consultation may be needed.  

Chronic condition checker     

These apps contain one’s medical history of one’s chronic medical conditions. All the information will be stored in one place, and it can help both patients and doctors. A reliable Android app development company can offer an app for your usage.      

Lifestyle guide

This app can help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. You can get help with dieting, nutrition, fitness, and other concepts. It can track and monitor your progress, guide you through the entire process by providing instructions.   

Women’s health 

These apps are specifically catered to women and help them to track their health. You can learn about childcare, menstruation, weight trackers, mood swings, appointments, and consult with doctors.      

What features must be included in the patient app?

Sign up and sign in

Patients can create an account (sign up) by entering their personal information. This account can be made through social media profiles or email directly. Next time, they can sign in to the app, either using the username or email and password.  

Appointment and search 

Patients can check and book appointments with doctors by searching for the right specialists. 

Pill reminder   

This feature helps patients to remember the timing of their prescribed pills. 


Using this facility, medical professionals can track, monitor, and prescribe medicines to their patients.

Electronic Health Recorder (EHR)  

Patients and doctors can both check and track health records using this feature.


This will allow patients to provide feedback to a doctor. They can tell them about service quality, experience, etc.

Doctor apps can be further subdivided into these categories: 


Doctors can communicate with patients via video calls, texts, voice messages, etc. from a remote distance. Patients can share images and files, and using this data; doctors can make an accurate diagnosis.


iOS app development services can create an app for medical professionals. An E-prescription can help patients, pharmacies, and doctors, especially doctors, can ask druggists if a particular pill is available or not.

EHR and EMR 

Doctors need both EHR (Electronic Health Records) and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) to diagnose their patients accurately. They can check patient information, share results, images, and scan those results.


This feature can help doctors schedule and plan appointments and meetings, manage business hours, etc.    

Medical knowledge 

This feature allows doctors to stay updated about the latest trends in medical history. E-learning, online training, case studies, and skill assessments can help them with that.   

Decision-making facility  

This app will help experts to make accurate decisions regarding their patients. 

What features must be included within the doctor’s app?

Account creation 

Doctors have to make an account by adding their details, including certifications. They can also check the reviews, ratings offered by the patients.

Managing appointments   

Experts can manage appointments so that they can offer the best experience to the users (patients).

Dashboards for patients  

This is where experts can check their patients’ medical history, including medications, previous diagnosis, vitals record, nutritional details, and treatments.


Doctors can send online prescriptions to their patients using this feature.   

Aside from these two apps, the third category of mobile healthcare applications exist. This is termed as the general healthcare app category.

It includes: 

Doctor management systems 

It allows the hospital administration to keep track of doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Inventory management systems 

It allows healthcare experts to track the inventory of a hospital or a medical facility.

Patient management systems (PMS)     

As the name suggests, it helps in tracking the health records of the patients. This can help them to make better decisions.   

Due to the current situation, patients cannot visit doctors, which has increased the popularity of telemedicine apps. AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be used as an inaccurate diagnosis and treatment prediction. It can also be used in symptom checkers; an example of it will be WebMD’s symptom checker. This industry deals with a lot of data; most of it is sensitive. So, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure their safety and security.  

For this, mobile app development experts will propose the use of Blockchain technology. Also, Big Data and Analytics can be used to track data and leverage it to offer better services. 

Now, let’s come to another topic, and that is the cost of the development. This depends on several factors, such as: 

  • Platform (Android, iOS, or both) 
  • Technologies to be used to develop the app 
  • Features to be implemented in the app 
  • Type of the app developed
  • Size and complexity of the project 
  • How many experts (including developers, designers, experts, etc.) will be working on the project? 
  • What will be the duration of the app development?         

Tell your requirements to the experts and ask them about the price. If you have any other questions, you can ask that too. Do you want to get a quote? You can send an email to the experts and schedule a meeting. 

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