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Grocery apps can help businesses reach out to more people and gain more revenue than competitors. If you want to gain visibility and traffic, you must invest in these apps. Businesses need to adapt according to the growing demand of their customers. This means they need to incorporate the latest technologies to reach out to […]
  • 08 Feb 2022
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Why Should You Invest In A Grocery App? Reasons Explained

Grocery apps can help businesses reach out to more people and gain more revenue than competitors. If you want to gain visibility and traffic, you must invest in these apps.

Businesses need to adapt according to the growing demand of their customers. This means they need to incorporate the latest technologies to reach out to these people or develop products.

If you are running a grocery store or even a supermarket, a grocery app can help you out. And believe us when we say that a mobile app development company Kolkata can help you with the project.

But before that, let’s check how this app can help your business.

Even if you cannot reach out to this many people, you can see the appeal of getting a grocery delivery app.

According to statistics, app-based grocery delivery businesses can generate revenues of around 35.9 billion. So if you want to gain more profits, this is the best choice for your business.

But these are not the only benefits you will get. So let’s go through them one by one: 

Inventory Management

The grocery app (especially the admin panel) will tell the app owner about the store’s inventory. This will allow the store manager (aka you) to restock it, thus never failing to fulfill any order. However, it is necessary to ask the app development company in Kolkata for better insights. With inventory management, order management will also be better through this app.  

Order Tracking & Management

Through this app, you can keep an eye on the orders received from customers. It is easy to track these orders and manage them accordingly. Through this application, people can place their orders and track them. You can perform similar actions too.    

Offer Convenience & Personalized Updates

What do people love the most? Of course, they love convenience. And what better way is to offer that? Through an app. People love ordering products from the comfort of their homes. They will do all they usually do in offline stores, go through the products, book, and pay (minus standing in a queue) without leaving their homes.

And based on their buying behavior, you can recommend personalized products. You can also send push notifications of personalized products and services to these people. Therefore, it is essential that the app development company in Kolkata must incorporate Google Analytics within the application.      

Analyze consumer behavior

This app makes it easier to study what your customers want and how to deliver that. You can check how they respond to the notifications and then personalize accordingly.     

Offer customer loyalty programs

A store owner can run loyalty programs to check and increase their customers’ loyalty through the app. Through offers, discounts, and these rewarding loyalty programs, you can drive many people to your grocery store.  

Reduce overhead     

You can run a full-fledged grocery store through an app without ever needing to set up a physical store. However, if you choose the offline route, you will have to pay to maintain and upgrade the store, hire people, and opt for associated costs. Also, it needs a lot of time to set up a store. However, you don’t have to worry about any of that if you consult an app development company in Kolkata.    

What features should be included in the app?

Customer panel

Usually, the customer panel will have these features:

Login/ Social login

Most people prefer using Facebook or Google accounts to sign up or sign in. But you can ask the app development company in Kolkata to keep the traditional login methods for those who don’t want to do that.

Search nearby stores

This allows people to check which stores provide grocery delivery services and available products. They can filter through the categories and sort them according to their preferences. Alternatively, one can add the feature of searching for products only.

Add to Cart & Add to Wishlist

Consumers can add their favorite products to the cart for later purchases. Similarly, they can add products to their wishlist as well.  

Order tracking

This feature enables customers to track their orders and how much time it will take to reach them.


Customers can pay for their orders (via online payment systems or cash).

Reviews and ratings

People can say if they are satisfied with the services and review the app, the services, and a lot more. App-related feedback can be used by an app development company in Kolkata to enhance the app’s performance.


This section lists all the previous transactions done by the person. 

Admin panel
  • Authentication

Allows the admin to control the app’s user and delivery panel. 

  • Manage Dashboard

This dashboard will allow the admin to manage the internal procedures and processes.

  • Order Management

Allows the admin to keep track of all the orders and the associated information. 

  • Coupons and Offers

Allows the admin to offer coupons and offers to customers through this panel.

  • Manage edit/delete/add

This allows the manager to add, delete, or edit details about a particular vendor/ customer. 

  • Sub Admin 

Through this panel, people can create sub-admin panels if needed for managing multiple stores.

  • Content management

As the name suggests, this option is associated with content management within the app.

  • Reports

It shows how the app or particular vendors are doing, and the admin can work on these findings.  

  • Delivery person 

These are the features associated with the delivery person.

Swadesh Softwares has developed several apps, but we would like to present a glimpse of Amaze Bazar.

Some of the other grocery delivery apps developed by us are:

  • Rasoi Basket

Do you have a similar requirement? Contact us now.


  1. How to get a grocery app for your business?

It is quite simple, research app ideas, pick a suitable mode, approach an app development company in Kolkata, choose the budget, and get the app.

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