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School management software can be used to run a school without making any errors. It automates the processes, thus increasing overall efficiency. Schools are going digital to educate students from the safety of their homes. This is why these institutions would need a school management software to manage and operate the processes associated with school […]
school management software
  • 10 Oct 2020
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Why is school management software necessary? An outlook

School management software can be used to run a school without making any errors. It automates the processes, thus increasing overall efficiency.

Schools are going digital to educate students from the safety of their homes. This is why these institutions would need a school management software to manage and operate the processes associated with school management efficiently. So how would this software help the management deal with the huge pressure of running a school? Well, let’s take a look.

1. Helps in the management of students’ data

A school would house thousands of students, and it is extremely troublesome to manage their data effectively. This information will be grouped according to some criteria. These criteria are; standards, sections, subjects, passed or detained, new admissions, transfers, fees paid or due, books returned or not, students living in hostels or nearby localities, attendance, etc. This information is only about the students who are currently studying in the school.

The management should have access to data regarding the students who have graduated or left midway for some reason. Managing this data manually can be troublesome, which is why this software is needed. Apart from this tool, ERP software can also be used to simplify the school management process. Using these applications, management can update or delete the data whenever it is required.

2. Helps in the management of staff data

A school management software will consist of thousands of data regarding the school staff, either directly or indirectly. Each staff would have access to the information about the students they are assigned to and their tasks. The admin will manage this data and check the following data about these employees: 

  • Salary (including increments and deductions, if any)
  • Leaves
  • Other work-related details

Swadesh Softwares, the best Software development company in Kolkata, can create a customized school management software for an educational institute.

3. Attendance   

Managing the attendance of thousands of students is quite tough, but this software makes it very easy. This software automates the process of attendance recording, thus increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of the school’s administration. 

4. Management of inventory

Students will find thousands of books in the school library, and the data about these books will be recorded in the software. The management would know which books are already there in the library, and which ones should be purchased. Aside from that, this tool can show the following details:

  • Details of the pupil who’s taking the books out of the library
  • Time of taking and returning the book
  • Condition of the book (before and after returning)
  • Library charges

This is just one instance, though. The tool can store data about the number of sports equipment available, food materials (if there’s a canteen or hostel within the premises), medical supplies, etc. Some schools offer a transport service, and this software can keep track of all these. Also, the school can use the vehicle management software for this task too. 

5. Admission and exam management

In the earlier days, the admission process was hectic, at best. Students and their parents would have to wait in long queues to get admission. Sometimes, if the queue was long, students may have to come again another day and go through the same process. But now, students don’t have to go through this hassle anymore. The person in charge of the entire process could enter the information in a few keystrokes, compared to manual labor.

Schools may use different approaches while conducting the exams. Some would choose the multiple-choice format while setting the question papers, while others will opt for subjective questions. Similarly, some may choose to take online exams over the offline (pen and paper-based) one. Whatever may be the approach, it would be simpler with this software.

6. Performance Management

Educational institutes need to watch out how the students are faring. The admin would know which students are doing well and which ones are not. The software would generate reports that can provide insights into the students’ performance to anyone using graphical interfaces and bright images.

7. Fees management

This system will make the process of fee management easier by encouraging students to pay online. Even if some students prefer the offline mode (through banks), the software can result in an easy reconciliation with banks. This tool will make the job of the school accountants easier and increase their overall productivity. 

8. Administration

The school administrator has to make several decisions throughout the day to keep the school up, and running. This is not an easy job, but the software can be used to increase the task’s efficiency and accuracy. A person cannot keep an eye on all the processes simultaneously, but a software can do. Also, the tool would offer real-time insights, further helping the person make the right administrative decision at the right time.

The admin is responsible for managing data and setting some schedules (working hours, holidays, breaks, fees, etc.). All these tasks can be automated, thus eliminating the risk of errors and double entries. This is a huge plus, and people like this software mainly due to this reason.

School management can be used to increase the security of the students significantly. Students or their parents can lodge complaints against a fellow student or a staff member if found misbehaving. The admin can promptly make the necessary steps to ensure that the students feel safe and loved in their atmosphere.

9. Communication

School management software can bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers or staff. Parents will be notified about their child’s performance and any events they should know about through emails, calls, and messages. If there’s effective communication between all parties, it will lead to better results, increasing a school’s overall reputation.

These are the benefits of using this software. But, what should be the characteristics of school management software?

  • Student and staff information
  • Access (admin, staff, and parental)
  • Communication channels
  • Management of attendance, schedules, homework and classwork, holidays, leaves, fees, exams, reports, admission, inventory, vehicle, etc.
  • User-friendly software, people should not find difficulty while navigating it.     

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