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Are you planning to install CCTV cameras in your home? This article will explain why so many other people like you are obsessed with this technology.
Home CCTV Installation
  • 13 Mar 2023
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Why is Everyone Obsessed with Home CCTV Installations?

Are you planning to install CCTV cameras in your home? This article will explain why so many other people like you are obsessed with this technology.

There are two sects of people living in our society. One who believes that home CCTV installation is essential. The second sect believes that CCTV cameras have no such personal usage.

Yet, the concept of CCTV installation being essential only for corporations is untrue. Installing CCTV cameras in our home and gardens are not only helpful for us but also for society. This article will discuss why home security camera installation is trending. It will also explain why people are obsessed with Home CCTV cameras.

Primary protection against crime

People consider CCTV at home is for security. The mere presence of CCTV cameras at any premise is enough to scare ill-minded people. Anyone with any bad intentions will give repetitive thoughts before committing any crimes.

A CCTV camera is not only beneficial for us, but it is also helpful for society. Footages of CCTV help authorities to detect any criminal activities in society. Moreover, the presence of CCTV cameras at home is fearful for anyone with an illicit motivation.

Payless premium on your home insurance

This is a lesser-known fact among commoners. Anyone installing CCTV cameras at home makes their home safer than others. So, a house with CCTV setup pays fewer premiums than a house without security cameras.

The insured party will save the total CCTV installation cost in the long run. Because of the available discount, the price will balance with the investment made on the camera installation. So, not only is a layman getting benefited with security, but also it is helping to save them bucks.

Keep an eye on your home while remote

Many situations will justify this point. Suppose anyone has an elderly parent at home with their nurses. In some cases, a toddler with a nanny. Few may have a pet, but people need to go to work. But now they can check on their priority person with the help of these CCTV cameras.

There may be work within the house, and you must go to the office. So, it is not possible to trust people and let them enter your house without your presence. But, it is possible if CCTV cameras installation is completed within your premises. So, now you can always check on the workers and the work in progress. This will give you the freedom to go anywhere without worrying.

Stress buster for Pet Lovers

People who leave their pets at home for the office will agree. They go through so much worry and stress for their paw friends. Installing CCTV cameras will be helpful for them because it will give them a stress-free state of mind to work.

These pet owners usually stay worried all day about their pets’ actions. Are they safe, or have they eaten food and drank water? And many more. The solution to this problem is a proper CCTV camera setup.

Connecting it to your wifi, you can now see your pet and give them commands. But, of course, you need to be one step ahead with the technology for giving commands. First, you have to install speakers with your camera setups.

Helping hand for police

Once, a 72-year-old lady from Southwest Delhi went missing. Then the nearby CCTV footage helped the police discover that a couple had murdered the lady.

This world still has a lot of bad people with bad intentions. This is why we hear news of kidnapping, snatching, accidents, murders, and rapes. It has become a process of investigation for the police. Whenever there is a crime report, the first thing they do is collect footage from all the CCTV cameras present near the crime scenes.

Almost every police station has CCTV analyzers. They are a trained person who finds the suspected criminal from the footage. Then they match the suspects with the criminal databases.

Low maintenance

Home CCTV cameras need less maintenance than corporate security cameras. Home security cameras have minimal or no movement compared to office cameras. So it requires less maintenance than the corporates, which must cover larger areas.

Corporations have higher levels of security. So their demands for CCTV installation services are higher and more costly. So, for example, the security cameras installed in a bank will not be useful to commoners like us.

A good combination for your alarm system

An alarm system uses sensors to notify any unusual activity inside the house. A CCTV camera can be handy with your pre-installed alarm system or if you plan to install an alarm system at home.

We know a story of a new mom worried about how she will manage her office with the responsibilities of her newborn baby. By the end of her maternity leave, she found a great solution to her worry. She and her husband installed CCTV cameras all over the house with a connected speaker and alarm system.

Many of you might think she could have checked on her baby with the help of CCTV cameras, so what is the need for an alarm system? The answer is that she can check on her baby anytime through her phone, but only sometimes. In the office, she also needs to focus on her work.

Now, if she is not looking at the footage and any unusual movement occurs at her house, the alarm will start ringing, and she can immediately check the CCTV footage to ensure everything is okay. She can also communicate with the nanny over the speaker if anything unusual happens.

A proxy of physical security

Though the necessity of physical security can never be down, to some extent, CCTV cameras have replaced physical security. Only wealthy families of the society used to hire a security guard for their home, but now everyone, including wealthy families and a layman, are moving towards home CCTV installation.

Recruiting a security guard is expensive. First, if we want 24-hour security, we must recruit two people because one cannot work for almost 24 hours. Still, it is impossible to get 24*7*365 days of security because human beings need holidays, sick leaves, emergency leaves, and weeks offs. In that case, a CCTV camera does not need any leaves and can serve you 24*7*365 days year after year with the same efficiency.

You also need to provide salaries to all your employed security guards whereas the money spent on camera installation service is much lesser than that. Another important point for consideration is that a single man cannot keep an eye on every corner of the territory, so there is still a chance of an intruder entering, but no one can escape from the sight of security cameras.

Boost Confidence and enhance peace of mind

Installation of security cameras at home boosts the Confidence of the house’s residents. It makes them feel more secure because, with security cameras, intruders will always give a few thoughts before entering the house. If they do enter the house, police can find them with the help of the camera footage.

After installing CCTV cameras, the family members can have a peaceful sleep. Apart from this, a common situation in every house is that at some point, the parents must leave the station while leaving their only daughter or son at home. In a few cases, a family member must visit somewhere or may be out of the station, leaving behind an elderly member at home.

Peaceful sleep without worrying about the member staying at home is impossible in this situation. But, with the post-installation of security cameras, family members can check on their children or elderly parents while away from home. This boosts their peace of mind, and they can enjoy their journey without worry.


So, these are some reasons for people’s obsession with the camera installation service. The advantages of a security camera setup are huge, while hardly any disadvantages exist. As a result, several new companies have arisen in the market that manufacture, distribute, sell, and provide after-sales services.

So, if you decide to install the setups within your home premises but confused and want to know the prices or the quality or may be there are other reasons. In that case, there are so many companies in the market; there are varieties of options available in the market. To explore the varieties of camera installation services, contact Swadesh Softwares. They are one of the best service providers in the market, pioneering their state-of-the-art.


What things do I need to complete the whole CCTV setup?

The setup includes a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), cables, and a few things for the power supply. The DVR will be connected to your CCTV cameras with the help of cables.

What is the approximate cost of Installing CCTV cameras at home in India?

In India, the total cost ranges between a few thousand rupees to Rs 10,000. Many factors affect the price, such as the number of cameras, the location of the camera installation, and the complexity of installation.

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